Youtube SEO: 3 steps for better rankings in the search engine

Youtube SEO will come! Would you have thought that with the social network Youtube, which is actually meant to be a video portal, you could effectively use search engine optimization for your corporate site or e-commerce? The simple and straightforward answer we can give you is: Yes. Of course we cannot explain all the details of SEO potential in the portal Youtube in the length of the blog post, but we can give some interesting insights. In the following 3 steps to understand Youtube and SEO àla Lukinski:

Addendum (Nov ’14): How interesting the topic Youtube SEO is, we have seen two months after this article, at the SEO-Day 2014 in the RheinenergieStadion of the 1.FC Cologne! In the lecture the Netspirits talked about “Youtube SEO”. 3 practical tips for your search engine optimization with Youtube:

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Youtube SEO: Search engine optimization in 3 steps

    Shoot simple and easy videos and link the title, subtitle and the information on YouTube with your keywords. This way you immediately achieve more presence in the search results.

    use thumbnails / become a Youtube partner
    Become Youtube Partner and stand out from the crowd with individual preview graphics of the videos.

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Youtube belongs to Google: Advantages in placement

Think of your own business. You are founding divisions or starting new projects, would you emphasize them yourself in media, etc.? Of course. And so does the search engine giant Google. Every time users start a search query, ten search results are displayed on the first page. If there is a YouTube video with the right title, it is on the first places (3rd place to be exact). Likewise, the first two search results on the second search results page are filled with YouTube Videos – if there are enough for the respective search term.

case study: Suppose you open up your new, stylish, local hairdresser’s master business. For the keyword “Friseur Köln Nippes” there is no entry in Youtube yet. If a user is looking for a hairdresser in Köln Nippes, he will be shown various attempts. Here comes place 3 in game (previous paragraph)! If you have uploaded a small, (very much) uncomplicated video recorded with your smartphone to Youtube, you are directly on page 1! And did you know, 99 percent of the traffic is on page 1 – ergo, 99 out of 100 of all searchers you see.
With an intelligent placement you can win more customers quickly and effectively. So don’t hesitate, grab a smartphone or tablet and record a short introduction video. Simply upload it to YouTube, add links to the website or further information to your channel and you’re done: You’ll be more present in the search engine results than ever before. The same principle can of course also be adopted for large companies and projects in a more sophisticated complexity.

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Simple, sympathetic videos & Keywords

Shoot simple and easy videos and link the title, subtitle and the information on YouTube with your keywords. This way you immediately achieve more presence in the search results.

Youtube SEO


Single videos or rather playlist: Anything! H2>
What is the advantage of a playlist? If you have shot some Youtube videos and published them on Youtube, you can save them in a playlist. The crux of the matter: Youtube users watch videos, and at the end of the playlist an overview appears with similar videos that may be of interest to many users. The problem is, these videos are random and not from their channel. But if you use a playlist, the second, third, … This way the user stays on your channel, gets your information and the bounce rate is lowered.

You can also place this playlist easily and flexibly on your website via iframe (HTML integration). This way all your visitors are always informed about the latest activities of your company. The integration is unique, therefore little time is required and the updating of the videos contained in the playlist is permanent and automatic.

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playlist instead of single video

Combine different videos in one playlist. This way you reduce the jump rate and have an interactive stream for your digital media.

advertising on Youtube for reach and CTA

I myself am 27 years old and am always surprised by new Youtube phenomena and especially by Youtube stars. They are mainly young people who get millions of clicks on individual videos through creative ideas. The principle is very simple, they sign up as Youtube partners, generate advertising clicks and earn money. As a partner, you can decide for each of your videos whether ads are shown or not.

But this is not the advantage (for the context of the article). The advantage is that through this affiliate program you can use your own thumbnails for your videos. So now when you shoot videos, you can determine your own video preview image on Youtube. This allows you to integrate large-format text and headlines, for example. This way you get a lot of information through the preview image alone like most others offer me and stand out from the mass of videos. A second positive side effect is the preview image on your website, here you don’t have blurred thumbnails (preview images), but a self-determined, high-resolution graphic.

Through this partnership with the social network Youtube you can set a completely new accent on your website. Every single video can be equipped with individual images and thus remains in your corporate design. A further advantage, through sophisticated design probably increases your conversion rate, thus increasing sales and reach, for example through recommendation marketing in succession.

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Use thumbnails / Become a Youtube partner

Become Youtube Partner and stand out from the crowd with individual preview graphics of the videos.

Conclusion on video and content marketing on Youtube

With these three simple steps you can achieve a lot with a lot or little budget. The advantage here, as described in the case study of the hairdresser in Cologne Nippes, is that you can achieve good search engine rankings for niches quickly and easily even with small video recordings with your smartphone. In addition, you actively show yourself in social networks and possibly win new fans and customers.

With these three practical Youtube tips we hope to have given you help for your social media channel or your social media channel setup. If you have any questions you can always contact us and me.

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