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Social Media Agency: Berlin – Social Media Marketing in Berlin means for companies to find the right balancing act between all the options that are available to you. Between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, newer social media app TikTok, special social networks, e.g. for business the LinkedIn was for gamers Twitch. Then add to that the channel building, content production or content marketing, community management, ads…. But let’s start at the very beginning!

Social Media Marketing: Quickly explained

Social Media Marketing – In Berlin, but also throughout Germany, the primary goal of social media marketing measures is to build up reach and your own community. The larger the own community, the easier it is for your brand or your product to generate attention. Attention that ultimately leads to brand fans and sales, whether in the online shop or in the Berlin store.

Interested in marketing on a specific social network? Read more here and:

We look forward to your enquiry, ideas and perhaps the first joint workshop on social media strategy.

Stephan M. Czaja, Owner

Berlin: Key figures of our metropolis

You are not from Berlin? Here are a few key figures about the city:

Officially, that’s 3.46 million inhabitants, unofficially even more and if you add the surrounding area, e.g. Potsdam, you can increase the potential in Berlin. That alone, with your immediate neighborhood, in a 20, 30 km radius. The more people talk about you and your brand, the more familiar your brand and your product will be to others.

So it is in real life but also in social networks. So referral marketing is the big goal, through direct referral and indirectly, e.g. through likes, likes, comments or even direct messages, which are naturally answered by your good community management. Every single interaction increases awareness. So building awareness has never been so easy. Just think of the phenomenon of influencers, who are of course also very present in Berlin. Little effort, the reach. The very different than before, for example, with billboard advertising or radio advertising in Berlin. High investment costs, no interaction, many visual contacts but little performance.

Products and brands that are used by friends, that friends talk about, are trusted a lot. So use the mechanics, behind the social networks for your brand!

Tip. You can still significantly increase your reach, in which you place paid advertising, social media ads. So you can, for example, reach people by interest, or targeted by location. E.g. directly in Berlin-Kreuzberg!

Many benefits of social media marketing in Berlin, which we will discuss later.


Agency: Analysis, concept and community – setting goals

A look at industry, product(s), target audience(s) is the first step to your own social media strategy.

Brand and product analysis (in workshop)

Analysis (in the workshop) – A look at the industry, product(s), target group(s) is the first step towards your own social media strategy. First, the industry is the decisive indicator, is it about travel, pet food, electric cars, banks…. then it goes into the products, of course mainly those that have special priority in the communication strategy in the end. From this we can conclude the target audience, your ideal customer. The target group also subdivides, think of simple parameters, like age. Even if your product has a relatively narrow target audience of 30 to 39 years, views differ here as well. The great advantage in social media marketing, you can target individuals as previously met. Accordingly, you can create targeted individual campaigns, for example, for the 30 to 34 year olds and 35 to 39 year olds. You could also differentiate by place of residence, interests…. The bandwidth is large!

Roadmap and strategy: your path

To develop such strategies, we meet in an initial, joint workshop. This then allows concrete measures to be derived, which in turn are packaged in a roadmap, short and clear. This way, you as a customer have a very good overview at the beginning and also later, in active social media management.

Strategy, social networks, creatives – in the second step, our social media experts develop the strategy, which includes (simply put) the selection of social networks, the creatives (media) for the individual postings, and above all, production! In the end, there is an exact strategy that all employees can follow, but also external agencies, should you have commissioned additional advertising agencies, PR agencies or even online marketing agencies.

Performance (efficiency) in marketing meets creativity

Depending on the size of the company, the work is very different! But one thing is true for all companies, efficient. This is exactly what we stand for with our name, Social Media One. Performance (efficiency) meets creativity. But first and foremost there is always performance.

A small example: Just ten years ago, there was really only one social network that people were on, including businesses, Facebook. Today there are many platforms and providers, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and even more specific networks, for individual interest groups. E.g. LinkedIn for business people, Twitch for gaming fans or even Pinterest for creatives looking for inspiration. Oh yes and Twitter, Yodel, … activities on all social networks, not so for small companies a financial disaster. It’s the same with target audiences, targeting people from 0 to 99 years old does not bring users relevant content. From this central aspects around the selection of social networks, the determination of a specific target audience, many other parameters, add up to a social media strategy.

Social media agency: KPI in focus

As a social media agency, we handle all aspects. In regular meetings, in Berlin on site or via video call, we give you updates on key performance indicators (KPI) and discuss optimization potential. Learn even more about the individual social networks and our work here:

Activities, community, advertising and optimization – loud and cheeky, serious and trust-building, all this has been defined, now it goes into active work, with the community. Daily community management means reacting and interacting. Accordingly, new content (postings) from the editorial plan are published, comments are answered, as well as direct messages.

Community, response time and algorithm

In particular, response time is an important parameter for the social networks algorithm, especially when it comes to companies. After all, social networks want active social media channels, not advertising platforms. Meaning, if they don’t respond to their community, your visibility drops. But you have even more advantages, with every reaction to a comment, a message or other reviews, you get your brand name in the conversation and therefore also in the surrounding area, in Berlin and outside. We build active communities for our customers!

Content production and online/offline promotions

Photos, videos, GIFs, texts, emojis, the community is constantly entertained with a wide variety of media content. Because social media marketing is also about entertainment. Events, POS and influencers – not only in the social network itself, the larger the company, the more events also take place offline. At the POS, directly in the store on site, events such as trade fairs or even festivals but also through influencer events, targeted days with a lot of, authentic reach.

Optimize KPIs – content, community and campaign analysis with subsequent monitoring and reporting. Regular appointments with our social media experts keep you up to date on the most important key figures.





Reach and advertising: achieving goals

Let’s get back to one of the most important aspects of social media marketing, advertising! Ads, or advertisements, have an unbeatable advantage in relation to almost all other advertising platforms:

The targeted sending of information based on user data

Campaign switching – Paid reach for content, dark posts and evaluation. Our campaign experts create regional ads, specifically for Berlin clients, sometimes only for specific neighborhoods, but also national and international campaigns in multiple languages. With us you have one contact person, for advertising of the microlocation and macrolocation.

Targeting: Social Media “Switch ads”.

Targeting – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Youtube, targeted by parameters such as the place of residence / location, age, interests, and much more. For example, we could say that you only want to target women and men between the ages of 25 and 35, only in the district of Berlin-Mitte, e.g. in the summer when many tourists are out and about. You could even exclude that residents of Berlin see the ad. You differentiate the ad, depending on residents or tourists. Each individual target group, gets an ad tailored to you!

Tip. Also for e-commerce and Google Ads / Native Ads – for our customers, our campaign experts not only manage advertising in social networks. Especially for our customers with e-commerce an additional profit! This way you save opportunity costs.

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Example parameter (advertisement):

  • Goal: follower building + newsletter funnel entry
  • Target group: persons aged 34 to 44 years
  • Interests: Finance (e.g., frequent interaction with topics around “saving”).
  • Whereabouts: Exclusively people in the district of Prenzlauer Berg

Contact and contact person

Everything starts with a workshop Minus we look forward to your project inquiry! Here you will find our contact details and contact persons for Berlin:

Social Media One

Core Analysis

Core Analysis

Channel, target group and competitor analysis with subsequent consultation and goal setting.



Social media goals and production strategy development, in person and on site



Social media concept, production and editorial plan from a single source. Reading tip: Social media strategy



Community management ensures organic reach and creates brand fans. Reading tip: Community Management

Social media ads


Campaign switching, paid reach for content, dark posts and evaluation. Read tip: Facebook Ads



Content, community and campaign analysis with subsequent monitoring and reporting. Reading tip: Monitoring


Customer communication

Regular appointments with our social media experts for strategy optimization. A little insight into best practice.



Brand advocates and referral marketing are a key tool in social marketing. Reading tip: Influencer Marketing



With expertise from food to fashion, we organize influencer events with top media output. Reading tip: Influencer Event



Our experts impart their knowledge in a focused way to your employees or guests. Read Tip! Social Media Speaker


Advanced training

We bring your employees up to speed and mentor you in social media marketing. Reading tip: Social Media Workshop



We work on brand fans, not followers. We crate presence with attention to detail. Reading tip: Social Media Agency.