What actually makes an Influencer Agency?

The tasks of an Influencer agency consist mainly of promoting the talents of young bloggers and bringing them together with the right customers. For each blogger the authenticity of his or her channel on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook is particularly important. Therefore the selection of the right projects and customers for the respective influencer is one of the absolute main tasks of agencies and management in Germany and worldwide. Conversely, the needs and requirements of the customers must be combined with the perfect bloggers. This mediation work and the connection from the art management as well as the aspects of advertising and marketing make a good influencer agency. In particular, the promotion of young talents takes a lot of time from agencies. First of all it is about developing a channel, as well as the personality behind the channel. Because the work of bloggers from social media to live events is becoming more and more common.

Stephan M. Czaja, Owner & Founder

Influencer Marketing: Your Agency

Influencer Marketing – Wow! For real? The word “influencer” is not a modern invention of marketing, but a business model that has worked for thousands of years, also known as “recommendation marketing”. A recommendation means that people (with influence) affect other persons through positive opinion. Persons who receive the recommendation will usually stick to it as well, once they are ready to buy. Many people also know the term “ambassador”, which represents a brand opposite to customers.

  1. Long-term support in development and development
  2. Customer management and contract negotiations
  3. Conception of authentic sponsorship
  4. Personality development

Bloggers are very popular brand ambassadors and are therefore increasingly booked for events and events with increasing reach. At these events, they are primarily responsible for generating the necessary range in advance or on the day of the event. The generation of this reach has increased to a completely different level, as with classic print campaigns. Young bloggers already reach up to a million people. Only established media have such high reach. At the same time, the scattering effects and / or losses for the bloggers are very low. The fact that their fans and their followers mostly consist of a very well definable target group, messages on their channels are all the more successful in relation to the classical marketing strategies and methods in agencies.