Newsjacking – iPhone 14, moon hotel and barbecue season

Newsjacking is a technical term from search engine optimization. Newsjacking, what is this anyway? Instead of the definition once a small example. Have you ever looked for iPhone 14? Probably not yet. But at some point it will come, as sure as the amen in church. So if you jump on this topic early, you can win valuable rankings in search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo or Bing. Of course, this does not only work in search engine optimization, but also in social media marketing. Because of course it doesn’t have to be thought years in advance, if an event is just around the corner, you can talk about it today! Soon a new product from the company XY will be on the market, directly we need a blog post! Newsjacking anticipates topics that will come in the future and for which you can already build relevance now. Welcome to Newsjacking.

IPhone 14, moon hotel and barbecue season

The possible news you can anticipate is as diverse as the world itself. From new products, such as the aforementioned iPhone 14, to absolute future topics, such as the first Mond Hotel. Maybe half price tickets can already be sold today? In fact, there are really already the first sales in this area, just as there is already eternal waiting know for more flights into space.

Of course, such topics can be found for any industry. Let’s go completely away from technology, e.g. into the garden industry. Every year millions of people prepare themselves for the barbecue season. The perfect charcoal grill, barbecue smoker, the matching furniture. Which snacks are trendy next summer? Will it be burgers again, or will they be vegan grilled? These are precisely the questions that you can already answer in spring, summer change, far ahead of all others. An extremely good way to get attention. If you are looking for long-term placements, you can, of course, already move on to topics that are discussed years in advance. Here you can find something about everything in search engine optimization.

A simple example? Let’s stay right in the garden. How about a project that deals specifically with comparisons? Comparison portals are as popular as kin others, check, compare, test, many portals offer such a service. Of course, you can also set up an online project that will focus on the various profitable areas in the garden, for example. For 4, 5 individual areas then individual Internet pages are developed, or a common project. This refers exactly to garden furniture comparison 2024, or the best barbecue 2024. With a little creativity you can build really strong projects for the future. Of course, this is all investment, but as it should be with the investment, it usually pays off in the end for you and your company. This is how News Jacking works.

Best Practice News tracking with Germany’s next Topmodel

In order to push the YouTube channel of a fashion magazine, we had the concept of broadcasting a YouTube video online one week before the new episode was due to be broadcast, which thematizes this episode. By being a few days in advance, we were able to reach over 200,000 views with the first video and that with a completely new channel.