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Social Media Agentur: Düsseldorf – Welcome to Social Media One, your social media agency for performance. Creativity quickly becomes costly if no one thinks about the results! That’s why we as an agency stand for the combination of both aspects, performance oriented work as well as creative concepts. Fashion, Tourism, Real Estate & Co. Learn more about us, our services and agency here.

That’s why Social Media One, because for a large part of our clients we are the contact from the first workshop, concepts, strategy, content production, social media ads, to reporting (key figures) and sometimes also online/offline campaigns, at POS and at events.

Do you have any questions? On this page you will find a brief overview of our services as a social media agency, as well as links to further information, which you are welcome to use in advance. If you are interested in working with us, we look forward to receiving your email or your call to our agency.

Social Media Marketing: Quickly explained

Social Media Marketing – In Düsseldorf, NRW, but also throughout Germany. Social media marketing means taking both terms seriously. Social media = no brand communication, marketing = brand communication. Again, it means to connect both worlds, just as with creativity and performance!

Our social media experts will help you in Düsseldorf, with all important aspects and in all relevant social networks:

Stephan M. Czaja, Owner

Düsseldorf (DUS): Key figures

Social media marketing helps you, as a Düsseldorf company, to easily reach people from the entire city, the region or even the whole of Germany and Europe in a matter of seconds. In the Düsseldorf city area alone, you can reach more than half a million people!

Currently 79.9% of Germans are registered in a social network, so 4 out of 5 people. An extremely large advantage, compared to classic marketing campaigns, e.g. on billboard, TV, radio or flyer, with extremely high scattering effects and at the same time large time expenditure, as well as a high cost. Social media marketing key figures are available in real time (live).


Agency: Analysis, concept and community – setting goals

Analysis (in the workshop) – A look at the industry, product(s), target group(s) is the first step in the joint cooperation, on the way to a first concept and a final strategy, the red thread for your social media presence. This way the right and important keys can be drawn, for your social media strategy. The industry includes, for example, your competitors, as well as their activities in social networks. Extremely important is of course the product itself or the product range in relation to the target audience, the selection of social networks but also ultimate campaigns.

Strategy development: communication, media, postings

Strategy, social networks, creatives – As a social media agency, it’s all about reaching target groups efficiently. Accordingly, it is about the selection of social networks, but also about parameters such as the location. Do you want to reach your immediate neighborhood in Düsseldorf or the whole city? E.g. for local companies but also for insurance companies, banks or financial products. Do you want to reach not only the immediate area but the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany or even people in Europe and worldwide? These and many other parameters play into the social media strategy.

Efficiency and dwell time: We love data!

Activities, community, advertising and optimization – From the industry, to your specific products, the respective target group to the product, all this ultimately leads to the individual marketing actions in the individual social networks. Their individual degrees of effectiveness differ extremely. The respective user groups are different (age, interests, …), the respective reasons for the duration of stay are different, but also the end devices. When is what consumed by whom? Depending on this, the contents are prepared and coordinated.

You can also read a little more about what we do on each social network here:

Community: In Düsseldorf and Germany

Community – after your social media strategy comes the practical work of community management. The most important thing is regular communication (which has nothing to do with advertising). For this we create as a social media agency, also with productions in Düsseldorf on site photos, videos, GIFs and texts. All this very efficiently with good organization plan and later editorial plan. Through these plans and organizations, you as a customer also always have a good insight into our work as an agency and can always follow the red thread. We take care of the rest! From simple communication, content production, also photo studio booking, module booking, video editing, depending on what goals they pursue as a brand.


Selected Brands & Projects:




Press & Media


Selected Brands


Reach and advertising: achieving goals

99.9% of our customers have one big goal, qualitative reach. The more potential customers, the better. The big question, how do you reach them? Of course you can produce good content, but if you want high reach, and fast, you need social media ads (advertising).

Campaign switching: Reach for content, dark posts and evaluation

Campaign Switching – Paid Reach for Content, Dark Posts and Evaluation. Our core area, with so many testimonials from our clients, generating reach through ads. Especially companies and businesses have a hard time, after all you are competing against millions of people who provide creative content for free every day. In addition, social networks are largely funded by ad sales. Accordingly, it is difficult or very tedious to build reach solely through good content. Successful companies on social networks rely on advertising, especially through the advantage of targeting.

Targeted: Age, interest and Königsallee as a location

Targeting – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Youtube, targeting by parameters such as place of residence/location, age, interests, and much more. For example, if you are a Düsseldorf resident and only want to target people within a one-kilometer radius, that’s possible! You want to target only certain people, e.g. according to an age, at the same time in a certain radius (location) and with certain interests? No problem, everything is possible! With the possibilities and data of social networks, you can reach people more specifically than ever before! Forget about scattering on the radio, through billboard advertising or other classic methods. Reach people in emotional moments while they scroll through updates from friends and famous people (influencers and celebrities).

E-commerce and Google Ads/Native Ads – Tip!

Also for e-commerce and Google Ads/Native Ads – You also sell via your own online shop? Then please feel free to ask us about Google Ads and Native Ads. Both processes are almost identical, for large online shops we play in product databases, create product variations, and can thus directly transfer the key figures (KPI) from the online shop. In this way, you can see the success of your social media campaigns virtually live, in real time.

Geo-targeting: just one example of the benefits

You can even target people who are currently on Königsallee and who do not live in Düsseldorf but are just visiting. You could, for example, specifically advertise a POS campaign at the Düsseldorf KÖ.

Example parameter (advertisement):

  • Target: fashion retail, e-commerce sales and POS
  • Target group: persons aged 25 to 39 years
  • Interests: Fashion (e.g., frequent interaction with topics around “Vogue”).
  • Whereabouts: Exclusively persons in the city centre

Content, community and campaign analysis

Optimize KPIs – content, community and campaign analysis with subsequent monitoring and reporting. Of course, it’s not just about campaign creation, but also about KPIs, customer communication and optimization. Regular meetings with our social media experts keep you and your employees up to date on current campaigns and your community.

Tip. Social Media Workshops for your employees and our Expert Speakings. Well over 1,000 participants a year learn based on our concepts and strategies. Because we also pass on our knowledge to your employees, if you have the appropriate capacities. Often also as input for other departments and the next generation.

Contact and contact person

We look forward to your project, your brand, products and ideas! Get in touch with our contact persons here.

Social Media One

Core Analysis

Core Analysis

Channel, target group and competitor analysis with subsequent consultation and goal setting.



Social media goals and production strategy development, in person and on site



Social media concept, production and editorial plan from a single source. Reading tip: Social media strategy



Community management ensures organic reach and creates brand fans. Reading tip: Community Management

Social media ads


Campaign switching, paid reach for content, dark posts and evaluation. Read tip: Facebook Ads



Content, community and campaign analysis with subsequent monitoring and reporting. Reading tip: Monitoring


Customer communication

Regular appointments with our social media experts for strategy optimization. A little insight into best practice.



Brand advocates and referral marketing are a key tool in social marketing. Reading tip: Influencer Marketing



With expertise from food to fashion, we organize influencer events with top media output. Reading tip: Influencer Event



Our experts impart their knowledge in a focused way to your employees or guests. Read Tip! Social Media Speaker


Advanced training

We bring your employees up to speed and mentor you in social media marketing. Reading tip: Social Media Workshop



We work on brand fans, not followers. We crate presence with attention to detail. Reading tip: Social Media Agency.