Facebook Fans – Get Follower and Like

Facebook fans are the people who follow a Facebook fan page. Fanpages are created by persons, organizations or companies. The basic principle of Facebook is to make friendships digitally, through so-called friend requests. However, if you have more connected relationships than a private person, e.g. public figures or companies, you need a fan page. Friendship requests can be accepted up to a maximum of 5,000, after which no more friends can be added. Especially for companies and enterprises very impractical, because more people follow them or more people are interested in what they do and want information. Not only customers and prospective customers, but also press representatives or potential future staff, keyword recruiting, are waiting among the fans.

Win Facebook Fans

As you already learned in the Facebook Online Marketing course, the first 1,000 fans are the most important!

How to reach the first 1,000 fans?

If you have already crossed the threshold, congratulations! But many are still at the beginning and have maybe only 50 or 100 fans. The be-all and end-all, for them always the most important thing, regularity. Before you think about complex content or editorial plans, simply start with regular postings. Every day, every other day at the most. If they do this alone, they will rise organically on a regular basis. The next important point, added value, how can they offer their users real added value that they might just find with you? Do you have a special talent, e.g. the cook in your own restaurant who conjures up small recipes for your home? Do you happen to be a marketing manager and can report on special marketing topics on Facebook to attract new fans? Maybe they also hold workshops, trainings and speeches, which you can cut perfectly into small parts and publish regularly. In addition a few insiders from you and of course also photos and videos that show themselves behind the scenes.

Hold fans and mouth to mouth propaganda

Virality plays a big role in social networks, in classical marketing mouth to mouth propaganda. The more people talk about us, the more people become aware of us. If they talk about us too, we have a viral effect. The simplest and probably best known example nowadays are YouTube videos. Someone jumps from the pool and unfortunately lands next to it, a small panda sneezes into the camera, exactly these are videos that go viral. Many colleges and universities try to describe such viral effects, but no viral effect can really be planned. Of course, there are productions from large social media agencies, with two million budgets, that achieve the desired reach. Virality, however, is not expressed in large advertising budgets, but in smart ideas.

You, too, can use different concepts to create such small viral effects to draw conclusions for yourself about how you create media for your audience and your content that is shared by users. A simple example, they make a raffle and raffle one of their products, not just one but two! They challenge their fans, answer the question and mark a friend who should win! You already have the interactions of person A and person B in marking or mention, respectively, with high potential for counter-reaction.

Facebook online course for Social Media Marketing Manager

If you want to learn more about Facebook, fan generation and reach, here is our recommendation for the first Facebook Online course. Clearly arranged in ten chapters, one learns step by step how to set up one’s own fan page in such a way that it functions effectively for one’s own company or brand. The first 1000 fans, the first ad, all that they can learn here in the Facebook online course. Our recommendation for your company:

Generate Followers and Likes on your Facebook Fanpage

  • The first 1,000 followers of your fanpage are especially important
  • To generate many fans, regularity is essential, at least every second, but at best every day a new posting
  • What added value can you offer your fans?
  • Virality plays an important role in social networks, but cannot really be planned
  • To encourage a lot of fan interaction plan a lottery