Roadshow agency: event, online & live marketing all in one

Roadshow for car brands & new car models – We are your partner for roadshows! You have planned a lot, fixed locations and are now wondering how to get attention and reach in the right target group? More reach, more leads, more sales – that’s our job! Learn more about our work as a car marketing agency with online marketing, social ads and influencer marketing for your event and roadshow.

Why a roadshow? Advantages

Have you ever wondered how a roadshow can benefit your car brand or your new car model? Discover how a roadshow can help your company to impressively anchor itself in the minds of your target group.

Our agency: Focus on goals and target group

Our agency specializes in planning roadshows that are not only impressive but also extremely effective, from test drives in electric cars to races in the desert. We always focus on the target group of your car model.

We take the time to identify the burning questions of potential customers and develop strategies to convey this information concisely and convincingly.

Target group, A/B thinking, all this for strong concepts. This is how advertising for your roadshow works 2024.

Create real high-flyers!

Example: Social ads campaign around roadshow

Target groups can be targeted and our roadshows know no geographical boundaries. We understand the importance of the symbiosis of live and online marketing to achieve maximum reach and impact. Discover how our innovative approaches combine live events and digital marketing in perfect harmony to capture and hold the attention of your target audience. Extremely accurate through geotagging.

1 day of PR becomes 6 months

Let’s take a look at an example!

Month 1: Preparation and teaser

  • Creation of an event page on social platforms
  • Publication of teaser posts that draw attention to the upcoming roadshow
  • Start of a countdown campaign with daily updates

Month 2: Pre-announcements and influencer marketing

  • Placement of video ads that offer a look behind the scenes of the roadshow
  • Cooperation with local influencers who report on the roadshow and involve their followers
  • Activation of an event hashtag for early interaction

Month 3: Ticket sales and competitions

  • Start of ticket sales with social ads to address specific target groups
  • Launch of competitions with tickets and VIP packages as prizes
  • Active engagement in the comments and messages to answer questions

Month 4: Event highlights and countdown

  • Publication of short video clips showing the highlights of the roadshow
  • Continuation of the countdown with daily updates and exciting facts
  • Creation of Facebook events and invitations

Month 5: Livestreaming and event day

  • Planning of live streaming sessions to provide a look behind the scenes of the roadshow
  • Updating the event page with last minute information
  • Placement of advertisements to generate the final attention for the event day

Example Toyota C-HR Hybrid:

Month 6: Follow-up and thank you

  • Publication of event summaries and highlight videos
  • Thank you to all participants and prize draw for exclusive discounts on future purchases
  • Start of preparations for the next roadshow and announcement of the date

Naturally accompanied by our video agency.

Creatives: photos, videos, documentaries

Creativity is the key to an impressive roadshow. We use high-quality photos, videos and documentation to capture the attention of your target group. We also encourage the creation of user-generated content (UGC), which is not only used for advertising but also enriches your own corporate channel.