TikTok: Music Usage in Videos + 4 Tips for Social Media Managers

TikTok and music rights – how does this topic behave? The App TikTok is becoming more and more popular. She is the new Instagram. Even large and international companies are becoming more and more attentive and book additional reach through influencer marketing and social media promotions on TikTok. Last month, we created a TikTok channel for one of the leading fashion companies and faced many questions. Especially tricky was the point: music. Millions of songs are made available by record companies (rights holders) in the app. These can then be placed over your own videos. So you have original pieces of music from the charts above your own video material, instead of simpler, stick music (for example). This results in questions like:

  • But what about the use of the music?
  • Are companies and companies allowed to use songs on TikTok?
  • If so, how do you produce content for TikTok?

TikTok basics: 4 tips for beginners

There are many more fundamental questions that we want to answer quickly in advance:

  • How does TikTok work?
  • Login and Log in to TikTok?
  • Download the app?
  • Are there user numbers and statistics for strategy finding?TikTok Wikipedia

Music rights on TikTok for video production

Important! This text may not be regarded as legal advice! We only go through the terms and conditions of TikTok and try to make deductions to use music for companies to social media managers also a deeper look into usage rights and terms and conditions. Because when does a new network already exist? This happens only every 2, 3 years. So today let’s take a look at the basis of TikTok, the music.

Everyone is a user: equality for individuals and businesses

The paragraph shows that all registered accounts are treated the same. It follows that there is no difference, whether company or individual.

In addition to allowing you to create UGVs and Collaborative UGVs, and transmit Broadcast Content via the Apps, as described above, the Service may also allow you to (A) create 15-second videos that include sound recording samples (and the musical works embodied therein) from thirty second portions of sound recordings (sound recordings and the musical works embodied therein are “ SR Samples ”) made available by the Company through the Service through a Company-provided library (each, a “ Company Video ,” and together with UGVs and Collaborative UGVs, “ User Videos ”);

The music may be stored locally on your own device, for example to edit it with filters or to use it again later (in TikTok):

(B) save your User Videos locally to your device;

Share the content on other social media platforms only partially possible

Basically, as with music, there are direct agreements between TikTok and other operators. Only in these platforms the own videos may be shared. You can find them directly in the app and can share from there. So no mistakes can arise.

(C) upload your User Videos to the applicable App or certain third party social media platforms (e.g. , Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) subject to the terms and conditions in this EULA and any usage restrictions imposed by any licensors of S R Samples ( e.g. , sound recording and/or musical work copyright owners); (D) communicate your User Videos to friends via different messaging services; and (E) publicly display and perform your User Videos and the embedded sound recordings and musical works to other Users of the Service. If the Service does not permit you to Post User Videos directly to one or more third party social media platforms, then you are not authorized by the Company to Post your User Videos on such platforms and you are solely responsible for obtaining any necessary rights, clearances, permissions or authorizations for such Posting and may be subject to liability for your failure to do so in the event of any unauthorized Posting of User Videos. For the avoidance of doubt, User Videos exclude any Broadcast Content.

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