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Social Media Agency for Food & Drinks – In hardly any other industry there is so much competition as in the food industry. Not only in the supermarket and at the checkout, but also online new startups launch daily, from food delivery to new vegan or organic products, to energy drinks. An essential marketing tool for all: social media. In the last 10 years, social networks have become the ultimate platform for opinions, ideas and recommendations (but also criticism). A good social media agency gives you the right performance, with expertise and experience.

Social media marketing: what does it mean?

On this single page, we can of course not give you a complete, detailed breakdown of which strategies are used, e.g. in the individual social networks, for individual target groups, individual campaigns and individual time periods. But we can give you an impression of the cooperation with a good social media agency.

Analysis (in the workshop) – Who are you? A look at the industry, product(s), target group(s) is the first step on the way to your social media marketing concept. Depending on how much your social brand is already developed, it all starts with a basic understanding, from product to company philosophy, but also a look at existing buyers and target groups, depending on whether you are launching or relaunching a brand. All of this is best defined in person, in a joint workshop.

Strategy, Social Networks, Creatives

Strategy, social networks, creatives – In a social media agency, the concrete measures are created and defined in the second step: The choice of the right social networks, suitable for target group, the creative processes to attract the attention of the target group. Especially in the area of food and beverages, the competitive pressure is high. The right (effective) channels, are therefore all the more value. For the reaction of a single user, you usually have only 0.2 seconds, almost a blink of an eye.

Trends are to be considered in the food industry as well as evergreens. The right strategy mix, from emotions, familiar feelings but also modern elements, makes social media alive, including your community (customer loyalty and referral marketing).

Activities, community, advertising and optimization

Activities, community, advertising and optimization – from the first workshop to the social media concept to the strategy, you already know the way. Now it’s time for the activities in the social networks, depending on whether Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or other platforms. In addition to the postings, time periods and content of photos and videos, it is especially about the activation and maintenance of your own community. Exchange, not only positive, but also in the form of criticism, has never been so easy. Perfect for marketing campaigns, information, but also simply new tastes!

Who are you? Industry, products, target group

It all starts with understanding your unique marketing needs.

Industry: Brand positioning and competition

industry – first of all, it’s about clear brand positioning and differentiation within the food industry. From sweets for kids to muesli bars for more energy to energy drinks, each individual sector brings its own unique challenges. After focusing on the positioning within your industry, it’s about the concrete products that should ultimately be the focus of the social media measures.

Product: 90% focus of marketing

Product(s) – which product(s) are high in the prioritization of your measures? From single product types to different variations, e.g. for customers who produce different fruit juices. In large parts, the measures between energy drink and fruit juice are extremely different, mainly due to the different target groups.

Target group: Contact persons and consumers

Target Audience(s) – your target audience (potential buyers) is at the heart of any social media marketing consideration. As already mentioned, you only have a blink of an eye to ensure “attraction” (attention). Depending on the brand, product and measure, various factors are taken into consideration, e.g. interests but also locations, e.g. when it comes to social media advertising. You will find out why later!

Planning (Strategies, Creatives, Timing)

The following is about finding the right strategy and shaping it into the final concept.

Strategy development for connoisseurs

Strategy – Based on the product(s) and target audience(s), the basic marketing strategy is created. Such a strategy includes all creative work, packed in an editorial plan, with text, image or video. The posting periods but also the social networks are clearly predefined. Each action has its own goals, community building, reach building, or maybe just a single campaign. Ultimately, the strategy is your common thread, for employees, agencies but also your own community and of course existing customers (eg promotions).

Channel, target group and competitor analysis

Channel, target group and competitor analysis – your social media strategy can only be created through sufficient experience, best practice projects but also through the various analyses, around the effectiveness of the individual, available social networks, up to the competitor analysis. At which points is it worth jumping on a wave, at which points do you have to provide your own talking points? The better the analysis, the more effective the strategy and subsequent sales.

Analysis, similar to the offline world. Time periods, preferences and much more.

Social media concept: productive and delicious

Social media concept, production and editorial plan from a single source – with a good social media concept you can convert me random customers in the supermarket to real fans. Through the constant connection to your community, you can stay in constant interaction, spread information, but also collect feedback. We do the strategy, maintain the community and of course take care of the production of texts, photos and videos, uniformly prepared for publication, in the editorial plan. Everything from one source, Social Media One.

Activities and Community (organic)

Community – Community management ensures organic reach and creates brand fans. From larger, cross-media campaigns, in interaction with offline or other, digital communication channels, to the daily community management, the postings, comments, reactions.

Organic growth and community building

For organic growth and community building, one thing is important above all else, interactions. The more interaction, the more reach is generated. E.g. if a person comments on your post, a part of the friends immediately sees this comment. Accordingly, the content must activate, whether text, emoji, photo, photo gallery, video or other media preparation (eg 360 ° videos).

Depending on the types of food being advertised, this is where the specifics of food photography come in, the authentic, delicious look of food in visual media.

But organic reach building also means search engine optimization (SEO), for example for e-commerce, especially in the food sector, which is becoming increasingly digital. From food online shops, to restaurant orders, to subscriptions for fruit and vegetable boxes.

Through readable sales figures in the online shop, the scaling of the reach is also directly measurable, e.g. with paid reach(social media advertising). A very important aspect for online shops.

Advertising (paid coverage)

Campaign switching – Paid reach for content, dark posts and evaluation. Whether it’s organic food, vegan food, energy drinks or more remote industries like pet food, advertising on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or on Tik Tok will give you the reach you need.

The biggest advantage is that the reach is much more targeted than with classic advertising media (e.g. billboards). Users are addressed based on their interests, their age, their place of residence. This means that the message is targeted at the groups of people, interest groups, age groups that were defined in the social media strategy at the beginning.

Also for e-commerce and Google Ads / Native Ads – our social media agency is your contact for sophisticated campaigns, projects and ideas, not only in Germany, but also throughout Europe and worldwide. Not only in the field of social media marketing, but also with other distribution channels, such as Google Ads or Display Ads, we use to build reach for our customers.

Review and optimization

Optimize KPIs – content, community and campaign analysis with subsequent monitoring and reporting. Just as social networks are constantly evolving – ten years ago there was almost only Facebook as a central social network – ideas and of course individual campaigns must also constantly evolve. That’s why optimization, through analysis, is also part of our core business. We communicate the results with our clients in regular meetings with our social media experts for strategy optimization.

With a focus on performance, how do I build good media channels and community. We also provide the necessary reach and relevance.

Are you planning the relaunch of an existing brand?

Are you planning the launch of a new brand?

You have fresh (organic) food on offer, but are currently still reaching your limits? Then working with a social media agency might be just what you need right now for more performance!

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It all starts in the workshop – fruit juice, energy drink, online food store, with our experience and expertise you get your social media management from one source, Social Media One.

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