Response Rate: Definition, Social Media & Calculate

The response rate indicates the response rate to a particular campaign. In comparison with several campaigns, it is shown which success factors can be derived from them. The response rate can have very different reasons, a simple example would be a marketing survey sent to 1,000 companies. When 400 questionnaires come back, put the rate at about 40%. Packaged into a social media campaign, this could be a survey played out through media budget and advertisements to 10,000 people. Four different graphics are tested in combination, each reaching 10,000 people. At the end of the test it is determined which of the four individual campaigns had the highest response rate and thus the greatest added value.

Calculation of the Response Rate

The calculation of the response rate does not need many numbers. In the example of our marketing survey, this would be the number of questionnaires sent out and the responses.

  • ( received / sent ) * 100 = Response Rate

Monitoring with Click Rate, Response Rate and Interaction Rate

In our Social Media Blog we have already talked about all important key figures. In reporting and monitoring, various key figures are decisive for the assessment and evaluation of success.

In relation to the response rate, the click rate is merely an indicator of success on the social platform. Ultimately, however, it is always about conversion, which also means fulfilling the goal. The objectives can of course be extremely different, from newsletter registration to answering the market research in our example, or even the sale in the online shop. For all these actions behind the click, the response rate is used. So how high was the response? The interaction rate, one could easily confuse in the first thought of course with the response rate. After all, both factors are about the actions of the users. However, there is a subtle difference, the interaction rate refers to independent action without defined objectives. For example, the commentary in response to a video that has already been online on our YouTube channel for two years. A response rate asks for an exact target instead. As in our example, how many questionnaires were answered? These are the small but subtle differences of three of the most important indicators in social media marketing.

Hashtag – Symbol, Examples and Definition: When to use a Hashtag?

Hashtag, everybody’s heard that before. Hashtags are the order of the day these days. Not only do almost all users in social networks use them, they are also picked up in news and magazines. The definition of a hash tag is the special archiving program that is given by the use of the hash tag. How exactly does this work with the Hashtags?

Hashtag Definition, function and keyboard Assignment

Hashtags are generally used in connection with social media postings. For a contribution, photo or video, the subject area is precisely delimited. Hashtags can be described less as categorization than as catchwords.

To mark a hash tag or a word, use the hash symbol on the keyboard. The words must not be separated by spaces afterwards. For the description of a social media posting, usually 2, 3 or sometimes more hashtags are used.

  • #hashtag
  • #thishashtag

So, for example, a football game would have two or three hashtags of this kind #bvb #borussiadortmund. All posts posted under this hashtag are now collected and marked. So users can retrieve all media content that has been tagged with a specific hash tag.

The archiving function is the use of hashtags. A practical example could be the use of a certain brand name, but also a certain topic, like #vegan, or #restaurant, but also everything else that can be subdivided into keywords. From music festivals to fashion brands, emotions, but also actions.

When to use hashtags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

As a private user one does not see the main function in the priority aspect of archiving of course in the use of Hashtags. Here it depends on being found by others. Everyone who posts on social networks is more or less looking for the public and of course has the expectation to trigger reactions with his posting. By using hashtags, other users become aware of the images. For example, if you’re on the road at the world’s most famous festival, Coachella, you’re sure to post something for your fans. But it must not only be the big influencers, also private people who are at local festivals like Rock am Ring and want to show their friends, but also other people how much they experience where. That’s why they upgrade the postings with hashtags so that they can be found by other users. Many individuals also use hash tags without special intentions, they use hash tags because everyone uses them.

In principle, it can be said that hashtags help with archiving and searching media content in social networks. From everyday topics such as travel, Instagram, to political and economic opinions on Twitter.

To find the hashtags you have to enter the desired word in the search field in the social networks. The search field can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter at the top of the page. Depending on the social network, different options are displayed directly in the preview of the respective search. For example, if you enter the word BVB, the first channel to appear will be that of the football team, followed by the collection of hashtags and then, depending on the social network, for example groups, or other profiles with the name.

Find hash tags

Finding hashtags to specifically increase your own reach is not easy. Most start with standard text, but we wouldn’t recommend them, as they are used by millions of people. Ultimately, social networks, like search engines, are about an algorithm that tells you what’s trendy and what’s not. So if you are competing under certain hashtags against big competition, the probability that you will be found by new users is relatively low. If you do a hashtag analysis before to find out the biggest potential or chances for you, it will be reflected in the growth of the channel later on. But what exactly do chances mean at Hashtags?

If, for example, you use the theme beauty, make-up, but also other beauty products, then you should consider how accurate, or spongy their hashtags are. It becomes relatively difficult if you want to attract attention with very general hashtags, e.g. the hashtag in this area:

  • #beauty

If you look at the amount of postings on that single hash tag, you’ll usually find over 100 million posts on that particular topic on the major social networks. Therefore one should look for a more exact Hashtag. If, for example, you want to stay in the range, one possibility would be to use special search terms such as the word eyeliner instead of beauty:

  • #eyeliner

You can also search for other hashtags on social networks. For example, if you type the word “eyeliner” on Instagram, you will see additional suggestions with the amount of media content. From the list, you can then select or discover hash tags for which new content is posted less frequently. The less new content is posted and the less posts from your competitors get many likes and comments, the higher is your chance to increase your reach. This enables them to find keywords that are used within the community, i.e. that are also international and appealing to you as potential interested parties and consumers. So the Hashtag will be even more accurate and step-by-step developed to:

  • #beautylover
  • #eyeliner
  • #eyelinertutorial

Find hash tags via app

The own analysis of hashtags is always more qualitative than an automatic output. Nevertheless, many rely on the use of apps when choosing their hashtags. So that we don’t leave the topic out completely, we have here again recommendations for corresponding apps for Android and iPhone.

Q&A on the subject of Hashtag

In our comments on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and of course in the direct messages, we get many questions about the use of hashtags. We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions for you here, with direct, short and free answers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail to the editorial office.

What does Hashtag mean in the youth language?

The shortening and shortage of communication has played an important role since the beginning of the media. When the first films appeared in the cinema, people were still warning of the consequences of the fast pictures. Newspapers often struggle to survive um´s as content on online portals and even more modern, social networks are becoming increasingly scarce and eye-catching. Communication has also changed. From the letter, for which you had to take a lot of time, to the phone call, to the e-mail and SMS and today you often send only a single emoji via Whatsapp in order to express emotions even faster. Shortage has therefore always been part of the renewal of the media world. Accordingly, hashtags have established themselves as a way of scarce content. Instead of elaborate explanations, e.g. about political climate debates, a hashtag is enough to express many things:

  • #climatechange
  • #fridaysforfurure

The use of hashtags is therefore not only a phenomenon, but also a meaningful effect of the scarcity of information from the point of view of media society.

For what do you use hashtags?

The basic functions of hashtags are fully summarized as described above:

  • Finding information quickly
  • Archive media content
  • Shortage of long information

What does Hatch Teck?

Hatch Teck? In fact, several hundred people a month search Google for this question! If you have just searched for this phrase or question, the correct spelling of the word is: Hashtag.

How do I make a hashtag on Twitter?

Making a hashtag on Twitter, but also on other social networks, like Facebook, or Instagram, is not difficult. The only thing you need to do is press the hash icon on the keyboard of your computer, notebook, tablet, or smartphone. Without setting a space, add the word of your choice directly after the hash symbol. It is important not to use spaces in a hash tag. So you have to write the word in a string. This combination of hash and keyword is then automatically recognized by Twitter as a hash tag.

Meme – What is a Meme? Definition and Best Practice

Social media memes are an absolute phenomenon of the social media world. They are relatively easy to understand. Graphics consisting of a picture, or a short video in connection with a striking text. If you take as an example a famous actor, like Will Smith in his then parade role as Prince of Bel Air Dance, you will see “Weekend!” in big letters above. So memes express a certain emotion.

Memes as an integral part of digital communication

Small graphics are now built into every Direct Messenger, from Facebook and WhatsApp to Instagram and TikTok. Everywhere there are small GIF animations in which famous people dance, jump into the air, or even put on a legendary look. Short, small sequences of one or two seconds running in a continuous loop. Above them are extremely striking texts, in large lettering. This means that the content can also be read excellently on small smartphone displays.

Pictures or memes say more than a thousand words! That’s why memes have become so successful. From absolute classics like GrumpyCat, the constantly evil-looking cat, to comic heroes like Donald Duck, to real people like Donald Trump, or even great actors like Will Smith and Brad Pitt. Moments everyone knows, e.g. Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wallstreet and a matching comment on the subject of wealth “I am rich bitch” – provocative, simple, funny, these are memes.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by MEMES (@sexualising) on

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A post shared by MEMES (@sexualising) on

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A post shared by MEMES (@sexualising) on

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A post shared by MEMES (@sexualising) on

User name – ID, allocation and marking (tag)

The social media user name not only plays a role in social networks, but also in politics. Should one only be allowed to use clear names, or should one still use a pseudonym as a user name? Particularly in times of shitstorms and opinion influencing in social networks, which many media report on, from election influencing in politics to personalized advertisements. The more accurately and unambiguously a person is identifiable, the more difficult it becomes to spread the whole thing as false reports. This is why the discussion about social media user names has arisen.

Social-Media username – this is how the assignment works

In principle, however, every user in social networks can choose his or her own user name. Depending on the network, there is a unique ID, sometimes also a public name. The ID is always unique and fundamental for every social media account.

The ID is always unique and therefore the URL of the individual channel can be retrieved at the same time, e.g. on most social networks, by the character @. Who sets this sign and without apprenticeship directly behind it a name, which links a certain channel. The markings, so-called tags, are very important in the social media world, because they are the only way to increase your own reach. For example, if you take a photo of four people, 3 of whom have an Instagram account, you should link them. This makes the individual communities aware of the respective social media channels. Particularly in the area of influencer marketing, companies and brands are very careful to ensure that their own social media accounts are marked or linked. The link then works as described above and looks like this:

  • @kanal.name99

The channel is thus linked and can be accessed in the same way via notebook and computer. Here the url of the website of the respective platform is used instead of the character. This is how the link to Instagram looks like, for example:


On YouTube, it’s almost the same. Here you get an individual channel name only after you have reached a certain number of subscriptions. As a rule, the number of subscribers is about 100. Once you have done this, you can apply for your own channel name. Before that, you have a random ID:

  • Random YouTube ID:
  • Self-chosen ID:
    ID: channel.name99

Then you can select your own public name in the respective settings, on the social app, on the notebook, tablet, or on the computer. This is then displayed in the heading of your own profile. So you don’t necessarily have to use a name or ID that was still free, but can write your own name, or even a pseudonym.

The IDs can only be assigned once. Therefore, there are additional options to enter a public name, which will then be displayed in the profile.

GIF: What is a GIF? Creating animated graphics

GIF is a mixture of image and moving image. GIF´s are small animations that are composed of different photos and thus result in a video, or even just several scenes. GIF´s are often used to digitally draw attention to something. Instead of using simple static photos, you bring some movement into the game. Online users are already becoming more aware of the graphic than before. GIF´s has been around since the beginning of computers. Already with the first graphical user interfaces and simple drawing programs one could create small GIF´s.

What is a GIF?

GIF´s are pictures in a row. Depending on how fast the images are played back, a more or less fluid video is created for the head. Did you know? To make moving images appear fluid, you need 25 frames per second. Only then does our brain think that it is a fluid movement. GIF´s is available in different versions.

  • Single sequences or images that are played back one after the other, scene 1 is e.g. the campaign image, tendon 2 is the brand name and scene 3 is the offer price
  • Small animations, e.g. ascending oxygen bubbles. Thus one has e.g. an offer price in the midst of an aquarium
  • Video scenes, very popular is for example to convert existing MP4 video scenes to GIF´s, so you have real video as GIF file

What does GIF?

The file format GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format”.

Create GIF: Free online or Photoshop?

The simplest exercise for beginners who want to create a GIF themselves is for example a black block that flies from left to right through the image. The background is simply white. The result, in an infinite loop, will be a small square black block chasing from left to right through the image.

For example, if you simply want to convert existing video material into a GIF, for example to be able to run it permanently on Facebook, you can have your MP4 videos converted to a GIF online free of charge.

Tip: MP4 to GIF – Convert video for free

GIF´s can not only be used for social networks, like Facebook. Of course, you can also send GIF´s as a moving image via WhatsApp or integrate it in your own blog on the website. Here are our recommendations for free online services to convert files:

YouTube Tutorial – Animated create GIF´s yourself

You want to learn yourself how to create animated GIF´s with Photoshop? Here we have the best YouTube tutorials for you, where you learn how to create your own animated GIF´s in just a few steps.

Free Online


Housing and real estate – Social Media Marketing, Advertising and Influencer

Whether living in a house, condominium or for rent, social media marketing is becoming more and more relevant for real estate agencies, because the figures speak for themselves! The acquisition of potential prospective customers and thus tenants or buyers is with few advertising forms so exactly on a target group alignable but just as exactly in the monitoring. After all, individual clicks, e.g. from Facebook or YouTube, can be traced back precisely. Event tracking, i.e. the tracking of a certain action on the website, makes it possible to track paths and ultimately evaluate which campaign, for example, had a success rate of 4.8% and which only told 0.3%. However, as we are already in a very deep matter, we begin with the basics, social media marketing for real estate & housing.

Objectives and strategies: Housing, construction, real estate & marketing

What are the goals and strategies of a social media marketing agency? Social media marketing carries the word social in itself, so there is a big focus on this marketing method in community maintenance.

Social media marketing is so much more than just a sales channel, it is about people and targeted communication in a different form. Simpler, more image-based, more emotional. These are the core elements of every good social media channel. In addition there are modern methods.

Social media marketing mix: Multi-channel marketing

Did you know they’re allowed to repost all photos on Instagram? So why constantly produce your own expensive pictorial material when, for example, in the social network Instagram, you can also fall back on the pictorial material of third parties? On YouTube you can reach through playlist subscriptions, so you can already build through and timely collection of relevant videos followers and subscribers. On Facebook you can not only advertise within your own fanpage, of course you can also do it in groups. Social media marketing is so much more!

In addition to the now almost classical methods, there are of course the newer tools, as well as influencer marketing. The area of influencer marketing counts in particular on recommendation marketing by relevant persons for certain target groups. Every single recommendation in social networks reaches people who follow other people. As a result, the advertising aspect is much smaller. Influencer marketing in the real estate sector could, for example, accompany a person on YouTube in their search for an apartment, and at the end they make two or three videos in which they report on the search for an apartment, first on the Internet that they are desperate and finally found the solution through portal XY! Then our influencer takes the camera and accompanies his apartment inspection, a bit to video number 3, in which the apartment is completely furnished, with the matching keyword apartment furnishing. So we can also do search engine optimization within YouTube. Did you already know that?

The world of social media marketing is so diverse for real estate agents, real estate portals but also for more specific topics such as buying or selling a house.

Ultimately, a lot can be done, from channel construction to advertisements targeted at specific groups of people. But let’s first focus on the goals, what is it all about? In principle, social media marketing can be described in four steps.

Target range: Do you already know broker XY?

Our primary goal is reach, because without reach nobody will know about our product. Henry Ford already said: “For every dollar you invest in your product you have to have another one ready to make it known”. The more people we reach, the more we become fans of our channel. Because of the added value they get or because of new offers or also because of very exclusive offers.

Target community: added value instead of advertising for tenants / buyers

The second step is to build the community, collecting fans is not difficult, we invest 100.000 € in an advertisement and will be able to win 10.000 fans. 10 € for a fan? That’s a lot of money. After all, it’s not just about winning the fans once – we have to keep them. That’s why community building and targeted community management are among the core tasks of a social media manager, and of course of a social media agency.

Objectives Information: Regular interaction in social networks

The third step involves an editorial plan and the regular transmission of previously planned information. Our channels must not be filled with graphics and texts from the advertising department, they need individual content, i.e. content. The better our information, i.e. advertising content is packaged, the higher the values in the conversion, means the conversion of visitors to buyers, newsletter subscribers or even interested parties.

Target sale: Strategies for customer acquisition from tenants and buyers

In the fourth step we can now concentrate on sales, let different texts or graphics run against each other, in so-called A/B split tests. Through the targeted evaluation in monitoring, the opportunities and risks as well as the advantages and disadvantages of individual target groups can be identified. This allows many questions to be answered, for example:

  • In which target group does our product sell best?
  • What target group completes most newsletter subscriptions?
  • Who asks at the end for a concrete inspection date for a housing advertisement?

Social Media Marketing Agency Services

Anyone who commissions a social media marketing agency for the first time naturally has a lot of questions! To give you an approximate idea of what a social media agency can do for you, here is an overview of the most important services. Social media marketing is advertising, a holistic concept for the dissemination of information about products or services. In the real estate sector, no matter whether broker or real estate portal, it is not different. Social media channels must be created holistically, they must be planned and, above all, they must interact regularly. It’s about social media content, that means daily postings, even several stories on Instagram a day, up to you the matching videos with added value on YouTube. Thus they create not only a channel for advertising content, but a platform for all those looking for a new home!

Take the wishes their community was and answer them questions, give them added value instead of thinking about marketing messages. Answer questions as well:

  • How much does the square meter cost in Berlin or Frankfurt am Main?
  • What tips are there for the apartment inspection?
  • How do I leave a lasting impression on the new landlord when I am already at the apartment inspection?
  • What defects do I have to consider?
  • How do I discover black sheep in apartment advertisements?
  • Must I pay the deposit for my new apartment immediately?
  • When I move out, how long does it take until I get my deposit?

You can keep writing this list forever, because that’s what it’s all about! Added value for the community instead of advertising. The social media agency helps with the creation of the concept, but also with all strategies and methods, with advice, tips and ideas for creative content.

But where is the concrete advantage? A large part of Germany now watches video content on YouTube. Everybody is informed about what’s new, but the majority looks at already existing content. For example, many searches on YouTube will show you that videos have been online for five or six years. For example, if they manage to place their content and topics on the subject of real estate, it can sometimes happen that they get 100000 views and more over time. What’s the matter with you? Every year there are 100,000 Germans who change their flats, move, perhaps even move to Germany for the first time. Every year there are thousands of people looking for the same questions and here lies the magic of YouTube. YouTube is also pushed by the largest search engine in the world, especially because it belongs to the Google group. Contents that get a good placement here once, are permanent. They can use this, in cooperation with their social media agency, to permanently generate new visitors and thus new prospects for apartments and houses.

Let’s have a look at all contents of a social media agency at a glance. From the editorial plan to monitoring.

Editorial plan and conception for potential interested parties

The editorial plan is one of the basic strategies for a successful social media channel. Because what is particularly important in marketing is the regular publication of the content but the regular interaction with the fans. By planning content in advance, you save a lot of time in everyday business, allowing you to focus on other things, such as answering comments.

Editorial plans show the course of 30 to 90 days, here the postings are planned as well as the contents. For real estate companies that have their own Instagram channel, this could mean, for example, that more and more properties and apartments with warm backgrounds are posted alternately from early summer to late summer. So whether it’s the palm tree or the garden that’s about to blossom in summer, your social media channel is changing seasons, as is our environment. Of course, you will be a little more precise, you can specify which texts will be placed under the individual postings. Of course, different social networks can also be combined so that you have a multi-channel planning at the end. For example, a concept can look like this:

  • At the beginning of the week photos appear on Instagram
  • Parallel appears the first blog article, this is again shared on Facebook, because you can click here directly on the link of the posting and get to the website
  • On Wednesday the same will be done, with the note that on Friday our new big YouTube video with the big article, 12. For your first apartment viewing appears
  • On Friday appears punctually at 17 o’clock, with previous posting at 13 o’clock on Facebook and Instagram, now on YouTube the big video on the subject of apartment viewing

Creative ideas

This advance planning enables us to put four weeks on one production day for the production of the social media content. A specially booked influencer explains in YouTube videos simple questions about living, moving in and moving out. At the same time photos are produced for Instagram, Facebook and of course for the block. In one day the social media content is produced for a whole month. On Sunday the influencer will publish a little review by pointing out that the new article was published two days ago on real estate portal XY, “you have to have a look at it”!

This allows editorial plans to be combined with creative ideas in a meaningful way. Your fans will thank you! Because their social media channel obviously doesn’t aim to just advertise, they want to help for free! “How nice is that?” This is how the world of social media works. Of course, renowned social media agencies are about more than just creativity and planning, which is already four! When it comes to big and creative ideas, it is also possible to create links to the Pr machinery.

PR strategies (cross media marketing)

You have a social media shoot and perhaps a very special influencer, you should perhaps invite the press directly to it. Whether you’re a local newspaper or a national TV station, you can even get the media to report on the shooting if you package your shootings properly. However, this also brings new reach to brand placement, simply through clever planning. Photographer, make-up artist, influencer, photo studio, everything is booked anyway. But if you take care to book the right person for media use as an influencer at an early stage, you can even get press articles.

Here a small excursion into the topic online marketing or search engine optimization. A good social media agency should also inform you about this! Because backlinks can be generated by placing them in the press. Backlinks are references, i.e. links to other sites that refer to your real estate portal. The more backlinks you collect for your website, the more important they will be for search engines. This is why it is also worth working together with the social media agency in the field of public relations. Not only in the area of community care and management is the effort worthwhile, social media are also indispensable for cross-media work today.

After the planning comes the content creation. For Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok but also Facebook and Pinterest there are different challenges.

Content creation

No matter which social network you choose for your marketing mix, each one has its own challenges, advantages and disadvantages.

Of course we could philosophize about which content is right for which network for a very long time, but in summary the following can be said: photo shootings, video productions and all other forms of content creation are always complex and therefore associated with high costs and prices. This is why it is worth investing so much time in planning that you have as little effort as possible on the day of production. Because, as in our example on the subject of goals, it’s about knowing what you’re doing. That sounds simple at first, but a lot of planning is involved when you are between community management, content creation and topics such as public relations or influencer marketing. The better the conception, the faster the production.

Social networks life as well as the classic format advertising of regularity. The more often the viewer sees our product, the more likely he is to fall back on it. No matter whether it is a supermarket, a certain product in the assortment or also the apartment search. Those who place their name in the minds of people have regular presence.

Advertising and Advertisements

Perhaps they are social media managers in a larger advertising portal and have not yet had any contact with the subject of re-targeting and advertisements. Briefly explained, maybe you have already looked for a notebook and the next days and weeks you have seen everywhere, no matter if you were on news portals like Spiegel or Welt or also your favourite block, again and again the advertisement for the notebook. This is exactly how advertising and ad management works, of course, in real estate and apartments. For example, you can explicitly send advertisements for Berlin to a Berlin group. It gets even better! If, for example, you offer real estate in Frankfurt am Main, you can send your advertisements specifically to people who live in Frankfurt am Main, are between 18 and 25 years old and single. For all those who have small housing units in good locations, rent them out to young self-employed people, this ad will be worth a lot! Especially in relation to a classic advertisement in a newspaper or real estate newspaper. The losses are much lower because the target group is much more accurate. This helps him not only in the creation of advertisements but of course also in reporting and monitoring.

Reporting and Monitoring

Reporting and monitoring deals with the targeted evaluation of campaigns. It can be about simple things, like posting an influencer for our brand:

  • How much reach does she have this posting?
  • How many Likes did the posting get?
  • How many dislikes were there in relation?
  • How many comments did the posting have?

When it comes to advertisements, it naturally becomes even more complex when it comes to monitoring and reporting. Here it goes for example polls like:

  • Which campaigns group from our splittest has performed better?
  • Which products are profitable and thus predestined for re-targeting?
  • How many campaigns can we run Split Testings without straining the advertising budget?

The discipline therefore deals with the evaluation of different strategies. By evaluating the strategies, one can discard individual concepts and focus on others. This allows social media to appear and improve performance in social media. After all, it’s all about making money.

Consulting and agency

Do you have questions about Social Media Marketing? With the advice of our social media agency you always have the right answers to your questions. Whether it’s about instagram marketing, YouTube content creation, Facebook ads, Pinterest search engine optimization or the outlined reaching of young people through social media networks like Tik Tok. We have the right concepts and strategies to promote them as real estate agents or real estate portals. Contact us now, we are looking forward to your e-mail and your call.

Real estate: Helpful links

The Future is Private: Facebook renews itself for the future – Privacy / News

The future is private. With this new slogan Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg started the developer conference F8 this morning. At the developer conference, the head of the company presents the innovations and future developments of the group.

Privacy on Facebook: F8 Developer conference

The story: Facebook has evolved from an idea from the dormitory to one of the global networks. Billions of users and, of course, billions of advertising revenues. This is exactly where the crux of the matter, in order to generate more advertising revenue, Facebook needs more and more accurate user data. Because as you have read in our blog about Facebook marketing and Facebook advertisements many times before, the most important thing is to spy on the data, that is, to know about geographical characteristics, demographic characteristics, interests, but also relationships with other people.

“At the developer conference F8, Facebook promotes its new focus on the protection of users’ privacy. The fact that the group has been staggering from one scandal to the next for three years is of no interest” – Spiegel

Facebook should be completely “new”. So to speak Facebook 2.0, now with ultimate privacy. But what does that mean exactly?

Way to decision: Cambridge Analytica and EU data protection regulation

Let us take a brief look at the political developments behind this new strategy. For three years now, Facebook has been stumbling when it comes to privacy. The big bang then came with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where millions of user data were sold for advertising purposes. Actually standard but by increasing influence of politics by advertisements, of course also the US Senate became attentive to the topic. Did you know? The German party AfD has over 80% of all shared content on Facebook, less than 20% is accounted for by all other political parties. Also a huge topic in the US election campaign between Trump and Clinton. In the end, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg even had to answer questions before the US Senate. Things have changed since then.

Data access restriction for third party vendors and impact on software vendors have been and continue to be the immediate consequences. If you have been following our social media agency for some time, you know that we are also active in the field of software development. Direct effects do not only affect us-American social media tools, we as a German social media company are also affected. Our successful product “Social Analytics” must be discontinued. Our social media tools include:

  • A Social Media Live Wall for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • One Instagram Price Calculator for Influencer Postings
  • Social Analytics as an analysis and monitoring tool for Instagram

Social Analytics was the ultimate search engine for influencers on Instagram. But after the innovations, the access for third parties was so extremely limited that a reasonable data evaluation is no longer possible. We’ve updated over 600,000 profiles to Instagram every day, a huge number when you look at all the media content, likes, dislikes, comments and relationships. Now on allowed because of barely 10,000 were possible daily. Therefore not only we have to discontinue our software “Social Analytics”, but also other offers like “Deep Social” had to be discontinued.

Now Facebook goes one step further and proclaims a completely new philosophy with its new slogan. Facebook is to renew itself in terms of data protection complete reason. Besides the accusations in the USA, what role does Europe play in the context of the new slogan: “The Future is Private”?

European market and basic data protection regulation

Does the European data protection basic regulation also play a role here? One can be for or against the basic data protection regulation, but the European market, with its 480 million very affluent customers, is the largest market in the world after the USA and China. If you want to be present here, you have to adapt to our rules. Not only does the US Senate play a major role in Facebook’s decision to completely overhaul its privacy, but European policy also plays a role.

For many a book with 7 seals. Does the Basic Data Protection Regulation even provide for warnings? And what is the tendency of the EU Commission to do this?

Read more about the current situation of Privacy Ordinance.

We are curious how Facebook will develop.

When to pay Facebook, YouTube and Co Taxes in Europe?

The world is changing. Perhaps in the future we will even manage to bring taxation to Europe. Currently, most of the profits are in the USA. In Europe hardly any sales are generated, what is generated remains in Ireland. This is where the Facebook headquarters are located. However, Ireland has special tax laws for large international companies. The already very low turnover achieved in Europe, since the profits flow into the headquarters of the United States, is therefore hardly taxed at the end of the year.

Read more about us and Facebook here:

Social Media Marketing: 4 Success Factors for Your Company

Why is social media marketing successful? Much more important, how do you become successful as a company on social media yourself? This week we will deal more concretely with the goals and strategies to run social media marketing profitably. Whoever starts with the development or already has a small social media presence, for him in particular the achievement of the social media marketing goals are extremely important. After all, social media marketing at the end of the day should be a means by which a company and company can win new customers, increase its own turnover or even attract the most motivated team.

Before we look at these 12 social media marketing goals, let’s take a look at the question, why is social media marketing so successful? Our four factors describe the development of the brand in social networks, the enhancement of image and trust through communication measures as well as the strengthening of customer loyalty and the subsequent use of user-generated content for our own market research, but also product development and new development.

Why is social media marketing successful? 4 factors

Social media has changed so much. In short, an entire communication model was overturned.

Building of awareness and development of new target groups

The development of social networks brought with it a completely new transmitter-receiver model. In the past, there was only one rigid way to communicate. A few few large media, a large mass audience and the selective selection of information. Today, everyone can become a broadcaster themselves, and this is how the first major influencers emerged, who today have more influence than almost all magazines and periodicals. The same of course applies to companies. While PR agencies used to have to be hired, without them no targeted communication with the few major media would have been possible, today companies can build their own community. They can also send information without a community. For example, many large companies but also areas such as politics use Twitter. Although they have only a few 100 followers, large media houses record their tweets directly. You can send your information directly to a large audience and even be recited by other media.

This is the new transmitter-receiver model, everyone can provide equivalent information. Social networks enable free, direct and wide-ranging access to a huge community. Those who publish their content regularly and deliver good content that brings added value to the user can win many fans for themselves. Another benefit for companies, this marketing channel does not cost any advertising budgets for achieving reach. Theoretically, you can reach every fan once a week without spending any money. Quite different from, for example, search engine advertising or classic poster advertising as well as flyers in magazines.

It gets even better, the better their content is, the more often you encourage your fans to interact with their postings, that is, with published content, the more often friends will see them. This referral marketing, is passive and very effective. Every time a fan clicks on Like, comments on a photo or marks another friend under a funny video, the virality rises (mouth to mouth propaganda). That’s why you should already appreciate the first 1,000 fans! They are their first 1000 digital brand ambassadors.

  • Social Media enables messages to be sent directly; unlike in classic PR
  • Communities are created through added value, i.e. valuable information, other users and communication as well as appreciation
  • recommendation marketing is very powerful, ensure interaction with their existing fans

Improving image and trust by improving contact and communication possibilities

Many traditional companies that have existed for 50, 100 or even 150 years have trusted in the last decades especially at the point of sale (POS), the place where the business is done, with an attached service center or the classic telephone customer service. Both forms are always a barrier for the buyer or prospective customer, I have to drive to the point of sale by car or walk, I have to call the customer service impersonally and wait perhaps for 12 minutes in a waiting loop, because no customer consultant is to be spoken. Both possible cases in which a potential customer cancels a sale. Regular customers are so important!

Nowadays everyone has their smartphone with them, no matter if they are 8 years old or 68 years old, half of those over 50 years of age are nowadays regularly active on social networks. Did you already know that? Our world has become digital, digitality is no longer just a phenomenon of young society. The Internet has established itself, Web 2.0 has completely turned the communication model around, everyone searches for information via search engines, buys clothing or technical products in the online shop and reads news in the online magazine instead of in the newspaper.

Offer your customers the ultimate service, theoretically available 24 hours a day, customers can reach other customers, e.g. through comments, they can see 24 hours reviews and recommendations, they have all the news at a glance, whether Berlin, London or Rome. They are available for all interested parties.

Take advantage of this change for your company. Just consider the possibilities of User Generated Content, which we will discuss later. All feedback, comments and suggestions can be used to further develop products and services.

Strengthening customer loyalty: daily interaction

How do you get valuable information from your customers? The larger their community, the more information they can get, the more information they can send and the more likely you are to increase your sales through social media marketing. Targets that have been precisely defined beforehand can also be documented in key figures. The most important tool to bind customers and interested parties on your own social media channel, i.e. to build up your own community, is the regular, mostly daily interaction. Why is daily interaction so important?

Social media marketing is a constant flow of information. For a single image, the user takes a moment. So the big secret is to provide information on a regular basis. Those who regularly publish new content will be remembered. Here we are again at practical marketing, who stands at the end in the supermarket or search in the online shop, will fall back on the product that he or she knows. That’s why the present is so important. But not only for the sale, also for the chance of a recommendation. Maybe we still don’t have the right garment or the right mobile phone model for user XY. But this can change tomorrow and already user XY pushes Like me, comments on the photo or even shares it with a friend.

  • Regular interaction ensures, as described in classical marketing, that brands and products remain in memory
  • Regular interaction increases the likelihood that users will recommend your product or service

User Generated Content: market research is hardly possible at a lower price

Free market research! Instead of commissioning research institutes with 20 employees to call 1,000 people, modern companies use social media cleverly. Large fashion companies can conduct a survey on Instagram in seconds. This allows you to respond to trends and developments with virtually no loss of time and adapt your product range accordingly. So you don’t have to wait for sales figures from the individual stores, as you did in the past, in order to optimize the collection for the coming year two months later. Today you can theoretically produce locally in Asia, get opinions about social media from all over the world and make immediate purchasing decisions. Modern New World!

That’s why User Generated is so extremely valuable to companies and why it’s one of the four factors behind the success of social media marketing.

However, the use of user-generated content goes much further than market research.

Such user generated content is extremely valuable for the further development, but also for the new development of products! They get immediate and unfiltered feedback from their users. Of course there are also certain risks, the topic Shitstorm you have certainly heard before. See things in a positive light! Before your product becomes a vacuum cleaner on the shelves, you get early feedback and can take action to improve your product or service. You can also use all the comments, evaluations and conversations to directly improve and optimize new developments. In a classic market research situation, they always have parameters that influence the process. Usually the test subjects are not at home, so the environment is completely different, which influences the language but also the emotions. The private atmosphere also ensures that topics are addressed that might otherwise fall by the wayside because they might embarrass the respondents in a real conversation. Many details that have to be taken into account in market research, but user-generated content has already given them unfiltered feedback from their users. Therefore the maintenance of the own community is not only interesting for the sales and the turnover increase, also the product development can be influenced lastingly, positively by the different comments and evaluations.

Range and SEO

Here is a tip for search engine optimization! Have you ever thought about displaying reviews on Google directly on your website or in your online shop? Positive evaluations also ensure that they are better positioned in the search engines. If, for example, you are looking for a larger company, you will quickly see that ratings are displayed very prominently in the search engines. Users find the opinions of other users very important. This is what all studies and statistics show. Search engines are now even going one step further and combine various social networks and their ratings to form an even more comprehensive picture. So actively ask your users to rate your product, service or brand. This will also have a positive effect on search engine optimization.

Remember also your own media on your own website or in the online shop single beds. The recycling of content is very efficient, as well as media cross media are used, e.g. to be published on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, of course in different forms and layout, you should use the published content in social media on cross media’s own platform. For example, YouTube videos can be embedded in posts, but also Instagram photos. Under individual products in online shops you can, for example, embed ratings, recommendations or even comments on the respective product.

Social media can thus be used much more extensively. For the visitors of your website or your online shop, it lets your own appearance appear more modern and digital. In addition, they refer to their social channels and can thus gain additional fans. Visitors to your website or online shop are thus actively made aware of your social media channels.

Successful Social Media Marketing

If you are also looking for successful social media marketing strategies and a social media agency that can define your goals but also implement them, then we look forward to your project inquiry!

Direct message (DM) – Personal messages on social networks

A direct message is the direct private message between a sender and a recipient. Direct messages are accordingly colloquially private messages. News that is not intended for the public. Direct messages are available on all different platforms, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and many others.

History of the Communication Model

In its theoretical assumption, the sender-receiver model speaks of the fact that in the times before the Internet or shortly before, even with so-called hands-on radios, messages always emanated from one person to many people. So the relationship is 1:m. Due to the revolutionary changes of the World Wide Web, invented at that time in Cern, these transmitter-receiver models have changed fundamentally. Today, anyone can become a sender, through the simple system, such as social networks. Nowadays everyone can set up their own blog or make videos and publish them on their own, thus becoming a television station themselves. Beautiful new world! Now the sender-receiver model no longer provides a relationship of 1:m but m:n.

Communication has become so ubiquitous that the communication model has completely changed. Nevertheless, we all still value privacy, which is exactly why direct messages were invented.

Direct messages in social networks

Sending such a directly the message is very simple. Everyone has their own account, their own social media profile. On this social media profile you can usually find the newsstream, where all new media content of the user is collected and archived, also always a contact button. One is called Instamessage, the other Facebook is called direct message and so each system has its own name for direct messages.

Criticism about data protection of private messages

Since the big data scandal of Facebook and Cambridge Analytics, social networks are under criticism. The latest reports from the USA now also deal with the fact that a rule that has always been asserted has been broken. Because not only the demographic data of certain groups were probably sold, but also contents of private messages. Read more about the data scandal and data sales.

The sale of private news content allows large companies to filter even more specific interests. For example, when I write to my girlfriend in the evening and talk about series, the algorithms can easily recognize what I’m discussing most at the moment. The next time I visit the video streaming portal or the music online shop, I will have the right offers for you. The criticism that results from this, the more my data is filtered before, the less I encounter something new. So for me, it’s forever chewing through what I already like. This means that a piece of information pluralism is lost.

You can see how complex communication is, but also the structure behind communication. Information monopolies have arisen, have been overturned in the transmitter-receiver model and now a new transmitter is establishing itself, which transmits quite subconsciously, through advertisements or even proposed films and music from data from private messages. When music and videos become politics, we face the next big scandal.

Personal messages on social networks

  • Nowadays you can write private messages with other users on any social network
  • The communication model has undergone a radical change since the Internet, today there is not only one sender but through the social networks everyone can become a sender for many recipients
  • In order to protect the privacy the direct messages were introduced
  • But criticism is also voiced here: for example, algorithms go through private messages and use them to adapt advertising to the user

Social Media Agency Mode / Fashion – Concept, Advertising and Influencer

Social media agency for fashion fashion is constantly developing anew, with new collections coming up every season of the year. Even before they can be found in the retail trade, there is a lot of preparation. From the first handover of the collection to the first showrooms for buyers and finally, of course, public relations. To make fashion and new fashion collections known, marketing needs strategies and concepts. While marketing for fashion up to the millennium still took place mainly in media such as magazines, TV and classic billboards, today social media in particular is the measure of all things. Your own YouTube Channel, Influencer Marketing, Instagram and of course your own regular postings on social networks. Social media has become complex! We help you as a social media agency to find the right concepts and strategies. From development to regular content production but also advertisements.

  • Contact – Social Media Agency and Consultant

Objectives and strategies: Fashion & Marketing

Social media marketing for fashion is complex! With each year there are not only new interesting networks, as well as at present e.g. TikTok for fashion enterprises is very interesting, constantly there are also new methods, e.g., in the range of the advertisements and the target group optimization. If a user has seen a certain dress or a certain shoe in the online shop, this is registered. This single person can now be combined with several people in a group, e.g. people from a certain city, who are addressed with an advertisement specially played out for the city. But you can go much deeper into the matter, play the ad to the user again and again and as soon as the purchase has been made, the ad is no longer played. Such intelligent campaign management helps to optimise your own advertisements.

But before it really gets that deep into the matter, it is important for many companies to first develop a basic strategy. Often employees have to be trained or guidelines have to be written. No matter how complex or extensive the social media marketing becomes, for everyone the goals or the goal definition are the most important.

Destination: you can achieve that!

As we have already described in our article on the topic 12 goals in Social Media Marketing, it is especially about these fundamental marketing aspects, how we help our own company to generate new customers but also to optimize our own existing products. These are the twelve goals in social media marketing:

  • Increase of brand awareness in a specific target group
  • New customers acquisition
  • Interaction with customers / Increasing customer loyalty
  • Increase in sales
  • Personnel Recruitment
  • Service and support for questions and suggestions
  • Market research and opinion
  • Product optimization through community feedback
  • Influence on Social Web and PR
  • Competition monitoring
  • Image optimization
  • Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding

All these goals are very important for fashion companies. First of all, it is always about increasing your own brand awareness, often in an already existing target group, e.g. on Instagram. Anyone who wants to tap into new target groups, i.e. future young talent, is often networked on TikTok. By the frequent publication of new contents, in the form of photos, videos and texts, the own target group is permanently played on. This way, if the content is well done, the own community expands. As a result, they gain new customers as a company, but at the same time retain existing potential customers through frequent interaction.

Daily customer talks: Social Instead of Point of Sale

Ten years ago, the only way to interact was at the point of sale. Today, fashion retailers can communicate daily with their visitors, customers or simply interested parties. Anyone who makes an effort, responds to user suggestions and wishes and regularly publishes content will sooner or later be able to tell his success from his turnover. But not only new customers play a major role in social media marketing, social networks are also an excellent tool for recruiting personnel. This is because younger target groups in particular are interested in all kinds of news and media. Those who package their own job advertisement well can find good and many applicants without large investments. This is the power of your own community!

Evocations and recommendations

When it comes to owning a community, one’s thoughts inevitably turn to influencer marketing, which for many fashion companies plays a central role in the marketing of new fashion collections. Influencers are opinion leaders, they have distinguished themselves through special work and they are followed by 100,000, even millions of people. Of course, not all followers will immediately buy a particular product once it is shown, but it is in a very positive brand environment. The positive image inevitably colors the own product. This also belongs to the topic of community management. In which environment is your brand present? Who wears them? Who’s talking about her?

Market research and product development

Opinions about your product, reactions about service and support, conversations about your brand. You can read all this information very well in social media, e.g. through comments or ratings. No matter whether they are positive reviews or negative comments, as well as Shitstorms. They get feedback from their customers more directly than ever before, pure market research. Of course the survey is not representative, but through comments but also conversations that take place below your media, you get a lot of valuable information about your products, your service but also your team and your employees. This helps in the optimization of the own products and finally also in the product development. You see, social media is much more than just a marketing channel. Social media gives you the opportunity to listen permanently within your target group with an open ear. At the same time they have the possibility to send permanently.

Public Relations and Digital Everyday Life

Social media marketing is also an excellent tool for public relations. In the past, companies had to use press agencies and distributors to publish information. Today the Social Media Manager and a smartphone are enough. Information can be sent directly and directly to customers, prospects and the entire community. This form of communication has never existed before and that’s why the fashion world loves it! Large budgets are invested worldwide in social media marketing and influencer marketing. Rightly so, because everybody’s online these days. Apps like TikTok and Instagram are on average opened 8 times a day by the users, they spend more than 30 minutes here and not only inform themselves about new beauty products, they find inspiration to travel but also new gadgets for the kitchen or simply recipe ideas from the favorite supermarket. Social media has become digital everyday life, a world in which brands must be present, just as in real life. As a social media agency and social media consultant, we help you to find the right strategy to achieve your goals and indicators.

Community Management: Do you already know?

Reach alone doesn’t do much. 100,000 fans on Instagram cost $399. The first effect for the end consumer is of course a clear wow, this brand has 100,000 fans. However, there will be no interaction over the long term. This means that users will not stay and, of course, no users will be aware of your brand.

In social networks, the main focus is on maintaining one’s own community. This can range from simply asking questions that are really honest to find something out, to constantly accompanying you through everyday life with 10 Instagram Stories a day, two postings, a YouTube video twice a week, and a Facebook Posting published daily. In addition there is the reaction to comments, e.g. a simple thank you if another user has posted a heart. If users ask questions, e.g. on YouTube or Instagram, these questions should be answered by the Community Manager. In addition, there are direct requests, i.e. private messages sent by users. No matter if it is a question about return shipment, the query of a stock for a certain shoe or just the question when the new collection is finally available in the online shop. Community management is expensive but worth a lot all the time. Think back to the topic of influencer marketing. All major influencers have built their channels over many years, today you can live from their own reach. Some influencers achieve more than the biggest fashion magazines, so they see the impact of talking about a certain topic. You should look at your own community in the same way:

  • “Thank you so much for being here!”

Remember, the next fashion company is just a mouse click or a finger swipe away. Take your own community seriously and be really thankful that you are dealing with your brand. This enables you to achieve and implement all the above-mentioned advantages in your target definition, so that you are fully satisfied with your key figures or ideally even exceed all expectations.

Advertising and advertisements: Customer acquisition for fashion / Fashion

Apart from the initial objective and the ongoing community care, social media marketing is of course also about sales and the sale or acquisition of new customers.

A very complex topic, because if we only consider the campaign management of advertisements, we have to use many technical terms, for example re-targeting, setting pixels in the online shop for the traceability of user accounts, split test campaigns for the optimization of individual ad types up to target group definition based on various parameters such as interests, geographical and demographic data.

Simply put, social media ads allow users to be captured more accurately than ever before. Whereas in the past poster campaigns usually reached 95% of people who can’t do anything with their own product, today you can turn around and almost reach 95% of people who have a high probability of interacting with their own product or service. This can be done by the above means. By precisely controlling different target groups, different campaign groups can be created. Media are tailored to the individual target groups, texts adapted and of course played off against each other in different variants. Different texts and media meet different target groups, e.g. men between 30 and 35 years, with active life, from Germany. The next group will then be men aged 35 to 40. In another campaign, products are played out to 18 to 25 year old women and 25 to 30 year old women. In the end, many campaigns run against each other, a little later you can determine by reporting and monitoring exactly which campaigns had the highest success, e.g. the most clicks to the online shop and thus also successful sellers. Further investments will be made in these, the others will be reduced.

Content marketing and visual language of photos / videos

Organic growth or advertising, both excellent to generate fans. Ultimately, however, it always depends on the creativity in the concept, content marketing is everything! As a social media agency we not only take care of the strategies but also the production of the media.

Photos are very important for fashion companies, they are not only needed for magazines, lookbooks and your own online shop or even for print advertising at the point of sale, photos are also opt for social media. Fashion thrives on being staged. The staging on social networks is, of course, fraught with its own challenges and characteristics. These must be taken into account in the run-up to production. Not only concepts are important, but also props, outfits, models, locations and accessories.

Videos are becoming more and more important. WLAN is now available for free in every major city, not only in every major city, but also in many small towns and even more and more villages. In addition, the networks are being expanded and the capacities for data transmission are regularly doubling. Nowadays you can watch videos everywhere. And especially younger target groups under the age of 30 love to stream videos on their smartphones. Music videos, movies but also YouTube videos. We support clients in the conception, planning, organisation and production of films. Because unlike photo productions, video productions are very costly and therefore associated with relatively high costs. Therefore not only the production plans have to be accurate and detailed, also all teams, freelancers and self-employed persons have to be perfectly timed.

Ideally, a photo shoot should combine both disciplines and thus fill your own social media channels with even more creative content. Due to the diversified publishing strategy, that means not only single photos are posted, but also photo content especially tailored for social media channels, photo galleries where users can view several pictures by swiping or clicking, small videos, longer videos, it never gets boring on their social media channel! Target reached.

Social Media Consultant and Agency

You want to give your social media marketing into trusting hands? We support your fashion company as a social media agency with our experience, skills and network of first-class photographers, videographers and model agencies.