Search Engine Optimization (SEO / SEA): Google Agency, E-Commerce, Ads + Top10 Tips

Search engine optimization, how does it actually work? Today we want to take a closer look at the topic of search engine optimization, or SEO. So that you understand how the mechanism (PageRank) and algorithm behind search engines like Google or even Bing, Yandex and Duck Duck Go Go works. Of course with a clear focus on Google, the largest search engine in the world. Billions of search queries are started every day through Google, this is where the search for information begins but also the start, when buying products. Around 3.45 billion search queries are currently made per day. Accordingly, search engine optimization is interesting for the entire area in e-commerce!

How does a search engine work explained simply?

Not only in e-commerce, but also for agencies, service providers and much more, rankings at the top of the search results are extremely interesting. Today we take a close look at the topic of SEO, SEA and SEM. What does SEO mean, what are impressions, clicks and how does content marketing work? How do you write good SEO texts? How long do texts have to be? We answer the most important questions that reach us as an agency! Our basic SEO check for you!

Search engines have the ultimate goal of providing the best and most informative content to their users.

Advantages of search engine optimization

Just a small overview of the advantages:

  • Acquisition of new customers via XL platform Google
  • SEO is sustainable and measurable
  • Targeted for exact keywords
  • More visitors for site / online shop
  • Better texts, more conversion
  • SEO increases the awareness

In Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich and Hamburg and throughout Germany, search engine optimization and digital sales channels are gaining in importance.

Algorithm, PageRank and strategy

To find the best results, your algorithm looks at the content of the Internet and evaluates each page using the “PageRank” method, an analysis method that we will discuss in more detail later. The ranking of the pages then leads to the listing of each page, sorted by relevance, in a list (the search results). Those that offer the most added value and information to the user are placed at the top of the search results. The better the text, the more comprehensive the overall work, the more linked the structure, the faster the page loading speed, the higher the rankings.

As soon as users submit a search query on a portal, the results are output within milliseconds. The algorithm of search engines works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and constantly re-evaluates the pages of the Internet.

Through these constant updates, Google operators ensure that their users only relevant results are displayed. That’s why search engines also pay so much attention to the quality of the web pages, accordingly, texts must be optimally made and prepared before they are published in the blog, on the homepage or in the online shop.

Objectives of search engine optimization: Simply explained

Goal – The goal of the search engine operators (also your goal): To provide the best information. Therefore, also provide added value for users. Results are sorted by relevance. Means, give exact content.

Keywords – The algorithm evaluates individual pages (PageRank method). That’s why niches are so interesting in search engine optimization, even long keyword chains like: “BMW new model in black where to buy” provide leads.

Influencing factors – Many factors go into the evaluation: Text length, loading speed, links, and much more.

Organic + paid (Tip!) – The financing of the operators takes place through advanced placements, e.g. Google Adwords. That is, before the organic search results are advertisements. This placement should also not be forgotten in the overall context of performance marketing. Read more about Google Ads here.

How many searches are there per day?

Around 3.45 billion search queries are currently made per day. In Germany, for example, 9 out of 10 search queries are made on Google. No one leaves page 1, a full 86% do not click further on page 2, that shows the relevance of the first page. 68% only look at the first 5 of 10 search results.

  • 3.45 billion searches per day
  • 9 out of 10 Germans use Google for search queries
  • 86% do not leave page 1
  • 68% only look at the first 5 of 10 search results (page 1)

Interesting facts make the difference! You want more? Book our keynote speakers.

What is SEO Optimization?

How does “Search Engine Optimization” work? If you want your own site or e-commerce to be ranked high in the search engine results, you have to do search engine optimization, that’s clear.

Search engine optimization means good SEO texts! SEO texts are created by SEO managers in the company or in the commissioned agency, here it is not only about the continuous text, but about the entire structure and the structure behind it, as previously described. Because only through the good basic structure of individual texts, great systems can be created later.

Key figures that give a good overview of the successes are, among others, keywords such as internal linking but also dwell time, on the page, as well as the number of pages visited. The longer a user stays on the page, the higher the dwell time. An extremely important key figure in search engine optimization.

Key figure in search engine optimization

  • Dwell time – How long does a user stay on the page?
  • Interaction – If the user actively performs actions (interaction), e.g. scrolling on the page, opening images, clicking links, etc.
  • Average number of pages – how many pages do visitors open on average?
  • Demographics – What audience is on the site (age, country, city, interests, etc.)

What is SEO Content?

The success of search engine optimization is measured by the SEO key figures (above). The basis for success in the search engine is SEO content (texts). Creating content means content beyond the text. As you’ll see in a moment in our 10 Tips for the Search Engine, it’s about more than just body text. From a clean text layout to information with added value, to internal linking or even image SEO, there are many construction sites on a homepage or in e-commerce.

In addition, the entire structure behind the individual texts with their search engine optimization. This structure is summarized briefly and clearly in an editorial plan. This editorial plan is the basis for the cooperation between the agency and you as the customer. It offers a temporal advance planning, but it also conveys the basic strategic considerations of the keywords and topic areas. The editorial plan serves as orientation, also for all employees involved.

If you want to understand the absolute basics of SEO, however, we recommend the 10 tips that follow in a moment! Because with this you will understand the methodology, behind first SEO content, relatively quickly and easily.

Keywords – Best Practice: Creative Content Marketing

Before we get to the top 10 SEO tips, here’s a quick look at the central term in search engine optimization: keywords!

Keywords are certain terms that are ultimately the objective of a single text. This article could have as a central keyboard, for example, the term: “SEO text” or more generally “SEO agency”. Clear and focused, as this is about search engine optimization.

About keywords you could write whole books, very simple and beautiful as an understandable example, I find misspelled terms. They show that specifically a single SEO text can be interpreted. Do you want a small example of creative SEO content?

For example, if a keyword like “SEO Angentur” (yes, you read that right) is searched over 2,500 times a month, then good SEO managers are going to get that keyword. In fact, over 2,500 people search for “SEO Angentur” every month in Germany! In a year, that’s a whole 30,000 searches, for a spelling error that most are sure to ignore! Theoretically, 30,000 potential clients for their SEO agency. The following headline is intended to make Google aware of our page for this particular keyword.

SEO Angentur (Best Practice “Spelling errors in SEO”)

Last month, there were actually 2,900 searches on for the keyword “SEO Angentur”. Exactly the same we have here for “Influenza Agency”, because many confuse the spelling of “Influencer” and “Influenza”, whether through ignorance or autocorrect on the smartphone. Little test? Just search for “influencer agency!” Our social media agency is ranked #1 in the search results.

SEO example 472 % performance: increase in 12 months

In a social media agency it’s all about good content, in photo & video productions, but also in search engine optimization, SEO for short. Content marketing is the magic word, plus a few quality backlinks – but is it really that simple? And does SEO actually work? Here’s a little insight into a client project that we started roundabout 12 months ago. More precisely, a best practice in the area of e-commerce (travel). Total +372 % performance increase or in other words: Partially sold out!

How does PageRank work?

PageRank algorithm – The so-called PageRank algorithm is a specific method to rank a large number of linked documents, such as web pages, blogs and online shops on the World Wide Web, based on their structure.

How can you improve your Google ranking? Top10

Now we have the ultimate 10 SEO tips for your homepage or e-commerce. The answer to the big question, especially for small businesses that need cheap SEO and can’t afford an SEO agency: “How can I make my homepage visible on Google?” – here’s the answer! 10 SEO agency tips for your homepage and online store:

  1. Keywords – Define your keywords, preferably in an editorial plan.
  2. Focus – Focus on one keyword per page
  3. Added value – create informative content of at least 500 words
  4. Internal linking – Set meaningful links in the text
  5. URL – create good URLs based on the title and without filler words (am, im, and, …)
  6. Other elements – Use bullets, numbering and tables
  7. Image SEO – graphics, photos and images should be optimized before uploading (compression, file name, etc.)
  8. Third party content – Use third party media such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.
  9. External linking – links from other pages (backlinks)
  10. Google Ads – Use Google AdWords to get targeted attention

What does a good SEO optimization cost?

What does search engine marketing cost? The question about the costs of search engine optimization cannot be answered in a general way. After all, search engine optimization is a qualitative service, not a quantitative one.

Who offers immediately calculable SEO texts, can not be serious. Compare only texts for an online shop, e.g. in the area of “pet food” or “holidays”, on the other hand you have SEO texts for demanding topics, e.g. “lawyers and law”, “real estate” or even “investments”, the quality and the claim varies with each project and subject area.

Accordingly, you SEO texts can not be measured only by the number of words. Quality is a high commodity, after all, the texts are online for weeks, months and years. This is also about reputation for your company. The quality must be right, not only the algorithm of Google appreciates this, but also your visitors. So you are also quickly back to the key figures for success: Dwell time, interaction and the average visited pages show.

Quality pays off!

In the end, it’s all about conversion. With good search engine optimization, you attract visitors to your offer, just one click away from buying.

How much does an ad cost on Google … and SEO?

Google it sounds exciting to you? It is! With Google Adwords you can reach targeted people, according to age, interests, place of residence and many other parameters. Eat and therefore take a look at the system behind paid reach! Read more about Google AdWords and its benefits, costs and campaign management here.

Calculation example, costs for search engine advertising

If you want to quantify the costs of search engine advertising, it is useful to calculate how much paid traffic (reach) costs, i.e. visitors through Google AdWords or similar models. We put these costs in relation to the organic reach that is gained through good SEO texts.

Let’s take as an example the area “real estate”. Would be here clicks, that is, visitors buys, pays more or less depending on the competition on the individual search term.

Click Pricing: Paid Traffic

Here you can see the click price for certain search queries. But you also see the difference in the spelling. Briefly described: You book advertising spaces (individual keywords) with Google AdWords. The fewer advertising spaces are available, the higher the price. As seen in the example “buy house Berlin” compared to “buy house Berlin” – 50% saved!!!

  • “Buy a house Berlin” with 9,900 searches per month is 1.10€ / click
  • “Buy a house in Berlin” with 1,000 searches per month is 1.19€ / click
  • “Berlin Haus kaufen” with 720 searches per month is only 0,55€ / click

If you manage to reach 10,000 visitors per month, you will reach 120,000 visitors per year. 120,000 clicks that do not have to be financed by paid advertising. Accordingly, search engine optimization pays off extremely in the long run.

  • 120.000 visitors per year at an average of 0,92€ / click = 110.400€ equivalent value

A good SEO project that attracts 120,000 visitors over 5 years reaches a total of 600,000 people, an equivalent of 552,000 €.

Advertising on Google? How Google Ads & Adwordswork

What does an SEO text cost? How many texts do you need?

Depending on the system and the client, the amount of texts that need to be created for good search engine optimization differs. Not only the amount of texts differs, but also the processing time. There are big differences between small, local companies and online shops with 10,000 items.

However, it is not only the beginning of the text that differs in individual branches, but also the amount of words, the topics, the publication time (frequency) and the amount of articles published in a certain period of time.

  • Number of texts
  • Number of words
  • Topic selection
  • Publication time and quantity
  • Uvm.

WordPress SEO: Texts and Open Source System – Recommendation

Who is confronted with the topic of search engine optimization for the first time or at least deals intensively with the topic for the first time, soon has to build a new system, will quickly face the question, what is worth it? With which software can I build a good website or homepage and also online shop?

Our recommendation for homepages with good search engine optimization is WordPress! WordPress is a free tool, so-called open source software. With this content management system you can create excellent blogs and even online shops and thus create your own e-commerce system.

Want to know more about WordPress, here are some good, basic tips for the open-source content management system!

  • WordPress: Create website and e-commerce for free

What does one do as an SEO Manager?

Seo managers take care of the entire strategy, structure and management of the project. The basic requirement for good SEO managers is above all knowledge and experience. Search engine optimization is constantly evolving, just like many other strategies and methods in online marketing. Every year there are new software, new updates, the algorithm is changed but also the necessary conditions, e.g. by the increasing competition. All these factors must have a good SEO manager stands’s in the overview to bring a project guaranteed success.

Which search engine is the best?

The best search engine is Google. Apart from the Chinese market and Russia, Google dominates a large part of the market. In countries like Germany or America, it is even 90% of people who make their search queries via Google. 90% of all search queries means in a country like Germany, where over 60 million people are online, out of a population of 80 million, 75% of the total citizens. Accordingly, nearly 54 million people here search for products, information and services via

54 million want information!

In the big countries it looks no different, even in America well over 90% of all search queries are solved with Google. Accordingly, not only the relevance in the field of search engine optimization is high, also in the field of search engine marketing, i.e. advertising in search engines through ads, Google clearly plays the biggest role.

Here you can see the market shares of the most used search engines on desktop by page views worldwide in selected months from September 2015 to January 2020.

Statistik: Marktanteile der meistgenutzten Suchmaschinen auf dem Desktop nach Page Views weltweit in ausgewählten Monaten von September 2015 bis Januar 2020 | Statista
You can find more statistics at Statista.

SEO copywriting: Online Course

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New! Native Ads: Recommendation instead of “advertising

Native ads (also called native display ads) refer to all paid advertising formats that are discreetly labeled as ads. So, simply put, native advertising is advertising that doesn’t look like advertising. Native Ads offer small disadvantages, but mostly advantages. Did you know. According to a whitepaper by AppNexus, the CTR of native display ads is 8.8 times higher on average. According to Forbes, Native Ads increase purchase intent by a whopping 18%. We also always measure a higher CTR in our client projects. What does this have to do with? Personalization of content, storytelling and more discreet communication channels: referral marketing. Why Native Advertising? What is native advertising? What is native advertising?

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Performance Marketing Agency – Performance marketing includes a mix of instruments from online marketing. We present you here all areas and advantages, step by step. You will get to know: Social Media, Email Marketing, Affiliates, Display and Native Advertising, but also Content Marketing, Search Engine Ads and lastly Search Engine Optimization. Everything starts with the right strategy and a good performance marketing agency that understands your craft.

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