Pinterest Agency: Links, SEO & Reach

Most people know Pinterest as the contact point for ideas. No matter if it’s sayings, decoration, DIY (handicrafts), tattoos, garden, living room or hairstyles. But how do I use Pinterest for my company? Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne / Düsseldorf – Pinterest’s marketing instruments can also be used for regional and local marketing, even in an existing marketing mix. We will show you how it works here on our Pinterest Agency page and in the Pinterest Blog. The right strategy is crucial for the success of your own Pinterest channel. The use of the app and platform is free of charge, but there is also the possibility to place ads on Pinterest. Strategy, keyword analysis, pins, pin boards, organic reach and paid reach: this is how Pinterest Marketing works.

Pinterest Marketing: Overview for beginners

The relevance of Pinterest in the company’s own marketing strategy is increasing, and this is also evident in the share price.

First, an overview of the contents of this page:

  1. Pinterest App: Registration until Marketing Report
  2. How does Pinterest work? Basics
  3. Social Commerce: Pinterest and Instagram Shopping
  4. SEO and link building: search engine optimization
  5. Organic reach: Best Practice