Facebook Marketing Agency – Advertising and Video Production

Hardly any other advertising platform has developed as rapidly in recent years as Facebook. In the beginning there were only very few possibilities and very limited ad formats to reach the optimal target group effectively. A lot has happened since then. Learn here how you can use the power of Facebook advertising to increase your reach and revenues cost-effectively. Consulting, ideas, implementation and production. We help you in all steps of Facebook marketing.

Range range increase through Facebook Marketing

Facebook has greatly reduced the reach of organic fanpage contributions due to the platform’s rapid growth. Use this to your advantage! Together with you, we develop a strategy to advertise your contributions to relevant target groups. For example, it is often worthwhile to advertise contributions to your own fans, but not to their friends (so be careful when using the “Advertise Contribution” button). Also the range increase of contributions to people who are interested in competing products, to your email subscribers or the visitors of your website is possible without further ado! We offer you:

  • Increase in company awareness
  • Creation and research for the optimal target group
  • Valuable data acquisition about your existing and new customers
  • Creation of giant clusters with similar interests to their existing clientele

Michael Brenner is a specialist for Facebook Advertising. His task is to bring your marketing message to the right people. With targeted Facebook Ad campaigns you can increase your sales quickly, carry out quick testings and build up your community with constant likes.