What actually makes an Influencer Agency?

The tasks of an Influencer agency consist mainly of promoting the talents of young bloggers and bringing them together with the right customers. For each blogger the authenticity of his or her channel on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook is particularly important. Therefore the selection of the right projects and customers for the respective influencer is one of the absolute main tasks of agencies and management in Germany and worldwide. Conversely, the needs and requirements of the customers must be combined with the perfect bloggers. This mediation work and the connection from the art management as well as the aspects of advertising and marketing make a good influencer agency. In particular, the promotion of young talents takes a lot of time from agencies. First of all it is about developing a channel, as well as the personality behind the channel. Because the work of bloggers from social media to live events is becoming more and more common.

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Influencer Marketing: Your Agency

Influencer Marketing – Wow! For real? The word “influencer” is not a modern invention of marketing, but a business model that has worked for thousands of years, also known as “recommendation marketing”. A recommendation means that people (with influence) affect other persons through positive opinion. Persons who receive the recommendation will usually stick to it as well, once they are ready to buy. Many people also know the term “ambassador”, which represents a brand opposite to customers.

  1. Long-term support in development and development
  2. Customer management and contract negotiations
  3. Conception of authentic sponsorship
  4. Personality development

Bloggers are very popular brand ambassadors and are therefore increasingly booked for events and events with increasing reach. At these events, they are primarily responsible for generating the necessary range in advance or on the day of the event. The generation of this reach has increased to a completely different level, as with classic print campaigns. Young bloggers already reach up to a million people. Only established media have such high reach. At the same time, the scattering effects and / or losses for the bloggers are very low. The fact that their fans and their followers mostly consist of a very well definable target group, messages on their channels are all the more successful in relation to the classical marketing strategies and methods in agencies.

Top Influencer – Selection

For you compiled, our Influencer Selection 2019 for Germany.

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Influencer Selection

Coming Up Influencer – Selection

For you compiled, our Influencer Selection 2019 for Germany.

What marketing strategies does an influencer pursue?

Influencer or Ambassador (brand ambassadors) represent companies, products and brands. Whether it’s fitness shake, food supplements or new fashion collections of established companies. As an influencer one integrates strongly with the represented brands in its own daily life and actually integrates it into its own life. Especially bloggers, ambassodors, and influencers attach great importance to authenticity. That is why just as much importance is attached to the fact that you can really identify with the advertised brand. This makes the advertising impact for companies by influencers and brand ambassadors so great and unique when they work together. Because the advertising is not “crass” placed, that is as striking as an advertising poster, it is only a part of the life. If for example, we have a camera manufacturer, the latter can very well place new lenses with a top photographer. It stands for quality and will only recommend lenses, which at best correspond to their own quality standards. Here we return to the absolute authenticity of the influencer. Through the close connection to the fans and followers increases the obligation of the honest communication. Especially as influencers like all Perosnen in public life are strongly dependent on their fans.

Ambassador for brands and companies – Authentic advertising and virality through brand ambassadors

Trademarks need an interactive and rich platform to promote new products, services and collections. More effective than classic advertising is, of course, multipliers. They support brands by being close to their fans and followers by encouraging new customers and prospects. As a rule, this is still happening today through classical mass advertising. The typical posters in the city center, which you can see and which are often enough when you are in the city center. So much so that they do not really notice anymore. That is why modern-minded and digitally operating advertising agencies are always looking for smart solutions to pack advertisements in a way that they reach the consumer directly without high scatter losses.

Reliable scattering losses are avoided by the integration! Why? The most direct communication with the end user is achieved by not talking directly to the consumer but already convincing people. For example, your regular customers! Quite honestly, when did you last think about using the existing customer base to activate new contacts?

Recommendation marketing for more shopping district

As mentioned above at the beginning of the article, the recommendation is one of the decisive selling arguments in relation to cooperation with opinion-forming persons. If we receive recommendations from friends, or from people we trust fully, or a very high social reputation, we will buy a product more likely than if we had offered it through classic advertising.

Secret weapon of the Influencer: reputation, oral propaganda, virality

Influencer marketing means a great deal of influence within your target group

We can call it modern viral marketing or in the classical sense, oral propaganda. This recommendation, mouth propaganda, is the absolute secret weapon of the influencers. They have often built up a community through their many years of work that has not followed their lives, but also every single step in the career. Brands that work with Influencern are fast for their fans and followers interesting brands and much more with the label “buyable”.

What is the successful influencer campaign for companies?

Let’s look at an example: We have a company that plans to launch a product at the turn of the year. The market is not relevant in this respect. Influencer marketing has brought rapid success in almost every country. Let us assume that this product is a “simple” product expansion of an existing product line. Thus, when we assume that there are usually a handful of comparable products or services, we have nothing special. That is, our product to be imported is not an absolute world novelty. Nevertheless, the product is, from the perspective of the company or the marketing, an interesting purchase option for people. Let’s take a closer look at the top example of a camera manufacturer’s lens. Who would be better suited to market the lens or to represent, as a photographer?

Let’s go through the options. The first option would be to book expensive advertising. These are usually booked in magazines or on large posters. In the online world, you can book classic advertisements in search engines such as Google or share your content with ads on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Smart social media managers and online marketers trust that their advertising is targeted to the right people. That’s why you hire agencies to find the right influencer for their brand. In this step, the companies usually come to an agency like us. We take over the entire administration and the organizational process for your advertising campaign. We find the right influencer! This is what our customers trust.

Which influencers are interesting?

The right selection of influencers in social media management using a relevance matrix. After the initial analysis, consulting talks and precise design of the digital measures, we go one step further and choose the optimal matching multipliers for their project. So accurate that target group with the fanbase of the influencer covers the bulk. First, we create a rough grid for the customers from the respective profile of the opinion pictures. We take a closer look at the challenge and the specific characteristics of each advertising project. Once we have created our matrix, we can quickly and accurately choose the right tools and negotiate an optimum for the customer.

Sending of products with immediate integration

Once we have selected the perfect people for your project, we will send the products to be placed to the influencers as an agency. They will then interact with the product in their own way. They will write, rate, recommend, speak or just shoot photos. All bloggers will post on their blogs or on their social channels via the customer. They give recommendations, produce test reports or just try out the new product.

New product presentation – Unboxing videos of bloggers

There are countless possibilities for new products, not only the classic blog articles but also new innovative video concepts such as Unboxings. Here, bloggers do not really “separate” the product. Instead, they are looking forward to opening the package together with their fans. The Vloggers spend hours with the perfect cut, the thumbnail on Youtube, the description of the video and many details. In the run-up the video is worked hard and the whole concept. In the Unboxing video is then over five minutes about the actual product tells up then comes to the actual unpacking. In addition to these, there are countless other innovative presentation concepts for new products. For advertising agencies and any form of PR and marketing, working with Influencers is a truly successful concept in online marketing. The strategy is mostly based on very low scattering losses, an absolute advantage for every company!

Let’s say you are a fashion brand from Paris and want to create the market entry. As we have already described in other blog posts, it is possible to promote a wide range of advertising through classic ways, such as print advertising in magazines and on posters or TV advertising for new products. There are so many modern techniques in online marketing, as well as Facebook ads, Google ads and more! For your company, there is a direct route to the customer via multipliers and influencer branding.

Image transmission for brands

Influencers have often built their channel for years. This requires daily care and constant creation of new content, which is constantly interesting for the fans. Once you have built such a community, you have direct access to thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people. Anyone who has done this will, of course, be strictly aware of the products or brands he or she represents. Just as the fans pay attention to which brands and products use, use or wear their model. As a result, brands have immediately transferred their (positive) image to themselves. This transfer of a positive image will quickly make the brand a well-known name in the world of the influencers. If their target group is now very close to that of the customer and, for example, between 8 and 30 years, usually female or male, is better, it does not work! Direct Involvement thanks to Influencer Marketing.

Medication of Influencers – The typical campaigning process in Influencer Marketing

How can you imagine the typical mediation process of an influencer? The first inquiry from our customers contains roughly rough data of the project. This includes not only target countries, target groups, but also product details. The first question is whether there are many more questions (why this blog article was created). We sort all information and focus on relevant areas that promise the greatest success in online marketing.

We are therefore focusing not only on the purely quantitative reach of the influencers but also on the effectiveness of our digital campaigns. As already mentioned, the avoidance of scattering losses is the A & O. In this way, we maximize profits and streamline the necessary investments to a minimum.

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Q&A – Questions and Answers

There are thousands of questions about Influencer Marketing! Here are the answers:

What is an influencer?

Influencers are people with a large reach in social networks. Because they have a high number of followers, that is, people who follow them, they naturally also have a high weight when it comes to recommendation marketing. Recommendation marketing has been one of the central topics since the beginning of marketing and advertising. Who would you rather trust? The trading company, or a private person who does not directly have anything to do with the sale of the products? The recommendation of friends, but also of acquaintances, or of persons we value, besides influencers and of course also athletes, musicians, or actors, has a great weight when making the purchase decision.

Influencers achieve such a high range because the people experience something from their everyday lives, they build up a certain closeness. Through the regular publication of content, usually several times a day on social networks such as Instagram, the followers are thus 24 hours, 7 days a week recorded. No classical advertising campaign could build up such a high reach, apart from classical TV advertising. But even with TV advertising, you don’t reach people as directly and directly as in the apps of the social media network. In addition, the target groups of influencers are very precise and usually include only one specific age group. Through this precise selection, advertising measures or marketing campaigns can be planned very precisely. The scatter loss of the campaign is therefore very low. Influencers are the new stars and thus also the brand ambassadors of the future.

What is a Micro Influencer?

Micro Influencers differ in different categories. There is no precise definition of the topic of influencer categorisation. However, one speaks very gladly of Micro and Nano Influencern. Influencers are people with ranges of over 100,000 people. In theory, you can reach 100,000 different people with a single posting. Of course, the algorithm of new postings does not play to all people, but usually between 5 to 15%, depending on the interactions of fans. Nevertheless, a high number of people can be reached. As a rule, large trade magazines reach 10,000 to 50,000 people with each circulation. Influencers reach the same amount of people with a single click on your smartphone. That’s what makes Influencer so successful.

In addition to the large influencers, there are of course also smaller categories, including micro influencers. They don’t reach 100,000, or a million fans, but still have a reach of high relevance. Because even if a posting is only played out to 50,000 people, it can still be 50,000 potential interested parties, or even potential customers for the product or service. A micro-fluencer usually takes place between 50 and 100,000 people. However, there are also downward gradations, depending on how exactly a subject area is covered. Here is a small example of best practice:

  • Micro influencers from the field of fashion have usually between 20,000 and 50,000 followers
  • Micro-Influencer in the field of E-Scooter, a very new topic, already catch at 3,000, 4,000 followers

As you can see, the definition of micro influencers is not exactly measurable, it is merely a relation to the people who currently make up the peak of influenza. Read more about the classification into categories here:

What is Influencer on the Internet?

Influencers on Instagram are, in relation to influencers on other social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube, mainly active in the areas of fashion, lifestyle and beauty products. Over the years Instagram has proven itself as the network for fashion trends, novelties and of course daily inspiration, whether it’s about outfits or travel. Instagram is the best place to sell dreams. Dream destinations of this world, like beaches, or also cities, just as naturally marks, at the best high-priced and exclusive. Many companies naturally want to be present in this brand environment. This is why influencers are most frequently booked on Instagram, now according to YouTube. Instagram campaigns are fast-paced, and in relation to YouTube they need good planning or strategy in the background. Influencer agencies take over this job. Campaign planning then focuses in particular on which exact contents are published in which periods, in which regular intervals. In cooperation with the influencers, the individual postings are then published and later checked for their success in monitoring.

If you would like to find out more about this topic, you will find all the information you need here:

Influencer Marketing in the Bachelor Thesis and Homework?

Students of Social Media Management often come across the topic of influencer marketing at the end of their studies. Influencer marketing is currently one of the most attractive subject areas, along with other methods such as search engine optimization, in order to later make a career in the media and advertising sector. Anyone researching the subject of influencer marketing for their own bachelor thesis or for a smaller term paper will of course need a very good foundation to shed light on this topic from all sides. In order for the homework or the bachelor thesis to succeed, you need not only trustworthy sources, but of course books as well.

Which books are currently recommended in the field of influencer marketing? Especially since there are a lot of different points to consider when it comes to practical work. Many people see Influencer Marketing as a pure posting, but it’s about much more, e.g.

  • Research of relevant influencers
  • Profile analysis of bloggers on interactions and commitment of followers
  • campaign planning from concept to strategy and editorial plan
  • Contract negotiations with individual bloggers and management
  • Campaigns Organization and execution Reporting and monitoring for campaign optimization

For topics such as making contact and negotiating with influencers, it is of course sufficient to not only master the hard skills, soft skills also play a major role in negotiation management. Books about Influencer Marketing have to be very up-to-date, also because the social networks are constantly changing. New features on Instagram, such as linking in Instagram Stories, but also Instagram TV, YouTube allows live videos, a feature few use, just like YouTube Ads to push sponsored posts further up.

What are the central topics for the Bachelor thesis?

If you want to become a social media manager later on, you should prepare for it early on. Ideally already with the first term papers and of course also in the bachelor thesis. Influencer marketing today has a big part when it comes to marketing one’s own products. No matter if you study at a private university, college or public institution, if you are interested in the subject and if you are interested in the subject, regardless of your salary, this is the right place for you! Influencer marketing is just as much about creativity as the entire field of social networks. However, creativity has a different value here than in classical advertising, e.g. posters. A single motif is planned here for weeks and months. In social networks it is already completely different, here every day a new motive is needed. As a social media manager, the work is even more demanding, because every day a new motif is needed, for every single channel. So the work lies with the social media manager and his or her creativity. What happens on Youtube video? What matches our influencers on Instagram? How does an Instagram Posting differ from an Instagram Story?

In addition to the points we had already discussed in the previous question on the topic of homework and Bachelor’s, creativity is particularly important. But creativity also always has a limit, the customer’s budget, or the advertising budget of one’s own company. Not every idea can be implemented and must therefore be validated in advance. Planning and organizing influencer campaigns is just as much a part of this.

Recommendation for an Influencer Marketing Book?

For the optimal preparation for the job as Social Media Manager or for the bachelor and term paper on influencer marketing, it is worth taking a look at our book recommendations:

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