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Social Media Agency – Concept, Strategy, Marketing: Social Media is getting more complex every quarter. The own channel, ads, community management and video marketing for Youtube and Facebook but also on Instagram, Instagram Shopping and Tik Tok. We accompany you with experience and creativity. Strategy, social ads and content production, virtual reality, up to performance for e-commerce, through Google Ads and Native Ads – with our young social media team, the international network and know how we are your contact in social marketing.

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Stephan M. Czaja, Owner

Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne – We network Germany. Social media marketing is the tool for referral marketing and the exact addressing of target groups through advertisements (pixel and retargeting). Our social media managers develop strategies and methods for companies from all over Germany. Youtube Video Marketing for shoes, Influencer Awards for insurance companies, Facebook Ads for banks, real estate, tourism, food or even fashion – the range is endless. Let’s develop your concept together, with smart social media tools and honest advice from digital natives.

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Social Media Agency: Berlin

You are not from Berlin? Here are a few key figures about the city: Officially there are 3.46 million inhabitants, unofficially even more and if you add the surrounding area, e.g. Potsdam, you can increase the potential in Berlin. That alone, with your immediate neighborhood, in a 20, 30 km radius. The more people talk about you and your brand, the more familiar your brand and your product will be to others.

  • Berlin

So it is in real life but also in social networks. So referral marketing is the big goal, through direct referral and indirectly, e.g. through likes, likes, comments or even direct messages, which are naturally answered by your good community management. Every single interaction increases awareness. So building awareness has never been so easy. Just think of the phenomenon of influencers, who are of course also very present in Berlin. Little effort, the reach. The very different than before, for example, with billboard advertising or radio advertising in Berlin. High investment costs, no interaction, many visual contacts but little performance.

Products and brands that are used by friends, that friends talk about, are trusted a lot. So use the mechanics, behind social media for your brand! Tip. You can still significantly increase your reach in which you place paid advertisements, social media ads. For example, you can reach people by interest, or targeted by location. E.g. directly in Berlin-Kreuzberg!


Social Media Agency: Düsseldorf

Social Media Agentur: Düsseldorf – Welcome to Social Media One, your social media agency for performance. Creativity quickly becomes costly if no one thinks about the results! That’s why we as an agency stand for the combination of both aspects, performance oriented work as well as creative concepts. Fashion, Tourism, Real Estate & Co. Learn more about us, our services and agency here.

  • Düsseldorf

That’s why Social Media One, because for a large part of our clients we are the contact from the first workshop, concepts, strategy, content production, social media ads, to reporting (key figures) and sometimes also online/offline campaigns, at POS and at events.

Do you have any questions? On this page you will find a brief overview of our services as a social media agency, as well as links to further information, which you are welcome to use in advance. If you are interested in working with us, we look forward to receiving your email or your call to our agency.

Social media marketing helps you, as a Düsseldorf company, to easily reach people from the entire city, the region or even the whole of Germany and Europe in a matter of seconds. In the Düsseldorf city area alone, you can reach more than half a million people!

Currently 79.9% of Germans are registered in a social network, so 4 out of 5 people. An extremely large advantage, compared to classic marketing campaigns, e.g. on billboard, TV, radio or flyer, with extremely high scattering effects and at the same time large time expenditure, as well as a high cost. Social media marketing key figures are available in real time (live).



Social Media Agency: Hamburg

Social Media Agency Hamburg: – Hamburg, port city, international location, many cultures and many ideas! Accordingly, the competition for companies in Hamburg is as great as in hardly any other city, even when it comes to social media marketing. Because every single minute thousands of photos are uploaded, thousands of messages are sent, plus hundreds of videos, no matter which social network. Standing out from the crowd, building reach and awareness, that’s the big goal in social media marketing. The better the strategy, the greater the success. Get to know the work of our social media agency on this page.

  • Hamburg

Companies from Hamburg, but also companies that want to generate fans or followers in Hamburg, find a strong target group in Hamburg that is also open to new ideas. Accordingly, Hamburg is one of the locations in Germany when it comes to innovation. Due to the large publishing houses, media houses but also fashion, tourism, a very own microcosm has formed in Hamburg. With 1.8 million inhabitants in the city alone, there is great potential in Wandsbeck, Hamburg-Nord, Mitte, Altona and Eimsbüttel.

The great advantage of social media marketing, the extremely exact address. You can, for example, learn even later, with social media ads only address people in the Hamburg city area. You can also select individual districts, or only people who are visiting and are currently in the HafenCity.


Social Media Agency Cologne

Social Media Agency Cologne – You are looking for a good social media agency for more reach, more performance and more attention for your brand, products or even new products (Lounge), then we are with our service portfolio, experience and expertise perhaps exactly the right contact! With clients in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia and all over Germany, we bring brands successfully forward, in Europe and even worldwide. On this page we want to give you a little insight into our work as a social media agency.

  • Cologne

Did you know how much potential there is in the city of Cologne alone and how much there is in the entire region and state of NRW? Here are a few key figures about the city: More than one million people live in the urban area of Cologne alone, and thus potential contacts, because 79.9% of the inhabitants are now registered in social networks! It gets even more interesting when you look at North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous area in Germany. However, NRW is not only the most populated area in Germany, but in all of Europe. Here in the region alone, you can reach over 16 million people.

For our clients, we usually manage national and international projects, but local marketing also plays a role from time to time, e.g. at influencer events or POS marketing campaigns.

Learn even more about us, our experts and our work, for your company, brand or product(s) here.


Social Media Agency: Munich

Social Media Agency Munich – When it comes to business, there is no other major city in Germany that can hold a candle to Munich. World market leaders, innovations, patents, which ultimately all need one thing, marketing. What is the most efficient marketing tool at the moment? Clearly social media marketing. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok are 4 biggest social networks. However, this is not where the journey ends. Depending on your target audience and product, you may also need to think about social networks like Twitter (short messaging), Twitch (gaming) or even Pinterest (creative). There are more and more social networks and accordingly, marketing measures within the platforms must be well planned and coordinated.

  • Munich

Currently, 1.47 million people live in Munich. If we look at the user rate of social media at the same time, then you have roundabout 1.2 million contacts, in Munich alone. And if you now add the surrounding area, or even cities like Nuremberg, Regensburg or Passau, you can quickly bring your potential reach up.

As already mentioned, the great advantage of social media marketing are especially the advertisements that you can send to individual people based on various parameters. E.g. as a tourism company that wants to specifically address people interested in travel, even more specifically, people who are interested in (for example) Mallorca. The parameters can be set so precisely that you reach young people exactly with your target area.

But you can also send your messages to only parts of the city, as well as Ramersdorf, Neuhausen, Bogenhausen or even Pasing and Schwabing. If you want to learn more about the topic, read on!