Balenciaga videos on YouTube: Content success models – what the community loves

Testimonials, lookbooks and shopping hauls – like Off-White and Supreme, Balenciaga is one of the most hyped brands. Why? Good social media marketing for fashion. 79.9 percent of the population in this country are registered on social networks. What topics (content) does the community like? What topics does the community love? These videos have been popular on YouTube for years and may be a little creative input for your marketing team. This article gives them a quick input on fashion with the example of Balenciaga. More creative solutions? Our social media agency is your go-to for concept, ads and community, including on YouTube. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, what works and gets the most clicks? More evergreens and video success model (content) can be found here: YouTube Evergreens.

Gucci Area: Collaboration with Balenciaga

Field report: Toe high heels by Balenciaga

Social media marketing in the fashion industry

Many brands are active in social media marketing, but one industry in particular: the fashion industry! Boutiques, retailers, online shops as resellers and brands themselves. With new collections in spring, summer, fall and winter, customers and potential new customers must be convinced again and again.

More efficient than any classic advertising campaign (billboard, radio ,. .) Is social media marketing. On TikTok, Instagram but also on YouTube! In this article you will see what has delivered the best click numbers on YouTube in the last 15 + years. Recipes for success from evergreens can give your marketing department strong inputs. If you want to professionalize your YouTube marketing even more and are looking for a social media agency to expand your performance on YouTube, we look forward to your project inquiry! You can also read more about our:

Balenciaga Fashion Show Spring 2022

Balenciaga 50th Couture Collection

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Balenciaga Fashion Show Summer 2020

Balenciaga Fashion Show Summer 2019

Balenciaga Shopping Haul

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Fashion Show

Balenciaga: History around hypbrands

Outfits with Balenciaga sneakers

Triple S: Street survey

Celebrities on YouTube: Content Evergreens

Content Evergreens! Learning from the most popular videos (most clicked content). Continue with:

Supreme Videos on YouTube: Learn from the Best – Evergreens!

Quizzes, wardrobe tours and reaction videos – fashion in social media marketing is one of the most contested areas by agencies, labels and countless startups. One of the leaders, in creative ideas, online and offline is Supreme. Looking for ideas for your own videos on fashion, outfits or sneakers? A look at the most popular Supreme videos can give you the right input for your own creative process.

Off White Videos on YouTube: Most popular videos for creatives

Shopping videos, buying tips and fashion show models – learning from the best, is a good tip especially for young social media managers! One of the best, in social media marketing for fashion, is Off White. only ten, fifteen years ago, expensive market research institutes had to be hired to know what “works well” and what doesn’t. Today, all you need to do is look at YouTube to see what’s causing the biggest hypes.

Concepts & Ideas: Learning from successful videos

In this list you’ll find even more industries and topics, with the most successful content ever.