TikTok: Dancing, challenges and choreographies to songs – examples

TikTok Dances – On the train, on the playground and at school, you see kids and adults with their smartphones on TikTok today. What’s the deal with the app and why do so many, spend several hours watching videos? We have the answer for you right here! The wave around TikTok started during the lockdown. Many lost their closest family members and friends due to Covid-19 and suddenly had a lot more time on their hands. TikTok has become the refuge of many because of this, because with the great videos on the app, you will be entertained for hours indefinitely. All you need for this is a smartphone and internet. Among the many other TikTok videos, the dance videos are especially popular. On the app, you’ll find the trendiest dances to dance along to. More TikTok trends for creative ideas? Songs, dances, recipes, comedy: TikTok Trends.

Most popular TikTok dances

But how do the famous TikTok dances go? Here we have great videos for you with trendy songs and choreographies of the TikTok stars. These include Michael Le, Charlie D’Amelio and Addison Rae. What started at home in the comfort of your own home is now being taken to the streets, schools and shopping malls. People everywhere are dancing to the popular songs. Even stars like Kim Kardashian don’t want to miss out on the fun. The reality TV star is even taking dance lessons from TikTok pro, Addison Rae. The American dancer is so popular right now because she is the trendsetter of the many dance challenges. So Kim is in very good hands with her.

TikTok stars dance at the mall

Michael Le is very popular on TikTok for his dances. Whether at the mall, at home, or while swimming, the TikTok star loves to dance everywhere with his family and friends.

Choreographies in comparison

Charlie D’Amelio and Addison Rae are two of the most popular and biggest dance stars on the app. These two girls are the ultimate trendsetters and know all the relevant trends. In this video you can see their dances to the same songs in comparison!

“Go Daddy Go” Dance Challenge

The song “Go Daddy Go” is one of the many sounds that have gone viral on the app. Of course, there is also a choreography to the sound, which many boys and girls danced in their classrooms, at sports or in the schoolyard. Check out the different versions of the choreo here.

African waist dance

TikTok trends are also danced in the continent of Africa. In this video, you can see the famous waist dance of people from different countries of the continent.

Dance Challenge “Chicken Wing”

Here you see a compilation of different dances to the song “Chicken Wing”. On the song is danced in this video not only by young people, but also by school teachers and police officers.

Girls dancing to “She got hips”

The song “She got hops” by Travis Greene has especially made many girls dance. Check out the different versions of the trend here.

Dance Challenge to the song “Shower

Check out the Dance Challenge to the song “Shower” here. Many danced to the song with their friends or partners.

Dances to the song “Copine”

The French song “Copine” has also made it on TikTok. In this video you can see a compilation of the dances to the song.

Kim Kardashian learns TikTok dances

Addison Rae entertains and delights everyone with her creative dances on TikTok. Even reality star“Kim Kardashian” admires Addison for her dancing talent. In this clip from an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Addison teaches Kim the popular dances.

TikTok Trends: Dance Challenges, Music and Co.

Want to learn more about the different trends? Then we have more great videos with the coolest dances and song hits.

Sing! Music …

TikTok is one of the most significant apps of this time. The platform is not only relevant for influencers, but also for musicians. With the help of the algorithm, content creators can easily reach their target audience and grow their community.

The functions of the app make it quite practical to cut and edit videos. Ultimately, anyone can make a sound recording or add music to their video. Singers benefit when their songs become trendy through challenges. Thus, musicians save on expensive advertising measures to market their music. With a little creativity and cool storylines, many songs become a hit! Without any complications with TikTok music rights, everyone can dance to singers like Jason Derulo.

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Trend List: Ideas, inspiration and best practice

On the most popular app for video clips, the coolest trends begin. TikTok is a descendant of the app Musical.ly, which mainly targeted children and teenagers. The app allowed kids to dance to songs on playback and record “LipSync videos.” LipSyncs are the term used to describe the videos in which people sing and dance along to the music. Such videos are still popular on TikTok as well. Compared to Musical.ly, you can add a lot of great special effects and color filters on TikTok today. On the platform, you can also share posts, comment, and even make duets with other users. Since the app has many great features, the target audience of users has expanded. Adults and Instagram content creators are also migrating to TikTok for fun. Apart from cool songs, you can also use scenes from movies and series as sound. However, these are copyrighted and cannot be used for other platforms.

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