Social Media Concept: How it’s done – brand, reach, monitoring

Strong social media concepts rarely contain a single network or social media strategy. What makes them special is a perfect mix of different operational and strategic considerations for optimization. The initial steps are always concerned with the brand and its identity. Here, the special emphasis is placed on the emotions and messages that the social media channel, the visitor or the fan, should transport. There is no secret recipe, every project in social networks, has its own requirements. Step Two is always the range. Only fanpages or online projects with a certain number of fans can really benefit. The rule also applies here, each project has its own individual requirements. Especially platforms and affiliate projects demand a consistent mass of users – no matter whether real-estate portal or modelabel, group dynamics in social media platforms always emerges only through a certain, critical amount.

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That is why increasing your reach as a second step towards the social media concept is essential for your fanpage. Regardless of the platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.). Once the range is set up, it is already about optimization. In other words, through social media monitoring, we check the implemented measures and their success. We also calculate strategic points of attack, for example by means of content and postings that have worked well, by new trends or classic, but newly packaged promotion or marketing proposals.