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As an Instagram marketing agency, we place particular emphasis on social media content and blogger relations. The basis of every functioning instagram channel is its content. Only with the right content, that means text statements as well as questions but also photos and videos, can we reach our community and motivate it to interact. The interaction from our side but also the backlash of the community is an important indicator for the Instagram algorithm. The faster the reaction time to interactions, the better. But for us to get the first interactions at all, we have to deliver the right content. Photos, videos, stories that you have seen a thousand times will usually not work. Instagram lives from trends, from inspiration for everyday life and from the new. The half-life of posted media is usually only 24 hours to a maximum of 72 hours. After that, most of the content is no longer visible in the newsfeed.

Let’s take a closer look at Instagram Marketing, Influencer Relations and Content Production for Instagram together.

Instagram: Youtube Marketing and Influencer Relations

The combination of both disciplines makes the perfect mix for Instagram. As a useful addition you can of course think about paid reach or advertising on Instagram. But first you need to use Instagram’s basic marketing principles for your company, product or service.

How does Instagram?

As described above, Instagram is especially a social network for the young target groups. Most users on Instagram are between 15 and 32 years old. Instagram is usually consumed as an entertainment medium on the side. For example, when people are waiting for an appointment, for the next bus or for a friend’s answer at Whatsapp. Briefly, the Instagram app opens and looks at what’s new or what you need to know. Fashion trends, beauty tips, travel, the lives of our favorite actors, musicians or athletes.

Our story must be planned accordingly. What content do we want to report on? In what form do we want to do it? Which media and means of production do we need? Which post appears when in the editorial plan? We have to ask ourselves these and other questions in order to create a coherent instagram concept. So that we can seamlessly tie in with all other marketing measures, from influencer relations to paid advertising through ads.

Instagram Management Germany

Many who are looking for an Instagram Management for Germany are looking for a partner for the complete support of the Instagram Channel. Because as you can see from the above, managing and creating content and communicating with the community can be a lot of work. A lot of effort that you as a company might prefer to put into the actual core business. Why worry about an Instagram photo when the same person could support the sale?

Our social media or Instagram agency will help your company and its employees with all processes and, if you wish, will also take over your Instagram channel on a full service basis. If you have any questions on this topic, we look forward to receiving your inquiry via telephone or e-mail.

The most important task for your Instagram Marketing are all the basics before we can work with advanced features, the content production.

Content Agency: Video production

Don’t think about a big film set with 3 camera men, sound pickup, lighting and many other human resources plus equipment. Just try to think of a colorful wall, a young person and a smartphone. In the simplest case of the case, they already have picture material for a whole week and even videos for small stories or even a video posting.

Your social media content production won’t be that simple but you will see that such an Instagram photo production doesn’t have to be as complex as it would be for an advertising poster. Usually Instagram productions are shot in a regular period of time. This means that for new products or new collections you meet every 30 or 60 days and produce the necessary material. In the ideal case you as a customer deliver small snack content for in between. These can be e.g. Instagram Stories, which are only available 24 hours a day, or picture material, which we as an Instagram Agency can use to place it between the planned postings.

If you have any further questions about social media content production and planning, please feel free to contact our social media experts and consultants at any time. We are looking forward to thinking about your project together in order to find the best strategies and solutions for your target group.

Blogger Relations and Influencer Marketing

The collaboration with bloggers and influencers plays a large and central role especially on Instagram. Instagram is, along with Pinterest, the medium for new trends that are quickly noticed by the user. On YouTube you have a long-term video placement, the users stay for two, four or even ten minutes in the video and watch the product presentation closely. On Instagram, on the other hand, the content is tailored for just a few seconds. When you open the Instagram app, you usually look at eight or ten photos in a maximum of ten or 20 seconds. If you want to place products here, in the average possible perception time, you do not need one posting but several. Best not only from one person but different postings, to different days from different bloggers. The more frequently your product or marketing message is placed, the more likely it is that users will come to terms with your product or service. Just as in classical advertising, it’s all about the amount of contacts. The more often a person hears our name, the more likely he will go to the supermarket or online shop and buy our product instead of the competition, of which he knows nothing. Thanks to our advertising, she knows us!

Advertising and paid coverage

As just described in Influencer Marketing, social media marketing concepts as well as advertising are particularly concerned with the number of contacts and reach. The more often a person hears our name, the more likely they will be to use our product in the supermarket or online shop. That’s why we want to generate additional reach through paid reach, so-called Instagram Ads, away from our organic reach.

Advertisements on Instagram are very diverse and are mainly managed through Facebook App Manager. Facebook bought Instagram many years ago and therefore most promotions are managed through Facebook Ad Manager. Here you can create campaigns with which you can send single contents, e.g. photos or videos, but also texts to certain target groups. These different campaigns can then be run against each other and at the end the different key figures can be compared with each other. For example, which campaign brought us the most sales in the online shop? If we had ten different campaigns running, with different videos, to different target groups, we can now draw results from them. The advertising campaigns that performed best will be given more advertising budget and those that performed less will be shut down. This way, advertisements can be optimized bit by bit, so that they will end up bringing the best experiences, the most visitors or the most sales.

If you have any questions about Instagram Marketing, please contact us now. We are looking forward to your inquiry and your projects. Please remember to include the most important information with your first inquiry. All information and contact persons can be found at Contact.

Marketing on Instagram – More than just fashion

Instagram often still an insider tip in online marketing of companies and enterprises for their products and services, which are to be advertised or promoted in social networks. Since a few weeks it is also possible to advertise on Instagram. What distinguishes Instagram, especially from the other large social networks, is the very accurate targeting. Due to the previously very specialized user group, the image network is inherently provided with little wastage during promotion. In contrast to traditional marketing strategies, where high wastage due to inaccurate targeting is to be expected, Instagram offers a very fine, precisely definable target group.

Instagram Comparison of user numbers

The size of the social network is increasing rapidly. According to Statista data (2015), the distribution by number of users is such that Instagram is catching up with the sizes of the industry. The statistics show the world’s largest social networks, based on their monthly (active) users.

  • Instagram already unites over 1 billion users around the world
  • Instagram has the same number of users as Google+
  • Instagram is today already on Twitter (foundation ), also the reported about it, in the article user numbers: Instagram overtakes Twitter
  • Facebook has since taken first place with over 1,400 million users

Back then there was the Bravo, today it’s Instagram. Whether favorite stars, celebrities, friends or acquaintances. Most young people are on Instagram. A very special target group that was already relevant for strategic brand awareness in all epochs. Young people are not only an independently acting target group, they can also activate their social environment (mother, father, grandparents, etc.).

Instagram – The Picture Network of Young Target Groups

The social network Instagram launched its services a few years ago with user phones. At the time, Instagram was a purely mobile application for smartphones and tablets. Even today, Instagram is difficult to access via the PC, or not to edit for its users. Nevertheless, pictures can also be viewed on the Internet, from notebooks and PCs. The main carrier for the social network instagram, however, is the smartphone. Users mainly process image material here.

Mode of use and structure of the network

Instagram is less about a detailed text description than it is about strong visual features. Instagram only uses images – most recently, short videos (max. 15 seconds). Users photograph and record videos, then you can save us and exchange them with your friends at any time. Images are uploaded individually and later displayed chronologically in the user profile.

The advantage of Instagram is that you can reach for a creative and especially young people. While Facebook is getting better and better at cutting its users, Instagram is the network for young people and young target groups.
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