Video agency for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram: Storyboard, virality and ads

Social Media Videos for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram – Prepared in the different facets and for the different target groups, videos ensure that products get into the market and find their buyers, whether it is financed by advertising or by virality (word of mouth), all by itself. Film is the be-all and end-all today! Especially with the extremely increased bandwidths of mobile technologies, videos can be accessed from anywhere. Even when hiking, in nature, YouTube videos can be streamed. This extreme advantage is used by innovative companies and enterprises for new buyers and new target groups. The variety of videos is very large, from image films to lookbooks, from advertising to explanatory films. Marketing & advertising can also be brought into the world in many ways. To become a topic of conversation is the big goal of companies. Our agency helps you to become a topic of conversation. Read more about our Youtube Agency.

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This is how a commercial is created – external

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Video marketing, strategy and planning

From brand video, the leap to advertising video is already far, from 3 to 15 minutes to only 30 to 60 seconds. In social networks, the diversity is just as great. While on social networks such as YouTube, you have 12 minutes to present a video, on Facebook you have a maximum attention span of 20 to 25 seconds. According to our article on Youtube Marketing, today we are dealing with the three big networks! For social networks like Instagram there are about 15 seconds and for only 5 to 20 seconds. All these parameters must be considered when planning social media videos. No matter if it is about unboxing shoes or a well done, unrecognizable advertising clip for Dubai (Blogger travels the world, end in Dubai, sea, city, shopping, experiences, everything). Social networks have changed the world and communication, and our clients are also increasingly turning to this form of marketing. Online marketing and especially video marketing plays an increasingly decisive role in the production of advertising films, in the competition for viewers.

Storytelling: Planning history, emotions and chains of effects

The big story or the little red thread? Especially the storytelling decides about the quality of a video in the process of production. Are the viewers there for 3 seconds and break it off directly, do they watch the whole spot or even better, do they tell friends, work colleagues or family about the commercial?

No matter if you have large scale commercials and productions or small social media clips, which are produced relatively fast depending on the social network, virality plays a big role here as well. The better the story of a video clip is told, the more direct and appealing the introduction to the story is, the more catchy the commercial is. Viewers will remember it, share the video clip and tell others about it.

But how do you create such a story for image films?

Depending on the area, topicality or even content of the film, from brand advertising to product presentation or even explanatory videos, the stories of the individual video clips vary greatly. As an agency, we pay particular attention to implementing the special wishes of the customer, so that the advertising film ultimately corresponds to what the customer himself imagined. Because in the end, as an agency for advertising and image film, we realize the client’s ideas with a prized know-how and expertise. Before we get to the process, the first meeting of the pre- and post-production, first the important thing: The story!

Conception of the story: This is how successful image films and commercials are created

Already at school we learned in essays that we should keep a “red thread”. In videography, too, the red thread is one of the special ingredients that ultimately wraps up video clips in such a way that the brand message or marketing message reaches the consumer or viewer. Before every production, we therefore analyse the customer, the needs, the goals and the target group. All the different fields are summarized in a matrix, in order to find synergies and points of intersection where the story can be linked. Thus we first connect the first intersections in order to draw conclusions about which symbolism and which images will awaken the right emotions in the viewer. Let’s summarize once again:

  1. Customer analysis – Who / what is packed in the film?
  2. Needs of (end) customers – what do you wish for?
  3. The customer’s goals – Which goals should be set and achieved?
  4. Target group – Who should be advertised?
  5. Synergies and points of intersection – What do all actors have in common?

Emotions and history: 15 minutes or 15 seconds?

Whether it’s a 10-minute company presentation or the 15-second Facebook clip, stories and emotions generate interest and let us – as viewers – stay with them. How does the situation resolve itself? Will our “hero” make it? Our “hero” can be the parcel carrier who races through the city traffic to bring the food delivery to the front door on time or even the car, driven to the highest mountain tops, with room for the whole family, everyone arrives safely, the campfire is burning.

Don’t you want the same feeling?

This methodology allows the video production to approach an exact picture in the run-up (pre-production), i.e. during the planning and conception, which should emerge when our viewers see the finished advertising film. In this way we arouse emotions but also needs, which are then fulfilled by the respective product, service or brand. Storytelling arises from the different areas around the target group, the needs of the customer but also the goals of the client, as well as the modern media available (cross-media), from the well-known TV, to streaming portals but also the social networks around YouTube, Facebook, Musically and Instagram. As an agency for advertising film, we look at the special circumstances and the current market, as well as future forecasts.

Video production for YouTube

If you produce videos for YouTube, you have a longer attention span than in other social networks. Depending on the conception of the video, you can go from 3 to 12 minutes. The important thing is that you have a person (brand ambassador) and that you don’t play an advertising video in classic form.

YouTube does not work like classic consumer behaviour on TV or streaming media, YouTube is especially successful by explaining things. That’s why many people book a blogger or influencer for their YouTube production who is supposed to represent the respective product, service or brand. Thereby e.g. products are placed in a video, for 2 to 3 minutes. For the own video production, it is recommended to choose such a face. If you want to generate followers, it is important to create a reason why they (the users, prospects, buyers, etc.) come back. That is why a brand face is worth so much here. YouTube videos are less elaborate than commercials, on average it only takes a third of the time to produce. You want to have videos produced for your own brand? Read more about our YouTube agency.

Parameters for Youtube Video Marketing

  1. Optimal time (Youtube): 3-15 minutes (depending on project)
  2. Recommendation: Blogger / well-known person as brand ambassador and “moderator”
  3. Core message directly at the beginning (

Video production for Facebook

Compared to YouTube, Facebook offers a maximum attention span of 30 seconds, but the first three to five seconds are already decisive. Very few users take part in the entire 30 seconds, but drop out after about 10 seconds. Therefore, the message of videos must be placed at the beginning, not at the end. This is why many videos from classic film production companies don’t work. They rely on a storyline that is too big and only reveal the big secret at the end.

With Facebook, Youtube & Co. you have to say “Hey!” directly, that’s what it’s all about! You want to travel, come to Dubai! This is the new training gloves for fitness! It’ll help you relax when you drive around the city. Addressing the customer directly instead of long information chains. That’s the secret of Facebook’s success. Additionally you have to keep in mind that most of the usage nowadays takes place on mobile devices, which means that sound recordings are “not” allowed in focus. Almost all users will listen to the video content on Facebook silently. This is why font embedding is so extremely important. Just as in the classic advertising film, the storyboards and the chain of effects show the different carriers (triggers). When does which text embedding appear and what is its content?

We produce and design the perfect material for your company. You can find out how this is done on our page Facebook Marketing Agency.

The most important parameters for Facebook Videos

  1. Optimal time (Facebook): 10 – 30 seconds (depending on project)
  2. Recommendation: Text embedding and subtitles (since mobile is often viewed “mute”)
  3. Core message directly at the beginning (

Video production for Instagram

For Instagram, video content is cut even shorter than for Facebook. The content is consumed by users very quickly and is exclusively mobile. Video content must be designed accordingly for Instagram. The overall information density has increased and the distribution of information has become faster, as has this reception of content. Modern, target-group-specific thinking is therefore essential for the success of advertising clips on Instagram.

On Instagram you should also pay attention to stories. Stories are small “stories from everyday life” of celebrities, bloggers, athletes, etc. People follow these stories like gossip magazines or classic tabloid media used to. Stories can also be developed and products can be marketed. More about our Instagram Agency.

Parameters for Instgram Videos

  1. Optimal time (Instagram): 3 – 10 seconds (depending on project)
  2. Recommendation: Text embedding and subtitles like Facebook (because mobile is often viewed “mute”)
  3. Core message directly at the beginning (

Video marketing and production: references and portfolio

Video marketing today is more diverse than ever! From brand film, to unboxing, to explanatory video, according to employees recruitment video, positive experiences of customers, video marketing is incredibly diverse! Together with our customers we implement almost all sub-areas from image film to advertising film.

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