Facebook Marketing Agency: Advertising, Content and Community

Facebook Agency and Marketing – Hardly any advertising platform has developed as rapidly as Facebook in recent years. Initially, you had very few options and very limited ad formats to effectively reach the optimal target audience. Since then, a lot has happened. Here on Facebook, all topics are discussed, whether cute pets from cat to dog, the next or last trip, camping, cars, but also fashion and much more.

How can you profit from it? Learn here how you can increase your reach and sales cost-effectively with the power of Facebook advertising. Consulting, ideas, implementation and content marketing. We help you in all steps of Facebook marketing. The tasks of a Facebook advertising agency are extremely diverse.

Facebook Agency: Overview

First, an overview of the contents of this page:

  1. What does a Facebook agency do?
  2. Facebook Marketing Strategies
    This is about goals for businesses on Facebook and cross-media work between online marketing and social media marketing.
  3. Facebook Advertising (Ads) and Community
    How does advertising on Facebook work and what are such ads based on (keyword targeting)? From the integration of the Facebook Pixel to costs and prices that arise. Learn everything you need to know about organic and paid reach on Facebook and how to target groups with the right ads.
  4. Targeting of target groups
    In this part, we want to show you the exact advantages of ads and targeting of target groups. In addition, we describe the process of reporting and monitoring Facebook Ads for you.
  5. Best Practice / Case Study
    In the Best Practice section, we only briefly present options in excerpts. We ask for your understanding that we do not show concrete examples in the open space. Here you can see the advantages of Facebook advertising.
  6. Facebook Marketing Tip
    There are many Facebook marketing tips and accordingly many Facebook marketing tools, but which are the best? We present here in particular the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor in Facebook. The central tool for advertising on Facebook.
  7. Facebook advantages at a glance

First of all, it is about the support of you as a customer and the development of a meaningful strategy. On the basis of this strategy, also known as a roadmap, all operational and strategic content is aligned. The first step is not about specific advertisements, but about a general guideline. The larger the company or group, the more detailed such a guideline and roadmap will be. As a Facebook agency, however, you do not only take care of the strategic planning, but of course also of the operative business.

In operational Facebook marketing, it is mainly about the creation of content and community support. There are different ways and possibilities. Some customers already provide a large image and video archive, from which creative content can be developed. Here, for example, additional informative graphics are made, funny texts or even small videos. Thus, social media agencies are the modern counterpart of the advertising agency, specializing in online marketing in the field of social networks. However, such social networks like Facebook are something completely different than the classic advertising.

What does a Facebook agency do?