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Facebook Algorithm, Affiliate Marketing & Passive Income – Sometimes the little things in life make all the difference! In episode #2 we talk about Facebook algorithm, affiliate marketing, passive income, TikTok, the week, Lasse & Lukinski! “Digital people” have the attention span of a goldfish, 7 seconds! The big question is: How does our brain work and what strategies can you derive for your ads on Facebook, Youtube & Co? Should you feed the algorithm or let it run all by itself? Your task, people have to stop at your ads. Lasse shows you 3 principles from neuromarketing. In addition, the classic, earn money on the Internet with affiliate marketing, but is it really that simple? Now on Amazon, Deezer, Google and Spotify!

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Marketing Shorty: Facebook Algorithm and Affiliate Marketing

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  1. Facebook Advertising: 3 Algorithm Basics
  2. Affiliate Marketing Explained: Amazon & Co.

Facebook Advertising: 3 Algorithm Basics


For your e-commerce to do well, you need traffic (reach). Let’s answer the question: How can I use my advertising budget as efficiently as possible? Sometimes it’s the little things in life, like the 3 simple basic rules. Of course, there are a few tricks as well. That and more, here in the excerpt from episode #2 of Lasse & Lukinski on Spotify.

Affiliate Marketing Explained: Amazon & Co.<


Affiliate Marketing Basics by Lukinski. Right now, many are looking for an alternative to a regular job. Earning money from home is the dream of many. Here is a first insight into what affiliate marketing means, which networks you can use (Amazon, Ebay, Digistore, Awin) and the big question: Is affiliate marketing even worth it?