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How do you find good influencers on Instagram and TikTok? 3 tips: Find, compare & price

Influencer marketing on Instagram has become one of the most effective methods of presenting products, services and brands to a wide audience. The question that often arises is: How do you calculate the price of an Instagram post? Here are some important steps and considerations: 1. identify the right influencers Whether Instagram or TikTok, before […]

Own brand as an influencer: profitability, production, delivery and e-commerce

Own your own brand as an influencer – As an influencer, you have the opportunity to start your own brand and offer products or services. Here are some important steps and considerations to make your brand commercially successful. Back to: Kickstarter. 1. brand identity and target group Define your brand identity and your target audience. […]

Kickstarter examples: 7 successful campaigns to fund products & brands

Kickstarter Examples – If you’re looking to launch a Kickstarter campaign, it’s helpful to learn from successful examples. Here you’ll find some best practices and inspiring examples of campaigns that have achieved great results. Back to: Kickstarter. 1. jeremy fragrance – Office For Men Did you know? Even the biggest influencers started out small, launching […]

Kickstarter campaign video: What to watch out for?

How do you create a compelling Kickstarter video? You have a great idea and want to fund it through Kickstarter? A compelling Kickstarter video is key to the success of your crowdfunding campaign. Here’s how to create a video that grabs your audience’s attention and wins backers. Back to: Kickstarter. 1. catchy beginning Every video […]

Kickstarter rewards: mentions, low-priced products, Early Bird & Co.

Kickstarter Rewards – When you launch a Kickstarter campaign, the rewards you offer your backers are a critical factor in its success. Here’s how you can design attractive rewards to attract more backers. Back to: Kickstarter. 1. mention in your project Start with a special mention in your project. Show supporters that you value their […]

Kickstarter project page: What to look out for?

Kickstarter Project Page – Your Kickstarter project page is the linchpin of your crowdfunding campaign. Here are some important aspects to consider when designing and creating your campaign page to be successful. Back to: Kickstarter. 1. catchy headline and subtitle Your headline should immediately pique interest and convey the essence of your project. Supplement it […]

Create a Kickstarter campaign: Crowdsourcing to fund your products

Create a Kickstarter Campaign – If you want to create a Kickstarter campaign to fund your products, there are some crucial steps and best practices you should follow. Here are some tips to launch a successful campaign. Back to: Kickstarter. 1. product development and planning Before you launch your campaign, make sure your product is […]

Kickstarter campaign: crowdsourcing to fund your (influencer) brand

Did you know? From influencer to brand (with their own product) Even the biggest influencers got everything rolling with a Kickstarter campaign in the beginning. Example: Jeremy Fragrance , Kickstarter campaign with Office For Men (perfume). Jeremy Fragrance asked the community for €25,000. In the end, it was €780,149 from 5,955 backers. Hence our close […]

TikTok Agency Germany: advantages, costs and recommendations

In Germany, more and more companies and brands are using the popular social media platform TikTok to reach their target audience. For good reason: the number of monthly active TikTok users in Germany is more than 19.5 million. But how exactly does advertising on this platform work? Many advertisers have difficulties in doing so due […]

TikTok Agency Costs: Price Packages, Building Blocks and Tips

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform of all time, which is why more and more companies want to get started on TikTok. No wonder: The advertising costs are up to 7x cheaper compared to other platforms like Instagram or Facebook. What’s more, it’s no longer just teenagers who are represented on the platform: […]