Lead: Lead Generation for Email Lists – Quickly Explained

Lead – lead generation is a marketing term, in our context especially in online marketing and email marketing. A so-called lead, is a qualified (verified, verified) contact with a prospect who is interested in a brand or product.

What do you do with a lead? Email Funnel

After a lead has been generated, typically via a form that asks for the email address, this lead goes into your email list. From here, you can install an email funnel that automatically emails all new leads, moving your leads piece by piece towards closing/sales.

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After the purchase is before the purchase! Up- and cross-sell

Using the information from sale #1, could you make further deductions, what else might interest the user?

Cross-selling is the sale of related or complementary products or services, based on the products the customer has already purchased (or in which he or she is interested). Up-selling is the additional offering of higher-value products or higher-value services.