Virtual influencers: LOUT about Zoe & Ella – competition for Lil Miquela (Instagram)?!

Virtual Influencer – Today in an interview with LOUT Magazine about Zoe & Ella! Are they the competition for Lil Miquela (Instagram)? Virtual influencers like Lil Miquela integrate their stories more and more into everyday life. On TikTok, Instagram, with big campaigns. Will they change the world? The new Matrix trilogy is currently being filmed in Berlin and the USA, another powerful media kicker for the topic of avatars. We keep you up2date here!

Virtual influencers conquer Instagram with storytelling

Ella just had her first commercial in Isreal (external). Zoe has her catwalk premiere on Saturday at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Moscow. In Germany the first short interview on this revolutionary topic with our owner Stephan Czaja was published today. The title: “Virtual influencers conquer Instagram with storytelling”.

Excerpt: Virtual influencers conquer Instagram with storytelling

Ikea has engaged the virtual influencer Imma in Japan. Today three more virtual influencers come to life. What makes these avatars so attractive for brands. The time has come: The influencer agency Socialmediaone is launching its first three virtual influencers online today. Their names are Zoe, Ella and Linda and they will be flying as models to Moscow Fashion Week this weekend. After that they will visit their first agency in Germany. Managing director Stephan Czaja has no doubts: “In ten years, 30 percent of the [influencers on Instagram] will be virtual influencers.

The article is about the most interesting virtual influencers at the moment.

Design (2018):

Code (2020):

First commercial in Isreal: Ella (Cocaine Models)

Extract: First commercial in Isreal

Digital influencers from the United States are brought to life through CGI (design). Maybe you have heard of Lil Miquela. Ella & Zoe are 100% digital. Ella has now produced her first commercial. We are excited about all her steps that are coming now! Here you can see her first official commercial.

First commercial with Ella (virtual influencer)

First Instagram Posting

Digital influencers!

Virtual models now appear on the front pages of major magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Vanityfair. They are the new faces of marketing campaigns and receive a lot of attention and prestige in the social media. The generated models are not only incredibly hyper-realistic, but also capable of seamlessly transforming and revealing completely new outfits, poses and faces. Because each model’s look is completely unique and is generated from scratch, the models can be tailored to meet the needs of each client. This technology has the potential to be used by fashion brands as a time- and money-saving measure. The possibilities for what can be created are virtually endless.