Blawko22: Virtual Male Model does fitness, loves fashion and virtual models like Bermuda

Blawko 22 – Virtual models like Lil Miquela, Noonoouri or Lil Miquela have long since arrived at the top of the world of digital models. But what does the whole thing actually look like for men? In addition to the now quite numerous famous female virtual models, a male star is now also conquering the new model league: Ronald F. Blawko, better known as Blawko22. Along with Liam Nikuro, he is one of the most famous male virtual models. Read our article to find out what’s behind the mysterious man.

Digital tattoo model on social media like Instagram & Co.Blawko 22 as the model friend of Robot Beauty editor Lil Miquela, but who is Blawko? Like his model friends Bermuda and Lil Miquela, the male virtual model was created by Brud, founded by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou. Brud’s logo on his right thigh is one of his many tattoos on his body.

Blawko22 is one thing in particular: self-confident. The young robot has almost fallen in love with his own reflection! The virtual male model would love to clone herself so that she can kiss herself on the forehead. The beau convinces with his smooth buzz cut, the airy eyebrow slits and the facial tattoos.

In terms of fashion, Blawko goes for a stylish, urban streetwear style. His special trademark is his mask, which covers his mouth and chin. So far, there is no picture of him without the face covering. This makes the attractive model mysterious and enigmatic. Unusual and exciting at the same time, this makes him all the time! However, we hope that Blawko’s mask will fall soon…

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Instagram: Posts with Brud Friends and Stylish Outfits

On Instagram you can follow the daily life of digital model Blawko 22! Whether it’s photos of him from everyday life, clique photos together with Lil Miquela and Bermuda, gaming videos or memes – Blawko’s profile is always worth a visit. Sex sells: In many of his photos, the attractive male model presents himself bare-chested and shows us how sexy the models of the new generation are!

Youtube: Blawko’s tips for love, life and the perfect body

The digital influencer reaches thousands of subscribers with his videos. Do you need help with love, fitness or cooking? Then you’ve come to the right place! On his channel you can find tips on flirting with women or learn more about the life of a robot!

Jobs & Bookings: Supreme, Off-White, BalenciagaDating, women and relationship with Bermuda

As you can see in his YouTube channel, Blawko knows a lot about love. But how does it actually look like with him himself with love?

Blawko is a real ladies man and knows how to make the perfect impression on women on dates! But what about a committed relationship? There is supposedly a bizarre love triangle between him and Miquela and Bermuda. We eagerly await dates in Blawko’s love life!