Photo and video production for social media

Photo and video production for social media sounds easy at first – is that it? Special concepts for Facebook – video marketing without sound, text overlays, small smartphones, adaptation of scenes. Further use for Youtube, instead of 30 seconds 10 minutes, instead of text overlays, language, moderation. For Instagram new square formats, only 10 seconds, a maximum of 2 seconds to tie the follower – Poof! A lot of work. We help you to produce the perfect media and content for social media. Texts, photos and videos for optimal efficiency of your channel.

Consulting, ideas, implementation and production. We help you in every step of the photo and video production.

Consulting, concept and strategy

Before the very first photo or video is taken, everything revolves around the concept and the strategy. Anyone planning a photo shoot is always faced with the question of which team, consisting of photographer, make-up artist, model, videographer and of course assistant, will make the shooting perfect? Ultimately, there are a lot of processes that depend on the publication of the photos and videos. The purchase has been planned over months, the sale is already about to start. Then it comes down to having the right photos and videos for your own advertising campaign, online shop or social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

What is the right concept for your company?

Depending on the individual challenges to be overcome, the methods and strategies used to produce the media differ. On the one hand, the target group of your company has to be taken into consideration, what special wishes and needs do they have? On the other hand, a look must be taken at which social media are used and how they can also be connected, for example, through joint interactions. Simply put, this would be the photo on Instagram with the link to the appropriate YouTube channel. On Facebook, a post is also published that is supported with paid reach. As you can see, the strategy and planning behind a photo and video production for social networks is much more complex.

We help you in a simple and uncomplicated way. From the initial idea to finding the right methods and strategies to the turnkey concept and of course the media production afterwards. Trust in a partner, an agency such as Social Media One.

Let’s take a closer look at the different steps of planning and organizing photo shootings.

Find a photographer and prepare for the shoot

At the top of the to-do list is the right photographer and videographer, who can implement the ideas exactly as they were thought. That sounds simple at first, but it’s important that the photographer and videographer have an understanding of what was presented in the concept. This is because it often fails with productions because the photographer or videographer cannot deliver the required media in the way they were thought of by the customer in advance. Exactly here the consultation and planning of an agency comes into play, which already in the apron thinks of having the correct partners in the team. To the photographer comes frequently still the reservation of the photo studio, from production assistance in addition, from Visagisten, stylists and naturally Models as well as Influencern.

In the search for the right photographer, it is important that not only the ideas are implemented, but also that all times are kept. From the planning of the team around make-up artists, stylists, models and assistants up to planned production dates, delivery dates and of course also the meetings in between.

In the concept approach it is often a question of finding out who can implement the concept meaningfully close to the customer.

In addition to photography, there are usually post-processing steps as well as booking the photo studio. No matter whether product or advertising photography, many photo shootings take place within closed rooms to always create the same lighting situations. For example, for online shops where every picture must look the same. Keyword: Corporate Identity.

Organize and plan photo shoot

The planning and organization of the photo shooting takes place directly after the concept or strategies and methods and the photographer search. When planning the photo shoot, it is important to get all team members at the same time and in the same place. Depending on the complexity of the production this is a more or less big challenge for the agency. With any production over 5 persons, the travel management around such a photo shooting is already much planning. Who plans such a photo shooting without experience, has to do fast with risks and disadvantages, because with such a production much money can get lost.

Worst Case Scenario

Various actors come together, photo studio, marketing from your company, photographer, videographer, makeup artist and stylist. A lot of parameters have to be taken into account in such a photo shoot, which can of course also cause a lot of trouble if the planning does not run smoothly. Worst case scenario 1, the flight is booked for the wrong city. Worst case scenario 2, the whole team is on site and the model is missing and nobody can reach the model. Worst case scenario 3, everything fits perfectly until the last minute, suddenly the right gimbal is missing to stabilize the images. Worst case scenario 4, much simpler, the camera battery runs out. There is no spare battery available. As you can see, we could open a lot of worst-case scenarios that show how complex it is to organize a photo shoot. That’s why we as an agency are at your side!

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