Hamster videos on YouTube: Most clicked videos of all time

Hamster mazes, children’s series about hamsters and building homes for hamsters – pets, like dogs, cats and hamsters are often the absolute cuteness overkill on the social web! The market around pets, is a billion dollar market for stores, trade shows and online shops. Social media managers need to deliver new ideas on a daily basis. A good tool to come up with new concepts is to look at success models. Some content disappears after a few months or years, some works forever! Our little creative look, at the most popular hamster videos, ever! Evergreens like these help you come up with new, creative video marketing ideas of your own. Tip. Find out more about social media marketing for pets here and more evergreens and video success model (content) here: YouTube Evergreens.

Pool maze for hamsters

Children’s series: Where is the hamster?

Social Media Marketing for Pets

What would the internet be without hamsters? YouTube has revolutionized the world, it all started in the 2000’s, now YouTube has changed the world so much that YouTube videos are shown in news, they are a fixture in the schoolyard and in millions of homes, with pets and animal lovers. Even series and even TV channels are streaming their programming through YouTube to reach (inexpensively) the entire world. From the funny cat video, to the market power today, it was a long way. The high involvement (binding of the users), makes YouTube such an interesting marketing platform, also for products for hamsters. Food, toys, clothing and other accessories.

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The Tom and Jerry Show – Hamster Sequence

Minecraft Hamster Maze

The perfect home for hamsters

The biggest hamster maze worldwide

Hamster parkour through Pringles packaging

Labyrinth: Hamster against man

Building a labyrinth for hamsters

Hamsters vs. Zombies – Who Loses?

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