Competition analysis and target setting

Competitor analysis does not only play a central role in YouTube marketing, the analyses and the consideration of the competition are a central component in a marketing strategy. Especially the learnings, which can be drawn from the mistakes but also from the successes of others, are of great value for your own channel. Some are lucky, there are only few competition offers. In other industries, such as beauty and fashion, competition is fierce, especially from thousands of bloggers who publish content free of charge. By getting to know the channels of competitors, but also bloggers and brands, gaps can be found that can be filled with your own content. The more accurate the niche is, of course in simultaneous flow with sufficient range, the easier it will be to get a good placement on YouTube. Regularity also plays an important role. This is why it is particularly important to consider the quantity and frequency of publications of competitors. For example, a very simple strategy for YouTube would be to make content 10% longer and publish 10% more frequently.

Such simple objectives and much more complex objectives are determined on the basis of an analysis of your own company as well as your competitors. Goals are divided into different priorities, community building and regular publications are at the top. The targets are then packed into concrete work plans, e.g. in the editorial plan, but also in the production plan.

YouTube strategy includes not only the own channel, as well as the releases, but of course also the content production. For video productions, the better the planning, the lower the effort. For video productions not only the contents have to be planned very precisely, often different parts are also produced on one day. This planning of film and production requires a lot of experience. Experience is needed in the pre-production, but also in the post-production of the videos. The organization goes from the video content to the video equipment to the post-production of the videos. Post-processing does not only include editing, but also animations, banners with names, logos as watermarks, objects, graphics and videos in the video.

Competition analysis and goals summarized:

  • By looking at the competition you can see many mistakes and successes that you can use for your own channel
  • If you keep an eye on the competition, you can detect gaps in the industry
  • If you look at the regularity of the competitors’ postings, you can quickly develop a strategy aimed at more content

Thanks to the objectives set and the strategy, the videos are now published regularly on the basis of the editorial planning, for example every Sunday at 5 pm. On Monday, all comments from social media managers will be answered immediately. The perfect system for your videos and YouTube marketing!

After the goals, the strategy and the content production, the optimization of the videos is important.

Optimize your own YouTube channel

Why optimize YouTube videos? YouTube belongs to Google, and you’re probably already using the term search engine on Google. At Google in particular even in the largest search engine in the world. YouTube belongs to Google and YouTube also uses an internal search to find videos. This search algorithm is very important for companies and suppliers, because it decides which videos appear above and which do not. As you can see from this heatmap, everything in the search engine focuses on the top rankings. It’s the same with Google. Also here the videos are clicked on place one over 90%.

Optimize your own videos (YouTube SEO): titles, tags and descriptions with keywords

YouTube videos can be optimized using various parameters. Among the most important are the classic parameters for search engine optimization. Of course, this includes the title of the YouTube video, the tags, which means keywords. The description of the video plays a big part in search engine optimization, but also in call-to-action. Call-to-Action means that users are actively notified of an action. For example:

  • “Subscribe to the newsletter now!”
  • “Only 100 pieces in the shop, buy your model now!”
  • “Click here to get the discount code!”

But back to the topic search engine optimization, titles and descriptions. Good titles, for example, look like this:

  • “Search Engine Optimization for the Online Shop: Tips and Tricks”

A bad title, for example, would look like this:

  • “How to improve your site”

However, optimization does not start with the title and description, but starts with the conception of the video or the various contents. Of course, YouTube has very powerful software programs in the background that not only evaluate the images in YouTube videos, but also the spoken content. YouTube can therefore determine very precisely which topics may or may not be addressed in a particular video. YouTube even delivers the description freely, it can be used e.g. to add subtitles to your YouTube video. We’ll talk about that in detail later!

There is optimisation in the form of texts and content and visual optimisation. If the thumbnail of a video is well designed and the conversion is optimized, then the click rate increases and so does the reach. As a result, YouTube video is seen more often, equipped with a like more often and, of course, with comments more frequently. This in turn increases the YouTube video in the algorithm and leads to a further increase in range.

Let us once again summarize the individual areas of video optimization:

  • Optimization of the texts, this is about title, keywords and description of the videos
  • Optimizing the content of the video, in advance
  • Optimization of visual properties, from thumbnail to animations in video to keep users as long as possible.

Label Content: Logo Placement in Video

Anyone who is caught in a YouTube video and watches it for over 4.5 or even ten minutes should of course be constantly confronted with their own brand. Like a good commercial, for example. There the brand name is constantly mentioned, or at least constantly shown, in the form of logo etc.. The same applies to YouTube videos, of course. You should therefore always make sure that the elaborately created content is later marked with logos. This marking helps on the one hand that the user is constantly reminded of his own brand, but also when YouTube videos are embedded.

The better a YouTube video is, i.e. the more content it offers, the more competition it unfolds, the higher the chance of virality. Virality is possible, for example, by embedding videos. If, for example, you make a video about search engine optimization that has become very good, Internet blogs, but also accounts on other social networks take over the video and share it, or embed it. The video then appears, for example, in blog posts on the subject of search engine optimization, as an additional source of information. After all, we all know that pictures say more than a thousand words! If the videos are now embedded in other media, your own brand presence is of course quickly gone. But if the logo is constantly present in the video, whether as a complete logo or just as a watermark, the readers of the other medium also have your brand in their minds.

Creating an active community: communication and call-to-action

The big crux of any social media strategy is building an active community. Especially for a company it is difficult to create an active community, because ultimately the users know that it is about the sale of products. That’s why you have to act differently on social media than in classical advertising. This is about giving the user real added value! Why would anyone follow us? So you have to create incentives for your video marketing, set moments, information, or even highlights that make the user understand that it is worthwhile to follow their YouTube channel. For this reason, the competitive analysis was a central component of the strategy prior to this. Because here you can see exactly which formats and contents already exist and where you can describe new ways with your company or your brand on YouTube.

This content with added value is the first step to achieve reach and to build a community in the first place. The second step is the active interaction, the constant commitment between you as a company and your target group or your direct followers. This interaction is also the great secret of influencers. They see their fans not only as buyers, but as a community. We’ll talk, I’ll take you with me! In simple terms, this is exactly the strategy you need to take into account in your community management on YouTube. If you respond to comments, in principle answer every comment as long as it is possible. When someone leaves a comment, you leave it. But you should also be active on other social media channels, crossmedia is the keyword here. In addition, you should not only think about your own social media channels, especially YouTube. Of course, you should also interact with other YouTube channels. For example, by commenting on other videos in a male thematic area, you can gain new attention and build additional reach on YouTube. These and many other methods and strategies ensure that you build a truly active community through regular use and ongoing interaction. But you have to set the tone! Only when you are active will your users be active and react to your actions.

Increase the focus on your call-to-action

As soon as you have published your first YouTube videos and your first small community is established, traffic can be redirected. Whether in your own online shop, to affiliate products, or even on other social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook. The big magic word here is call-to-action.

This word describes the focus on the ultimate goal and on the clear and unambiguous message to the followers. If you want to sell concert tickets, you should point out that you can pre-order them now! The link to the Ticket-Onlineshop should follow immediately.

With the social media concept for YouTube, this link building can be operated extremely well. On the one hand because YouTube itself belongs to Google, the biggest search engine in the world, which of course evaluates links on YouTube differently than e.g. things on Facebook. On the other hand it is at all possible to set links, with Instagram you cannot do this in the Instagram Feed. Also at TikTok the placement of links is currently not yet possible. Therefore you should also use YouTube for your link building! But what is important is the call-to-action, as a permanent offer, no matter whether it is about the online shop, newsletter registration or ticket sales for concerts. Point out the offer to your users and give them the opportunity to switch directly to the offer.

By placing links, processes in monitors can also be simplified. For example, you can monitor the link flow of each individual video, or you can selectively monitor the traffic generated by the purchase of influencers with sponsored postings. Monitoring helps to continuously optimize videos and your own YouTube channel.

Subtitles for barrier-free interaction

Did you know? YouTube is actually able to examine every single video audiovisually. Image content is checked, sorted and evaluated, as are all audio tracks that are analyzed and reproduced in text. This recording can even be viewed and actively used. E.g. for creating subtitles. These help two different user groups. On the one hand it helps the normal user who cannot turn on the sound, e.g. in the subway, at university or at work, on the other hand it helps deaf people who can follow video content quickly and easily.

  • Subtitles bring advantages in situations where users cannot turn on the sound
  • Subtitles have advantages in accessibility, deaf people can also follow videos

Adding subtitles does not only help these two user groups. Take a look at a YouTube video with subtitles. Although you understand the text exactly, you will always read along with it. This increases interaction as the eye remains present on the video. Another advantage is that the subtitles can be changed into different languages. So even Chinese viewers, or French viewers, can understand English video content, even if they are not completely fluent in the language.

Video producer: Efficient video production

As a video producer, you can make many mistakes in the field of video production. Experience is therefore very important when it comes to the organisation of such video productions. Because it is not only about the aforementioned contents, but also about the coordination of an entire team. Depending on the complexity of the content, a YouTuber, if necessary an assistant, a photo studio, for ladies, also often for men, a make-up artist is needed. In addition there is the entire equipment and the equipment. Of course, a video production for YouTube is not as conspicuous as a TV movie production, yet it needs the right equipment and of course the right software for video editing. Also the video editing is a time-consuming thing. The better the planning has been agreed in advance with you as the customer, the smoother the process will be and the faster the films and videos will be available for publication. Coordinated video production is particularly important when the editorial plan involves regular publication. Only in this way can the regular and, above all, punctual publication of new video content be guaranteed.

When it comes to YouTube marketing and video marketing, there is a lot to consider, which is why it is advisable to have the right YouTube agency as a partner.

YouTube Marketing Agency:

As you can see, YouTube marketing is a complex structure of content, goals, strategies, optimization, monitoring and, of course, the entire content production behind the videos. We haven’t discussed YouTube Ads yet. YouTube advertising is extremely effective because very few people use it. You can position yourself in front of your competitors or bloggers who are targeting exactly your target group.

As a YouTube marketing agency, we can help you with all these issues. Concept, strategy, production, everything from a single source! Get in touch with us, via e-mail, or on the phone. We are looking forward to your project.

Youtube Marketing Book

Want to learn more about YouTube Marketing? With the right YouTube Marketing book, it’s not that hard to get an overview of the current situation. What is important is that in social media marketing, the world is changing very quickly, so you should always use the latest books. So that you have the best YouTuber Marketing books directly at hand, we have our recommendation list for you here. Coming soon!

YouTube Agency: Video marketing for companies: Tools & Strategy

The distribution of videos has increased dramatically due to YouTube, the new bandwidths and technologies. So extreme that viral trends emerge overnight. What used to be designed with the help of complex marketing campaigns, today two smartphones, a smart idea and a little advertising budget for YouTube ads are enough. YouTube Ads are paid advertisements on YouTube, e.g. proposed videos. There are new methods and strategies such as influencer marketing. Targeted promotion through brand advocates or multipliers. You see, YouTube is a world of its own! Our social media and YouTube agency will help you in the jungle. What tools do we need for good performance? Which content of the videos, keyword social media content, reaches our target group? Through which statistics and studies do we gain knowledge about our target groups and their behaviour? We answer all these questions and much more as competent consultants and companions. If you have any questions about YouTube Marketing, please contact us. We look forward to your inquiry and project with framework data via e-mail.

Performances: Youtube Marketing and Influencer Relations

Marketing on YouTube has many facets to offer. From the right social media content for your own YouTube channel and the existing customers, who can also be retained on the web. Various marketing strategies such as advertisements but also targeted blogger relations are gaining value for more and more companies and their products and services.

  • But how to start with YouTube?
  • What basic content should you plan ahead?
  • Is there any editorial plan at all?

YouTube is definitely the biggest challenge in content creation compared to other social networks. While Instagram allows you to work with small stories on a daily basis, short videos showing everyday life, YouTube usually only publishes once a week, maybe twice a week. The videos are not only a few seconds long but up to 10 minutes. The contents must be planned accordingly, since there is a high proportion of language. Accordingly, the respective hosts of the YouTube channel must also have talent for moderation. The more informative and objective the content, the less spectacular a YouTube video should be. The less integration there is, the fewer call partners, the more the host has to convince. The lower the voice content in YouTube videos, the more likely it is to be successful. YouTube doesn’t look at short-term entertainment, at least in the new information age, but rather at longer-term viewers, who sometimes take two or ten minutes. Other social networks are often consumed much faster. Swipe left, swipe right, next photo, new video, new photo, new video. YouTube is a long-term project, so it’s worth the effort, because even potential links are still available in the video description years later.

As you can see, even at the tip of the iceberg, YouTube can become complex. That’s why it pays to have an experienced YouTube agency with references and recommendations that can help you establish your channel.

KPI (key performance indicator) – CPC (click price) & Co.

In the last two or three years, many of our customers have been asking us more and more frequently how Influencer Marketing actually works. Influencer marketing is becoming more and more relevant because there are channels that reach target groups extremely precisely, e.g. for a specific topic such as “real estate” or “perfume”. If these channels reach 500,000 people or even a million people who are interested in a particular subject because they have followed the channel independently, this is an excellent placement opportunity. Let’s calculate the click prices, e.g. by search engine optimization, and compare them.

Calculation of the CPC

Through search engines advertising:

  • Click price “perfume” at 63 cents, 10,000 online shop visitors cost accordingly 6,300 €
  • CPC (click price): 63.0 Cent

On Youtube:

  • YouTube Video for 10.000 €, 14.000 Onlineshop Visitors
  • CPC: 71.4 cents

Formula for the CPC

CPC = Costs / Visitors
Accordingly, we need 12% more budget for our influencer campaign. Theoretically, we’d stick with our SEO campaign now, of course. Because to the pure advertising costs, still the additional organization costs come. With a good SEO campaign, there is hardly any effort.

Sales are of course even more relevant in the end. If you compare these two values, you can quickly see which campaign was more effective for you in the end – just like the CPC prize. You can now make a decision based on this basis. However, in influencer marketing we have to emphasize that it is not only the click price but also the positive brand image. Through the image transfer from the influencer with all its positive facets, which he or she has for his or her community, your brand also benefits. That’s why some customers no longer book models for photo shootings but directly influencers. Double the added value! Remember, therefore, that Influencer Marketing directly gives you the positive image of the blogger on top.

Contacting influencers, planning, analysis and calculations – all these tasks require the right partner, the right YouTube agency. If you want to take the first step, we look forward to receiving your inquiry via e-mail or telephone.

Youtube Management Germany

Many are looking for Youtube management. If you want to leave the work completely out of your hands so that you can concentrate fully on your core business, you need an equally reliable partner. For the creation of the content, the consultation with you and your employees, the editorial plans, but also direct customer feedback and of course optimization and improvement suggestions for your own YouTube channel. This requires the right management. We are specialized in the creation of photo and video productions as well as social media management. With an extremely young team, on average 23 years old, we are active on all relevant platforms. With expertise from our lectures and technical developments, we show ways in which social media marketing on YouTube works. Once all details and project requirements have been clarified, it’s time for content production!

Content Agency: Video production

As a content agency, especially for photo and video productions, we have already experienced a lot! Large photo studios, cold days in Berlin with outdoor shooting, new collections, interesting designers, travels that will be remembered forever, we find the right concept for every customer, for sure also for you! From explanatory video for veneers, Invisalign and high-quality dental technologies to absolute youth and trend themes, of course also fashion & high fashion! We have even had creative concepts, influencers and blogger events in the areas of construction, heating, sanitation and insurance. In the end, it’s all about adding value to our community.

  • Can you learn something new with us?
  • Can you get to know something new?
  • See something spectacular with us?
  • Are we relevant for another reason? Keywords like well-known beverage manufacturers, sports brands, fashion brands,…

Through informative or entertaining videos and above all through regular publications, we can expand our community. In particular, the regularity of publications on YouTube also plays a major role for the algorithm of the search engine.

Editorial plan and conception for video / video marketing

Here’s a big exclamation point at the place, Video & Video Marketing. If you are marketing on YouTube, then bring your marketing concept into the story right from the start. A small Best Practice example, for the installation of high-quality design fittings, which you can use e.g. in the bathroom or in the kitchen, book a young brand Ambassador or a young person from YouTube, who knows the matter. This person is then used to produce targeted videos, based on a story and a precise editorial plan. For example, the videos can be produced directly within one week, the release takes place over two months. In between, videos with a current time reference are planned and inserted at individual points.

Best Practice: Youtube Video Creation for Companies

The task of our Youtuber is now to show the installation of the wonderful and high quality design fitting. Every year 100,000 people move into a new apartment, another 100,000 people renovate their house or apartment. And then there are the people who only repair their fittings. The others just want to beautify your sink or bathroom. Every day, 10,000 people look for tips, help and explanations on the subject of bathroom fittings. If we are the first big company to place content here or one of the first to plan and conceive, keyword search engine optimization for YouTube, we can get extremely many clicks.

But it’s not always that simple! Just think of the fashion theme, because there are numerous shops in every city centre. The Internet is no different, but the fashion industry is also the one that invests in young networks. That’s why there is so much competition here, so much so that you can even respond to a single month’s fashion trends to generate enough traffic if the brand doesn’t already have a high profile.

The conception of a social media strategy for YouTube therefore depends very much on which company you work for. Depending on whether it’s real estate and bathroom fittings, for example, or trend themes such as fashion and travel. We advise you for both sides and both strategies!

Anyone who has created content can now think about targeted advertising. For more reach, a larger community, more clicks and more sales.

Advertising and paid coverage

Paid reach defines the targeted distribution of videos to specific individuals within a target audience for our pre-defined budget. Especially for channels that have just started, it is worth thinking about paid reach and advertising. Because videos are produced relatively laboriously. If you don’t have followers at the beginning, i.e. people who follow you, your video will reach only a few people. Of course you don’t want that, so it’s worth thinking about advertising! How much does advertising on YouTube cost? As a rule, you can roughly orient yourself on the fact that the impression and the click prices do not differ significantly from the values of Google AdWords, for example. This means they not only create landing pages for search engines like Google, but also individual landing pages for their YouTube visitors & clicks.

Why do the landing pages differ?

Usability is one of the big keywords, especially in online marketing. The better our online offer is optimized for our target group, the more success it will have. A very simple example would be the following, our offer appeals to a special niche audience. Take solar systems, for example, as an example of best practice. From our target group analysis we know that as a rule only house builders (target group 1) will deal with this topic, who will soon invest in their own new building, target group number 2 are existing houses that are to be converted and target group number 3 are craftsmen and crafts enterprises, who want to inform themselves about technical innovations or other products.

What does our Youtube video look like?

We can base our concept on the editorial plan and concept already mentioned. We are looking for a sympathetic young craftsman who explains the use and application of solar systems. These videos are processed in a structured way, from the basics to special knowledge. As a result, the videos will be produced in three consecutive days at one location. In the video we point out again and again that one can acquire all parts also in the Onlineshop. Of course, the online shop is also linked in our description. Users therefore have the opportunity to come directly to our online shop and order the product of desire. Now they’re on our landing page.

The target audience on YouTube tends to be younger, they come from a platform where they just got a lot of entertainment, so our landing page is visually more colorful than the serious, informative landing page we display to our search engine visitors. What’s the matter with you? Our target group analysis is based on the assumption that visitors and search engines will tend to be older. Of course, we could also influence this by splitting the individual advertising campaign, but that would go too deep now! What is important is that through our activities on YouTube we were able to lure users to our online offers to convert them now, to newsletter recipients, new customers, perhaps even new brand fans.

YouTube Marketing: Presentations and training

You want to educate your company and your employees about YouTube and YouTube Marketing? Book our experts and consultants for further education or training in your company. We design individual packages that are precisely tailored to your needs. So you don’t have useless definitions but direct, practical knowledge in your company.