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Augmented Reality (AR): Difference to VR, application areas & marketing

Augmented Reality – Everyone has noticed the hype around the app “Pokémon Go”. The app uses augmented reality technology to display and catch Pokémons in your environment. But what exactly is augmented reality? Augmented reality, or AR for short, means augmented reality or enriched reality. In other words, digital elements are inserted into our real […]

Facebook Marketing 2017 – Success through fanpage, design and ads

Facebook is now the giant, the old man and yet the innovator. Thus, innovations in the functions, the possibilities, in the design and of course social media innovations like Facebook Live come constantly. If you are not yet using Facebook extensively, take a look at the new, simple design

Make money with Instagram

Many instructors and bloggers wonder how to earn money with their own Instagram account! Instagram does not differ significantly from the industry giant Youtube. Youtube had only a little more time and was bought up by Google, which since then much in it, the Youtube