TikTok Ads Agency Advantages: Overview, selection criteria and tips

A TikTok Ads agency is an agency that specializes in creating and placing ads on TikTok. TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world – therefore, more and more companies want to profitably place their brand on TikTok. The platform now has more than 3.3 billion downloads worldwide.

A professional agency helps your company based on its experience to optimally promote your brand and your products on the platform. The TikTok Ads agency supports you by creating creative content, analyzing target groups and designing, implementing and optimizing advertising campaigns. In this article, you will learn whether a TikTok Ads agency is the right choice for you and what you should look out for.

What do I need to consider when choosing a TikTok Ads agency?

There are now numerous TikTok Ads agencies on the market. When choosing a suitable agency, it is important to make sure that the agency has proven experience and expertise in creating TikTok ad campaigns. Professional TikTok Ads agencies demonstrate these competencies through a wide reservoir of relevant cases. You should also consider the exact costs as well as the scope of the respective services to make sure that the agency fits your needs as well as your budget.

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Why is a TikTok Ads agency so relevant?

Hiring a TikTok Ads agency has numerous benefits for your business. Here you will find a summary of the three most important ones:

1. expertise and experience

A TikTok Ads agency has specialized knowledge and experience in using the platform, which it can prove through a wide range of different cases. It knows the functionalities, best practices and trends to create targeted and successful advertising campaigns. Long-term cooperation with successful brands from different industries further underlines the expertise of a professional agency.

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2. target group reach

TikTok has a large and dedicated user base that now includes target groups of various ages. The platform has long since ceased to appeal only to younger users: Over 50% of TikTok users are now over the age of 25. A TikTok Ads agency can help you effectively target your audience and present your message in an engaging and relevant way. Many agencies employ in-house content creators who have the relevant experience as well as often a certain reach.

3. time and resource efficiency

Creating and optimizing TikTok Ads requires time, resources and expertise. Successful companies rarely have the time for such a workload. By hiring a TikTok Ads agency, you can focus on your core business while the agency takes care of planning, implementing and monitoring your advertising campaigns.

With the help of the experience and expertise of a professional agency, you can directly reach your target group on the platform and thus sustainably increase your sales.

What are the TikTok Ad measures?

Advertising on TikTok can be created in a variety of forms and formats – including in-feed ads, hashtag challenges, brand takeovers, branded effects, and many more.

In order to run ads for your company at all, a TikTok Ads agency must sign up for an ad account and create your ads using the TikTok Ads Manager tool. There, in consultation with you, they will select the target audience, budget, and individual advertising goals, and upload the ad. TikTok will then review and approve the ad before it is posted on the platform.

These are the 4 most common TikTok ad formats:

  1. In-feed ads
  2. Brand Takeover Ads
  3. Hashtag challenges
  4. Branded Lenses

1. in-feed ads

These ads appear between TikTok videos in your feed. They can consist of images, short videos, and GIFs, and appear after every third to fifth video.

2. brand takeover ads

Brand Takeover Ads appear directly when the app is opened and take up the entire screen. They can consist of an image or a short video and link to the advertiser’s website.

3. hashtag challenges

Companies can create hashtag challenges to get users to participate in related challenges and create their own videos about them. The challenge will be displayed on TikTok’s Discover page and can also be promoted as an in-feed ad.

4. branded lenses

This type of ads allows users to use special filters and lenses created by the advertising brand itself. The lenses can be found and used either by scanning a QR code or by searching for the name of the lens filter.

A TikTok Ads agency will help your business choose the best advertising formats and strategies to get the results you want.

What goals can you pursue with TikTok Ads?

TikTok Ads can pursue various goals. The most relevant ones include the following:

Brand Awareness

In principle, of course, you can also reach your target audience organically – the problem is that without ads, you will only reach a fraction of your followers and expanding your target audience is thus difficult. With the help of TikTok Ads, you increase the awareness of your own brand. Increasing brand awareness should help a brand to become known by the target group and leave a positive impression. For this purpose, various advertising formats can be used that put the brand in the foreground.


Your brand becomes better known, follower numbers increase – all well and good. But of course, it shouldn’t stop there: The goal should be to generate more traffic to your website or app. Through various advertising formats, such as in-feed ads or branded hashtag challenges, users can be redirected directly to the relevant website or app – show your target group where to go.


Conversion means that users specifically perform a certain action on the website or in the app, e.g. make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter. Here, too, various advertising formats can be used that lead the user directly to the conversion.


Nevertheless, the conversion of a user should not remain the sole goal, because the process continues directly after the purchase. The user should continue to engage with the brand and actively participate in order to build long-term customer loyalty. Advertising formats such as branded hashtag challenges or brand takeovers can be used to encourage users to interact with the brand. This increases brand awareness even further, because not only does it secure social proof from existing customers, but you also engage in an active exchange with your target group, getting to know them better and better. This information can be used to target future marketing activities.

Depending on the objective, the choice of advertising format and the way of addressing the target group may vary.

TikTok Ads offer a variety of advertising formats and target group targeting options to meet the individual needs of brands. Your TikTok Ads agency should be able to competently inform you about different prices and the possibilities.

5 characteristics that distinguish a good TikTok Ads agency

A good TikTok Ads agency is characterized by the following 5 features:

  1. Experience and competence
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Creativity
  4. Data analysis and optimization
  5. Customer orientation

1. experience and competence

The agency should have an experienced and competent team of experts who are familiar with the latest trends and best practices in TikTok Advertising. Professional TikTok Ads agencies prove their expertise through meaningful cases. In this way, they provide additional insight into their previous work as well as successes. This way, you can get a comprehensive picture of the agency and find out whether it fits your company and your target group.

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2. strategic planning

A TikTok Ads agency should be able to perform strategic planning to ensure that clients’ ads on TikTok are successful. This includes selecting the target audience, choosing ad formats, setting campaign goals, and developing a creative campaign strategy.

3. creativity

TikTok demands much more creativity from your company than other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Co. New and unique content must be published regularly to positively stand out from the crowd. To do this, your agency should have a creative team that is able to create ads that attract the attention of the target group and ultimately move them to action.

4. data analysis and optimization

Not every ad works for every company – especially in different industries or target groups, content and formats that work can differ greatly from others. An agency should continuously analyze the performance of ads on TikTok to ensure that the campaign is achieving the desired results. If this is not the case, campaigns and content can be optimized and adjusted accordingly to get the most out of TikTok.

5. customer orientation

Last but not least, a good TikTok Ads agency should always focus on your individual needs and goals as a customer. Not every client ticks the same – maintaining a close working relationship with a regular, active exchange is the key to ensuring that campaigns on TikTok meet your expectations and are successful.

Conclusion: This is why a TikTok Ads agency is worthwhile

For companies of different industries and sizes, working with a TikTok Ads agency is worthwhile. This is because TikTok and also specifically TikTok Ads work completely differently than on other social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook.

For TikTok Ads, it is very important that the agency knows exactly which videos perform well on the platform in order to ultimately please the target group and achieve the set goals. This requires a lot of experience and expertise in this professional field.