Youtube & Gema agree – Music video streaming in Germany

YouTube and the GEMA agree – who would have thought? After years of legal disputes about the right to use music and the royalties of artists and authors, today there was finally an agreement between the largest video streaming portal YouTube (company of Google) and the GEMA in respect of a fair remuneration!

Why is? Youtube vs. GEMA – Screen for music streaming

German internet users had on Youtube for years the problem, that with every single request of a music video, immediately a red screen appeared from the network itself: No access! In this screen, you were informed that “for copyright reasons” you can not see the content in the respective country. The basis for this was the long-standing legal dispute between the two industry giants. Rightly, artists should be paid fair for their songs.

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Fair compensation for musicians on social networks: Where is it exactly?

The legal dispute is about the fact that musicians are paid fairly for their works – especially when Youtube profits from playing the pieces of music. While YouTube as a social network through advertising revenue is incredibly many profits, most artists go out streaming your music videos empty. Of course, this was not only a thorn in the eyes of the musicians and authors, but also the record companies of the artists. They all have their music rights represented by GEMA. So today is a nice day for all those who like to watch music videos on the Internet!

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Conclusion on the solution between YouTube and the GEMA

Even though we have a little bit of the issue of Youtube and GEMA in the blog, and have focused more on the advertising opportunities for you as an entrepreneur on YouTube, the opening of the social network for video streaming shows that not only private users a great advantage From the solution, but also German companies, when it comes to the advertising possibilities before and during music videos goes.

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