TikTok Agency – Colourful, loud and young!

Have you ever heard of TikTok? TikTok is one of the newest social networks and maybe the successor for Instagram and Facebook. TikTok is the trend, especially among young people between the ages of 8 and 18, they are mainly present on TikTok. The app for Android and iOS is already number 1 in the download charts in over 30 countries. There is now also a strong investment in Europe.

Thus, TikTok is establishing itself as a brand and is accordingly becoming more relevant for brands from other areas. This is understandable, since today’s youth is tomorrow’s affluent target group. The target group of the platform is very, very young. A target group that becomes increasingly relevant with age, however, for us as advertisers. This is why we also arrange contacts with influencers from the next generation network.

Consulting, ideas, implementation and production. We help you in all steps of TikTok marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages: User, age and range

For many marketing agencies and managers TikTok is still a book with 7 seals. Here are a few insights from our agency about the advantages and disadvantages of advertising on Tik Tok:


Advantages of TikTok as a social marketing channel for companies:

  • Less developed than other networks (Instagram, Youtube; much less than Facebook)
  • Influencers are younger and therefore have less “elaborate lifestyle”; ideas are relatively cheaper and easier to realize.
  • Postings achieve a high organic reach, as there are few channels (influencers); unlike Facebook, for example, where advertisements are almost standard for reach
  • Currently growing like Instagram 5 years ago


Disadvantages of TikTok as a social marketing channel:

  • Creative content is more than just photos, you need good ideas and viral concepts, as well as regular, new content
  • Target groups Marketing currently effective up to max. 17 / 18 years of age possible, above this age there is hardly any reach on TikTok
  • Target groups over 30 years of age are virtually non-existent at present
  • No linking possible; Tracking
  • Monitoring currently not meaningful applicable