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To unfriend is the synonym for to be done. Especially on Facebook, it is not about following per se, as is the case with other social networks, but about making so-called friendships. If users want to connect, send a friend request. This friend request can then be confirmed or rejected by the opposite party. If this friendship request is confirmed, one is a friend or follows each other and can also send each other messages or media. If at some point you are no longer interested in this so-called friendship, you can become friends on Facebook.

Maximum number of friends on Facebook

Facebook has a maximum of 5,000 friends. You can’t accept any more friend requests about that. If you have more than 5,000 friends and maybe you are a photographer yourself, or if you are a manager or have another job, you are recommended to create a fanpage afterwards. On this fanpage you can basically do the same functions, but the fanpage is decoupled from the private channel. So you can still talk privately and still share your information with the general public on the fanpage. Of course the fans or the community can also write direct messages to contact us.

Facebook friendships

  • On Facebook you don’t follow other users like on other social networks, you make friends
  • A user can send a friend request to someone else, when you receive a request you can add or remove it
  • With Facebook there is the maximum of 5,000 friends, after that friend requests are no longer possible
  • For people who are in the public a fanpage is worth it
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