Instagram – Advertise in the visual image network

An especially exciting social network, especially for young creative and fashion-oriented people, is the network Instagram. When you open the Instagram application, you do not have a complete timeline like Facebook, which contains lots of information about your friends, status updates, and, if necessary, videos or images. No, you only work with visual eyecatchers: the visual material. Imagine your iPhone or Android smartphone, you open the application and all you see are many, really many pictures. Is it possible to add value for a company / project? Yes. For this, however, we must first take a look at how Instagram works.

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What makes Instagram so special?

Since you work with images only in Instagram, you work with snapshots (important). Moments are mostly created when special situations happen in your company, such as celebrations, new products, an idea or a new team member. Smartphone drawn, photo taken. These are then usually uploaded immediately because you would like to share this moment with other people. Once you have uploaded your image to your profile, it now appears in a whiteboard – this shows square sections and all images gradually. For a few months, Instagram has also allowed short video sequences. If other users log in to the social network Instagram, they will see the latest images of their friends (or the people they follow).

There is also the possibility to have pictures (from the network) suggested, which are compiled individually by means of an algorithm. Here, new fans can be generated through exact thematic references.

That’s what the youth says!

Social media marketing help for beginners

Stephan M. Czaja (Lukinski, advertising agency) explains in his blog in more than ten individual steps how to apply social media for your marketing in the company. As a model agent and media manager he knows the game between media, reach and attention. The articles are primarily aimed at social media beginners and beginners. From the first basics of networks, to new trends such as Influencer Marketing. With every step you understand social media marketing as a beginner better.