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Relevant content – More than just advertising, what does that mean? Content creation means creating content that is tailored to the target audience. Valuable content is created that is accessible to everyone for free on the Internet. This increases the reach of the company and its products, increases the lead count and builds trust in the target audience. What types of content there are, what you need for it and how to create it effectively, you can learn here!

What is Content Creation? Definition & Meaning

Definition – Content creation describes the creation of multimedia Internet content such as videos, podcasts, blog posts and e-books. Broadly speaking, content creation encompasses all steps from the generation of ideas to the publication of an online contribution. The goal is to create content that fits the company and arouses the interest of customers.

The entertaining and informative content created is the indirect advertising for products and services. But it is so much more than just advertising. Because the content is tailored to the customers, focusing on increasing the reach of the company and its products. With a lot of effort, valuable content is created, which is accessible to everyone for free on the Internet.

Instead of swiping away, create dwell time: Why Content Creation?

Why Content Creation – People will only visit and stay on your website, blog or product page if it is informative, inspiring, entertaining and ultimately compelling. In other words, your content should be relevant to your target audience. As mentioned earlier, content creation is much more than just advertising, because the content is tailored to the customer and thus leads to an increase in the reach of the company and its products. Furthermore, trust is built within the target group and the number of your leads also increases through content creation.

  • More than just advertising
  • Contents are tailored to customers
  • Increase the reach of the company and its products
  • Building trust within the target group
  • Increase the number of leads

Possibilities & types of content

Here is an overview of different types of content:

  • Infographics
  • Statistics
  • Texts and text-based content
  • Rankings and lists
  • Interactive content
  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Emails
  • Games
  • GIFs, videos, animations and co.
  • Podcasts and audio files
  • Images, slideshows, etc.

Equipment & Facilities: Everything you need!

Depending on the form in which you want to publish content, you need different equipment. Basically, you can say that a camera, a microphone, a tripod, a good light source and possibly a lens are the basis.

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod
  • Light source
  • Lens

If you want to set up a studio for the production, then we have everything you need to know here about camera to lighting!

Content Creation in 4 Steps: How Content Creation Works!

Content creation can be divided into 4 steps:

  • Content Ideation

This is about the development of content. In other words, in this step, ideas for content are generated and concepts developed.

  • Content Writing

Content Writing deals with the writing and related research of articles.

  • Content Creation

As the name suggests, this is where the content is produced or implemented and completed.

  • Content curation

The last step is to maintain, update and archive your already published content.

Tips and tricks from our agency

To help you create valuable content, here are a few tips!

Added value for target group: Tip 1

The content should represent added value for your target group. To do this, you need to understand and know your target group. What topics is your target group interested in?

Timeliness of your contributions: Tip 2

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the topicality of your posts. Updating outdated information can give you a competitive edge. Besides, Google ranks new posts higher and it improves the user experience. Accordingly, you should always adapt your posts to the current circumstances.

Regular content creation: Tip 3

Another important point is the regular creation of content. Because the more frequently you produce and publish new content, the higher the chance of picking up the users of your platforms and staying in their memory. But be careful. You should find a balance in order not to overwhelm your target audience. Create content when it makes sense. To do this, it’s helpful to create a plan for when to publish what content.

Individuality: Tip 4

In addition, you should develop your own style and focus on individuality, because this is how you stand out from the competition. The best way to do this is to track your content and analyze it accordingly. This way you will find out which posts work for your target audience and you can develop your own style on the one hand and increase the effectiveness of creating new content on the other hand.

Tips summary

  • Understand target group
  • Offer added value
  • Pay attention to topicality
  • Regular creation of new contributions
  • Create schedule
  • Develop your own style
  • Track and analyze existing contributions

Examples: Viva con Agua, Spotify & WESTWING.

Here we have listed for you some examples of content, in the form of:

This is an infotainment TikTok from Viva con Agua about its transparency.


Transparenz bei Viva con Agua 🔎 #vivaconagua #transparenz #waterisahumanright #fyp

♬ Originalton – Viva con Agua

  • Statistics

Spotify has been using their listener data since 2017 to produce various fun and interesting statistics about their listening habits.

  • YouTube video

For example, WESTWING, the Internet retailer for home and living, has made a video in which Sylvie Meis shows her apartment, in which products from WESTWING can be found again.

Conclusion: Success with valuable content

Conclusion – Content Creation is not only advertising, but creates trust, increases the reach of your company and its products and leads to an increase in the number of leads. This allows you to stand out from the competition in a very unique way and create a competitive advantage. There are no limits when it comes to creating content, but you should still pay attention to a few things to increase the effectiveness of your posts, such as checking the timeliness of your posts, making sure to provide added value as well as creating content on a regular basis. Therefore, it makes sense to create a plan when which content should be published where.

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Infotainment: relevance, meaning and guidance – example TikTok

Infotainment means conveying information in an entertaining way. The mix of information and entertainment increases receptiveness and learning effects. For this reason, companies should produce infotainment content to bring information about the product, service or company closer to the user. Why of all things infotainment on TikTok, what are the advantages and disadvantages of infotainment and how to produce an infotainment TikTok, you can learn here!