Instagram Tips & Tricks – Get Follower, Increase Reach, Build Community

Community and Follower: What Does Success On Instagram Mean? All strategies and concepts in Instagram Marketing aim to build a strong and vital community. Especially the interaction, i.e. the frequency of comments and likes, plays an important role. Let’s look at a small example of best practice for the topic of interaction. In our small example, we as a company would like to expand the colour selection of our new product, which was very well received in anthracite. The question, which colour would our buyers prefer?

Success on Instagram = Strong Community

Your own social media community is a powerful tool for companies. Let’s just look at a few different aspects, the subject of market research and proximity to developments and trends. Anyone who manages to build up a community of over 10,000 fans has access to DeepL’s opinions and developments, which can of course be incorporated immediately into various other marketing instruments, but also into product development. A simple example would be a survey in the Instagram stories. With the question, which colour would you like best besides our standard anthracite? Within a few hours there can be hundreds, maybe even thousands of answers.

But it is also easier, e.g. when marketing a new product. While visitors have to be bought through search engines like Google through expensive advertisements, your own community can be reached quickly on Instagram. That’s success on Instagram, an active and large community. Whether advertising, market research or public relations for their own brand, their goal must be to create such a community. Let’s move from theory to practice, our Instagram Tips!

Inspiration and beautiful photos: Your A&O for Instagram

Big social media stars know it and say it in interviews, personality must be put in the background, Instagram is about beautiful photos!

Texts should almost always be avoided, cheerful people are much better, laughter. But before you start your first photo shoots for Instagram you should always get some inspiration! Instagram Tip, look at similar profiles as well as profiles of successful Instagram Stars. Which visual style is successful? Which kind of photos get more likes and which less likes? If photos have many comments, where does exceptional success come from? Above all, it’s about looking at successful photos and successful Instagram channels to get a feel for what image style and language to use on Instagram. Must? Of course you can always lean against the stream, but Instagram is used by users to provide distraction and a little entertainment. This means that Instagram is not a medium for complex content, such as economic issues or political facts.

Instagram is used by the users in such a way that the app is called, the new photos are looked at in the feed or stories are clicked through quickly one after the other. Each medium thus only gets a moment’s time. Therefore you should also learn from it, constant presence and constant new publications are very important. This is where Instagram Tips comes in later.

  • Before you start with Instagram, get inspiration from other Instagram channels
  • Photo with clear subject and focus
  • avoidance of fonts and too many details
  • Photos must be beautiful, not profound
  • Lifestyle, inspiration is in the foreground
  • everyday life and backstage, take people to places they can’t see themselves

Inspired? Save photos on Instagram

Tip! You can save the photos directly in Instagram in an archive. This function is very practical, because whenever you come across something interesting, you can save the photo directly. So you can also show it to your colleagues or employees. Even more practical, multiple folders can be created within the archive. So you can e.g. save inspiration for shootings in the car area, studio, products or even photos of the team.

Filter? No! effects and harmony of the Instagram Feeds

If you take your first photos on Instagram, you will of course stumble over the filters. Filters make photos more colorful, more spectacular, but nobody wants to see that. It is best not to use filters right from the start.

The Harmony of your Instagram channel is very important, because if users become aware of your Instagram channel, look at your Instagram feed, you will decide whether to follow them or not. If you have a harmonious overall look for your Instagram channel, you increase the possibility of making followers out of it with every single interaction with the fans. For this reason, it is worth not using filters right at the start of assembly.

But there are also corrections to the filters. Filters are placed over the entire image to give it a completely new look. Corrections are only slight adjustments, light, heat or even color saturation. To enhance photos directly in Instagram, only small corrections should be applied. A recommendation of our social media agency, hardly to be seen but a slight optimization:

  • light correction + 8 % brightness
  • heat correction + 8 %
  • Colour saturation + 8 %

Light correction generally makes the image brighter, warmth makes the whole image friendlier, if you remove warmth from the image, you make it colder. A practical effect for the winter. The colour saturation makes the whole picture a little more colourful, the apple a little redder and the sky a little more blue. By only 8%, however, the changes are so minimal that they leave no image processing effect.

Profile picture, description and regular content

Next in the focus of our Instagram tips, the profile picture and the description comma or on Instagram the so-called biography. Your profile picture should be clear and meaningful, since the preview picture usually has only a few pixels available. The thumbnails in Instagram are small round icons that contain the image of the respective Instagram account. Our recommendation for your profile picture:

  • Goodly recognizable portrait
  • Understandable brand logo
  • Recognition is in the foreground

All other media content does not provide for any recognition. Other details in the picture should be omitted completely. As described above, just a portrait or just a brand logo. The profile picture should not be changed too often, as it ensures recognition as described. So if you fly over four or five photos in the timeline within a few seconds, you want them to quickly and easily recognize that this is one photo of them. This is ensured by the profile picture, which must therefore be kept as simple as possible.

Next up is the biography. The biography briefly describes what you do as a company, services or contact possibilities. The biography is especially for the users who become aware of us for the first time. So you click on the user name Iris Instagram Accounts and land on your Instagram channel. Again, only a few moments remain before the user goes back or further. Here you have to convince the user quickly and explain in a nutshell what they do, what they stand for and why it is worth following the channel.

Another tip, in the biography should definitely be used emoticons. You probably know the famous phrase, pictures say more than a thousand words. It’s the same with emoticons. As a crafts enterprise, you can use a hammer to quickly and easily explain what it is all about. The same goes for food companies, the hotel industry and fashion companies. Here you will find a list with

This is what an exemplary good description in the biography looks like:

💥 get scouted today, tag @cocaine.models
Model and artist management

Line 1 – Direct call to action for job applications (plus increased reach through markers); perfect tool for discovering new talents

Line 2 – description of the activity, short and concise

Line 3 – Contact Option for Clients and Applications

The last step for a good channel, the editorial, permanent support with new contents. Now it gets memorized, we come to the editorial plan.

Editorial plan: When and what to post?

Depending on how big your company is, you are still responsible for your social media channel yourself, you have a first employee who takes care of it in addition to the actual work or you even have your own small team that specifically takes care of social media marketing and the various channels from Instagram to Facebook, tiktok, Twitter and YouTube.

Either way, you have to post every day. Why is this so important? Only through regular postings, one has regular mentions. Here frequent users will hear their name that you are more likely they will fall back in case of a purchase decision on your product rather than on the competition. Whether it’s a service or a classic physical product, modern apps for smartphones or financial services, the more users have heard of your brand, the more likely they are to choose. Advantage 2, regular postings not only increase brand awareness among people, through frequent interaction also increases the likelihood that they will become followers of their social media channel.

Regular contributions make you more interesting, because the users know that they get added value on their channel, e.g. the daily inspiration with fashion comma the small lifehacks for mini-games of a certain app or even city tips a hotel chain. It is important that the users permanently get added value from you in order to have the incentive to follow them.

An editorial plan can help a lot, because you think about the content that will come, at the same time a certain period of 14 days or 30 days is planned, so that you can concentrate better on the actual business, you do not have to invest time daily for inspiration. The daily work then focuses on community management, e.g. answering comments and direct messages.

The editorial plan can be designed very simply, a key point list with the daily contents. This includes not only photos, but also texts, but we will come to ingenious texts later. Now we have learned everything about profile picture, biography, inspiration for our own picture language, the next step is now the community building! Love your first 1000 fans, because they are the first to appreciate your new social media concept for Instagram and the first potential 1000 brand ambassadors for you.

Community building: How to build your first 1000 followers

As in our Facebook Marketing guide, our biggest recommendation for Instagram is for the first 1000 fans! They are the first to value their brand, their new social media concept and they are also the first to be their potential new brand ambassadors in Instagram.

Never leave a comment unanswered from the beginning. The minimum, press like for each individual comment. Ideally, they will use their social-media-manager to respond to every single comment under every photo and video on Instagram. 85 % of all companies underestimate this part and do not care about their community-management. While large budgets are set in shootings, hardly anything is invested in involving the existing fans in their own campaign. But it’s these fans who are the big capital on Instagram. Your big target. Your own community. Therefore, as just recommended, start by actively commenting on other comments from the beginning. Reply directly to messages, here you can also use very well to refer to your website or online shop. But you can also involve your users by asking questions or by using Instagram Stories and surveys, which we will come to later.

Technical aspect of virality

You can stretch this concept up and down. Take just as much care of your first 100 fans, these 100 followers are your first brand advocates. Ben one of these followers comments on one of their media content, the probability that one of his or her friends also get to see the posting from them increases. When they respond, the interaction increases again. If the user joins a conversation and makes another comment, they are even more likely to appear in the feeds of the user’s friends.

organic aspect of virality

Not only the algorithm will bring them up in the frequency of the advertisement, i.e. their reach will increase, also the users themselves will tell more frequently about their brand. A small practical example, use AB comments 10 photos. Out of 10 brands, only one brand responds to the comment. Will the user become a friend? Yes, of course. The probability of a recurring interaction, i.e. a new comment or likes, will increase.

Commitment and Interaction: Creating Value Added

Encashment and interaction means creating more value. As described before by the involvement of followers through active likening and commenting but also through own activities.

Added value always means something for the user that he can’t get anywhere else. Starting with the regular postings, so that e.g. the technology freak gets his technology news every morning, but also fashion victims who want inspiration for new outfits every morning and evening. It continues with practical tips and lifehacks from everyday life, so the DIY store could give practical garden tips in summer and then in autumn it goes to the living room and kitchen. They can give the user insights, for example into production processes but also photo shootings. Added value can be generated in many places. As a social media agency, we help you to highlight the right and important features and exploit them in a smart strategy. Let yourself as a user on your own channel to develop understanding of their followers.

But added value can also be much more. Do you happen to own your own shop space? Through exclusive promotions and events, the digital world and the real world can be combined very well. The same is also true for online shops, you can give practical saving tips, e.g. coupon codes that are valid for only two hours and that is of course only available exclusively on your Instagram channel!

Hurry up with the concept and the technical details, don’t forget one thing, the emotions!

Texts and emoticons (emoji)

Writing good and ingenious texts is not easy, because Instagram doesn’t have much space. Messages must be packaged very briefly. That’s why it’s important to have a very good advertising text, which brings new, good little texts every day, which have nothing to do with advertising but go on a very personal track. On the other hand it is important to use emoticon. Because we all know the famous phrase, pictures say more than a thousand words! The same applies to emoticons, which help to convey emotions quickly and easily. Just as we already talked about emoticons in the biography and their power for a quick explanation, the hammer for the craftsman, the office building for the real estate agent, the dress for the Moda online shop, the same principle naturally also applies to postings. A heart quickly says you like something very much. An astonished smiley shows you’re surprised. Messages can be transported more easily by Sophie.

Basically, every company and every Instagram channel must find its own standards. For the mentioned fashion online shops we recommend very short and concise descriptions, with other brand names in the description, for the image transfer. Positive image transfer is not only achieved by mentioning other brands, but also by mentioning other instagram channels. Another advantage is that the other channels become aware of the marking. Which helps to generate first likes again. In a nutshell:

  • short and concise descriptions, usually no more than 20 words
  • Emoticons for fast emotional effect
  • Mark other profiles and brands for reach and image transfer
  • Call to action offers
  • Precise Hashtags, we’ll get to that later

Call-to-action in the post and stories

Call-to-Action means a direct reference to our ultimate goal. Would you like to sell a smartphone via the online shop? Then point this out directly to the user:

“now the model XY is available in our shop! Now be one of the first!”

Of course, Instagram is not explicitly about advertising products. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t point that out directly. Therefore, make sure in your postings that you advertise your services or products accordingly. If the users are already interested in the photo or the video and now come to the description, you want information. So it’s not a contradiction in terms. Rely therefore on Call-to-Action offers to increase your sales.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories accompany you as a company or as a person through everyday life. No complex production, simple ideas and best just accompany. This saves a lot of time and really takes your users with you. If you are a wholesaler, for example, you show the beautiful photos on your postings, the feet and in your Instagram Story you really take the users with you, e.g. to the large warehouses, to the presentation of new products or simply to the breakfast table. People get deeper insights into their intentions, but thoughts also get the private touch Instagram needs.

The Instagram Stories can be placed on the left, unlike the Postings. For example, if you are introducing new products, you can directly inform the user that a swipe up, i.e. a wipe up on the smartphone, will bring them directly to your product.

  • Little planning, little effort
  • Constant accompaniment in everyday life, in (almost( all situations
  • Private insight for users
  • Instagram Stories are only 24 hours available
  • links to online shop and website possible

Admittedly, very few entrepreneurs want to do instagram stories. Instagram stories, like any marketing tool, must be viewed to be pulled through. The form of marketing is admittedly different from classic poster advertising, yet it is very effective, especially when the community grows to over 10000 followers.

Many customers also ask us how many hashtags should we use and which hashtags should we use?

Use the right hashtags

When companies start with Instagram, there are often 20, 30 hashtags among the postings. Is that really effective? Let’s take a look at the practice.

Without going too deeply into the matter, the Instagram algorithm is structured in such a way that media content is usually displayed in the newsfeed for 24 hours, 72 hours and a maximum of one week. Depending on relevance. However, the majority of media has disappeared after 24 hours, as billions of photos are uploaded every day. What can we as a company take out of this learning for our Instagram Tips?

Heat map Positioning in online marketing

We all know the search engine Google, the most important platform when it comes to questions on the Internet. Where can I find something? What does something mean? What does something stand for? Where can I find more information about something? The golden brisk in online marketing is number one. The closer you are to this position, the more often you are clicked. Whether on Google or instagram. Here one sees once very beautifully on the basis of the largest search machine of the world on what the views of the user focus, green frequently, yellow very frequently and red almost exclusively.

Let’s take a beauty company as a practical example. This beauty company produces eyeliner. If we take a look at the Hashtag Eyeliner, we will see that the top posts usually have thousands of likes. In order to appear here in the trainings, we as you have to generate so many Likes. On the other hand, we disappear somewhere in the archives. From this we can conclude that if we find hashtags that are not played on so often but are interesting for our industry, then we can use them. In our best-practice example we now find out in the analysis on Instagram that there is very little material on eyeliners and tutorials. So we could occupy this topic profitably and we will do it. In this way a comma is created in the small example, through the entire analysis process a final strategy or conception for the instagram contents. The more specific our content is, the faster you can build a community, since the competition is proportionally lower.

You can now conclude from this that you are focusing on a few hashtags that are relevant to you. As a rough rule of thumb we can say:

  • Three general hash tags like #Beauty, #Eyeliner, #Makeup
  • 3 special hashtags for the image #Contour, #Makeuplover, #Eyeshadows

So their releases are specially marked but not overloaded with hashtags. Another Instagram tip, many trust at the beginning on hashtags, which are conveyed to them on social media blogs with dangerous half-knowledge, maybe you’ve also seen a hash tag like #Like4like. On the one hand these hashtags are completely overrun, on the other hand it doesn’t really promote their interaction. Because we only give you a Like for a Like, if it would be like that, would not be a real fan and therefore only a ghost account. A one-time interaction, nothing more. Of course there are also hashtags like #Follow4follow. Suppose that’s how they get to 1000 front. None of this case but is really a brand fan and none of these followers will interact with their channel in any way. Ghost accounts again. What you want is a real community, with real brand fans who follow them because they want information and updates about them. Therefore, completely dispense with such hashtags and concentrate on qualitative hashtags.

Smartphone or SLR camera? The comparison

That was a lot of instagram tips! Now comes the big question everyone has. Do we need a professional SLR camera? If you have a modern smartphone nowadays, the camera technology is already so far that you can produce 100% of your content with the smartphone. From photo with focus, various sharpen or timelapse functions to elaborate videos that can even be edited on smartphone. In comparison, the differences between smartphone and SLR camera are actually not great. Social networks are mostly opened on smartphones, mostly in the app, rarely via the website. As a rule, all media are opened within an app on a smartphone. The size of the screen is therefore limited, not only on the smartphone, but also on the tablet. In contrast to large-format advertising posters, for example billboards or citylights, it does not depend on an extremely high number of megapixels, but only on the quality of the photos. Since the photos are not zoomed or displayed in XXXL, modern smartphones are absolutely sufficient for content production.

Of course, there are areas in which you also need additional equipment, from the SLR camera to the gimbal for camera movements or drones. Nevertheless, our recommendation as a social media agency, before you invest your money in a SLR camera, they better organize a high quality smartphone. Two birds with one stone, because you or your social-media-manager have all social networks on one smartphone and the whole production. This saves file transfer and communication channels, enables live postings but also live interaction with the followers on Instagram. For example, Instagram TV.

Instagram Tips and Advice

These were our Instagram tips and basics, directly as a recommendation from our social media agency. If you have any further questions about Instagram Marketing, we are here to help you. With numerous references, friendly and young team, we look forward to your call or e-mail.

Instagram Tips: Arithmetic & Advisor

Social Media Marketing Goals: 9+1 Strategy for strategic success

Social Media Marketing Objective – We give you a free insight into the strategy objective of a social media marketing agency. What exactly is the big goal in social media marketing? The subject of social networks is so new that there is hardly any well-founded long-term expertise. While social media managers are slowly getting used to Facebook, YouTube is a bit understood, Instagram is back and Tik Tok is already in the starting blocks. Apart from this, there are also certain networks that fulfil their purpose for certain purposes, e.g. in public relations Twitter, in addressing B2B customers LinkedIn and for the Asian market Wechat. Different social networks bring with them individual challenges. Not only the individual social networks, but also the different bases of products, services, companies and brands.

  • Who sends his information?
  • Who should be reached?
  • What exactly are the goals of the social media marketing strategy?

As a social media agency we have ten goals in focus, depending on the client and project in different elaboration and priority setting.

All goals are interconnected, mutually dependent, promote each other, but can also have an equally negative effect on each other. This is why it is so important to focus on a targeted concept right from the start when setting up your own social media channel. Let’s look at the individual goals in detail.

Increase of brand awareness in a certain target groups

The A&O for every company, the absolute focus, the increase of own brand awareness within a certain target group. The choice of social networks varies according to the target group. From the one extreme, the fashion company with worldwide representations and shops in every major city, the large mass audience from child to senior, the choice of strategy and social networks differs to the other extreme, the large corporation with excellent B2B business model, completely without retail business and great public attention. Here the work focuses on specific social networks and public relations. Quite different from the big fashion company, which lives from daily publications, constantly changing visual languages, competitions, up to events in the local shops. Influencer marketing for the general public, TV events and their exploitation for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and many more.

Ultimately, however, it’s always about more customers, more prospects, more reach.

The more people talk about their own brand, the more frequently it is mentioned, the more customers will fall back on the brand if necessary. Therefore, one of the absolute priorities for companies that want to do social media marketing is to increase their brand awareness.

Winning new customers and generating fans

How do you achieve brand awareness in social networks? By generating fans, i.e. people who follow them, they increase the attractiveness of your social media channel, your brand and ultimately promote the acquisition of new customers.

The term social media marketing already contains the big term marketing. Marketing itself deals with many disciplines. From their studies, many social media managers are certainly still familiar with the classic business terms about product and pricing policy, but also publicity. Marketing does not only deal with advertising but also with psychological and economic aspects. These factors also play an important role in social networks.

In order to generate new customers, the primary goal must be to generate fans. Even the first 100 fans should be regarded as very valuable by small companies. They are the first 100 brand advocates who can make their brand known through recommendation but also through interaction. The larger the community, the more people will talk about it, mention its brand in articles or give positive or negative reviews. The more people talk about their brand, the more important it is perceived. Ultimately, it is this increase in your own reach that will bring you the new customers you initially wanted in your objectives.

Interaction with customers / Increase of customer loyalty

What makes social networks so strong is the changed communication model. There used to be rigid structures, from the PR agency to the final output in magazines or on TV. Today, every company can become a broadcaster itself and thus ensure daily interaction with its own audience. The more frequently your own brand is perceived, the more it is anchored in people’s minds. We just had that in the part about winning new customers. The next step is to keep our newly won fans and customers. It is also a matter of convincing those who have not yet decided of our product or service. Communication is the highest standard and the third goal for social media planning.

What makes a community successful? Conversations, interactions, comments, I like expressions, evaluations, any form of interpersonal communication. The more present we are ourselves, e.g. by answering comments and questions, or by specifically involving the community through surveys or other means, the more present we are. But the more the users feel taken seriously. Whether the big idol, the influencer or the big brand, in this case you! Users want added value and they want to be valued. Note that in their objective.

In order to initiate new topics at all, they constantly need new content. To encourage interaction you should interact daily with your fans. Regularity makes a big difference. For example, the morning posting with inspiration for outfits in everyday life and in the evening the special features for holidays to evening dress. Every day there is new inspiration and every day the fans can exchange ideas with each other.

Revenue increase

After talking about our goals of generating fans, new customer acquisition and interaction, i.e. the regular exchange and keeping on our social media channel, we are now talking about the central economic argument for social media marketing, the increase in sales.

Almost all companies pursue the goal of increasing sales on social media.

  • How can we increase sales in the online shop?
  • How do we get more newsletter subscriptions?
  • How can we market digital products even better?
  • How do we lure fans into our local shops?

In order to optimize sales, there is the described way of organic growth but also the possibility of advertising. Advertisements can be controlled extremely precisely by various possibilities in the Advertisement Manager. A small example, for real estate companies, advertising on Facebook can be targeted and placed separately, women aged 45 to 50, 50 to 55, but also men. These target groups can in turn be subdivided into different clusters, some are leisure-oriented, others are interested in saving money and investing capital. Different small advertisements are designed for all target groups, which are then tested against each other in a split test. The ads that generate the most deals will be equipped with more budget.

Whether organic sales or targeted sales through advertisements, especially content, that is the photo and video content but also the text or the use of certain classifications plays a large role. Which visual language is convincing and which visual language produces the desired effects? Not only for our goal of increasing sales, but also for other social media marketing goals such as personnel recruitment.

Personal Recruitment in Social Media

Many companies are growing and are desperately looking for qualified personnel. In the classic job portals for vacant jobs, many companies go under. Especially if you don’t have 200 vacancies directly available like large corporations, but maybe only three. But even with 20 jobs, there are reasons why it is worth switching to social media marketing for personnel recruitment, because job advertisements are expensive.

An important goal in their social media strategy should be to recruit their staff. Because in social networks you will not only find older and experienced staff, especially the young audience is at home here. Motivated young people for vocational training, internships in the agency or even for permanent employment in the company. Social networks are excellent for finding personnel.

On the one hand, you can use your own community for recruiting personnel. Many people know friends who are looking for a job and recommend you as a company. This might not only bring you a good application but maybe even a new fan! Here you can also see how powerful the development of your own social media community is, not only for boosting sales and winning new customers, but also for recommending people within circles of friends, e.g. when looking for a job. On the other hand one can fall back naturally also on advertisements, here one invests indeed a little budget, for it one can go extremely exactly to target groups. For example, if you are looking for new trainees in the Berlin area, you can optimize the advertisement exactly to the Berlin area, select young people between 16 and 19 years, they can even consider interests, for example, if they come from the real estate sector, furniture or even sports manufacturers. In this way you will find new personnel even more targeted and cheaper.

Service and support for questions and suggestions

In the area of customer retention, service and support is of course an absolute A&O and thus also one of her goals for the social media marketing strategy.

Social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are ideal for interacting with your target audience. No matter whether you are interested, a new customer or a regular customer, everyone can inform themselves 24 hours a day about products, call up news or even send questions.

Community management must therefore also be taken into account in personnel planning. It is not only about the publication of new content, the service also plays a major role. Before products are returned directly or before purchases cannot be made at all, users can inform themselves independently and immediately. For all questions you should always have an employee, because if questions are not answered, this will be noticed by other users and they will not even interact with their channel. When other users see that they are responding to questions, they will also feel encouraged to ask a question if you are interested in your product or service but are not yet fully convinced.

As you can see, all goals of our social media strategy are conditioned by each other. Therefore, keep an overview of all aspects and, depending on your internal capacities, weight in which of the goals you are investing more or less personnel resources.

Market research and opinion poll: crowdsourcing

Those who can provide sufficient capacities can also use their own social media channel portfolio for market research. In the past, 1,000 people from 20 employees would have had to be called to get a picture of a certain opinion, but today it is enough to start a survey on Instagram or Facebook. If your own community is large enough, you get enough feedback to develop your product further or to optimize new products in advance.

When it comes to market research, you can not only ask questions to wait for feedback from your fans, you can also use the existing user generated content. User Generated Content means that users have created independent content. This User Generated Content can, for example, consist of comments that were posted below their last posting. In these comments, some users will react positively and some may react negatively. You can absorb these negative aspects, of course also the positive ones, directly and immediately. All social networks, as well as search engines, offer the possibility of evaluation. From the ratings they can read praise but also criticism, another indicator for the opinion of their interested parties. There are of course several other aspects, for example the amount of interactions on a single photo, that is the amount of information and comments I like. The more often you interact with a photo or video, the better it will be received by the community.

However, market research does not stop with your own community; of course, the social media channels of your competitors are also publicly accessible. What do your competitors do? What do the fans of your competitors like and what can you perhaps incorporate into your concept? These and other questions can be asked when looking at other social media channels. This in turn provides valuable insights that ultimately make market research one of the major goals of social media marketing.

Influence on Social Web and PR

Just a decade ago there was a clear transmitter receiver model. Few media had a large reach and very many tried to position themselves within these media. Any form of communication must of course be adapted accordingly. This means that forms of information must be changed. An immediate and direct communication of the own opinion or the own, desired contents was not possible. Whether it’s the species or the quantity. With the changes of Web 2.0 and the associated development of social networks, this model has changed fundamentally. Today, anyone can reach a worldwide audience free of charge and without delay. Placing the right content quickly attracts attention. No large medium is needed for publication, only a platform that is accessible to everyone free of charge.

There are glaring examples from politics, for example. The U.S. president uses the social network Twitter as the channel. While press representatives from renowned newspapers and TV stations have to queue up at his desk, he communicates his opinion several times a day via Twitter. He can publish his words directly and unadulterated. This is a complete paradigm shift. Just think of the influencer phenomenon. 19 year old, 20 year old people, who unite millions of fans behind them through their hard work. Without a large network, without the help of TV or magazines. A whole new world.

This is exactly what makes social media indispensable as a PR tool and makes the immediate flow of information one of the goals of your social media concept. And this is not always about the great world politics, they can send everyday messages without being subject to any limitation. From a small savings offer on Friday to a change in the team. Any kind of information can be sent directly and immediately to the audience.

Competition monitoring of the competition

What’s your competition? Instead of sending employees to the shops of the competition, as in Hollywood films, it is now enough to take a look at the competitors’ social media channels.

  • Where do you see the new trends?
  • Which videos or photos work very well for you? Have you found any new features such as Facebook Shopping and Instagram?
  • How do you make YouTube work?
  • How do you send users to the online shop?
  • Uses our competition advertising and if so how?

As open as they are in their strategy with their audience, so is their competition. Therefore, one of the big goals in social media marketing is to always keep an eye on the competition. So you can constantly improve your own online presence, whether social media or the way to the online shop. Therefore, also include the observation of your competitors in your social media concept.

As always, all goals are closely linked, the data from market research within our community, the information we get from the social media channels of our competitors, all of which ultimately flows into the optimization of our appearance. Think back to our first social media marketing goal, brand awareness. In order to continue to optimise our success, we should also always work on improving the image of our brand. Here our brand defines, the more accurate and compact the information, the more success your company will have with social media marketing.

Image optimization and positive images

Once you have successfully mastered all the goals, you can now come to permanent image optimization. Starting with the graphic preparation for the cover pictures, up to the profile picture and of course also the regular publication on our social media channels up to more complex procedures, like the aforementioned optimizations of different advertising campaigns, in which we play out different media contents to different target groups in order to find at the end the advertisements, which bring the largest turnover increase.

In addition to the visual image, of course, there is also the content. What are the messages in our text and how are they structured? Often only two or three lines remain, after which our texts are interrupted by a “read on” or “read more”. This forces social media managers to optimize the descriptions.

From the visual and textual to the emotional level, of course. Post only sales content, the social media channel will deliver little performance. That’s why we also need content that appeals to the emotional side of our community. From the cute office dog to the fun of lunch. Depending on the company, the concept looks different, but they see that they also have to bring in the emotional side and not only rely on advertising content.

By this constantly optimized and positive image of your company you achieve a lot in the area of image. From the mentioned recruitment of new and motivated employees to sales optimization.

PRGear: Fitness meets function – New sports brand w/ Instagram star fabianxarnold

Sport is so important! I myself try to go to the sport at least four times a week, in addition to the advertising agency, I need my compensation! Out of this motivation and through the good acquaintance with Men Blogger Fabianxarnold, we have now to a completely new area! Fitness apparel, gym gloves, pull-ups , everything the athlete’s heart desires. We attach particular importance to fitness meets function.

X2 Lite for flexibility in sports

X1 and X2 – Quick stowed and perfectly protected for hand and wrist

Our focus is initially on gloves. Two designs, each in two variations for extra stability or extra flexibility. The X1 is worked very minimal and should be proven especially for the everyday language use. Only fast stows and protects the most important zones of the hand form and load. The X2, on the other hand, is even a little more sophisticated, for the entire hand and wrist protection. Also in two variations, with extra stability or extra flexibility.

PRGear Sports and Fitness Fashion for Men and Women

Our joint venture consists of three players, us as a marketing and advertising agency, responsible for the beautiful look and functionality of the online shop and the search engine optimization, men blogger Fabian, with over 100,000 fans on Instagram as an athlete for authentic products and just traveling is, in Australia, after the long planning time. From there he always sends us new impressions! And Mia Shop, for friendly customer service, fast distribution and, of course, product development, in close cooperation with everyone involved. Real custom work and 100% commitment.

A new startup is born, Sport & Sportswear

We are looking forward to the coming months and years with our new brand. In addition to our gloves, we now have three more designs online. XT1 shirts, for men and women, for women especially in boyfriend style, special training shirts for men but on a sports jacket for training (XZ1).

Product video of X1 and X2 for Insta & amp; Facebook Marketing

In collaboration with our video production, we’ve designed this first Instagram / Facebook video among others – as well as other product videos for the X1 and X2. The Facebook video is of course specially tailored to the fact that the fewest mobile devices, the media content, that is videos, play with sound. That’s why the text overlays are very present. By putting product videos in focus on the social network, Fabian is already very active, Instagram. So the videos are designed to be in style and length.

X1 Fitness Glove Product Video for Facebook / Instagram

X1 Details for the Onlineshop / Video

Learn more about X1 fitness glove

X2 Details for the Onlineshop / Video

Learn more about X2 fitness glove

Social Media Concept: How it’s done – brand, reach, monitoring


Strong social media concepts rarely contain a single network or social media strategy. What makes them special is a perfect mix of different operational and strategic considerations for optimization. The initial steps are always concerned with the brand and its identity. Here, the special emphasis Read more

Social media concept: How it works – brand, reach, monitoring

Strong social media concepts rarely include only a network or a social media strategy. What makes them so special is a perfect mix of different operational and strategic considerations for optimization. The first step always deals with the brand and its identity. Here, special emphasis is placed on the emotions and messages that your social media channel should convey to visitors and fans. There is no secret recipe, every project in social networks has its own demands. Step two is always the reach.

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brand and identity – Being distinctive

First of all, it is therefore important to become aware of yourself, your own brand and its effect on other people. Projects differ, as do their target groups. If you serve a young target group with your brand, product or service, it is advisable to choose a different mix of social media platforms than for older target groups. In general, the rule of thumb is that the younger the network, the younger the users.

Network mix based on target groups

While classic networks such as MySpace and StudiVZ have long since been off the market, new networks are conquering the market with new concepts. Especially on mobile devices Facebook & Co., communication, always and everywhere work. In the past, it was necessary to combine so many media and possibilities to provide the user with a multimedia experience. Today, social networks often start with only one purpose. Twitter was intended to distribute short text messages around the world. Instagram was designed to share pictures with friends. New social networks bring even more blatant ideas. Snapchat, for example, does not keep information permanently available. Postings are only visible to users once, and then never again. A new incentive that attracts especially young target groups. So the longer social networks exist, the more likely it is that younger users will migrate to alternative social networks. This can also be seen in the industry giant, where older users (for social networks) are particularly active. Facebook has become a synonym for social platforms on the web – that’s why there are now also older, few internet-savvy users. At the same time, Facebook probably has the most purchasing power of all social networks. In addition, it is one of the most mature platforms for social media marketing in terms of targeting and retargeting.

Media Plan: Who are you?

After the appropriate networks have been selected, clear capacities and topics are now defined. This means that the concept includes the frequency of interaction as well as the type. No matter if you can write a new post 3 times a day or only 3 times a week, it is important to deliver new content regularly. This way you strengthen your presence through a constant, evenly distributed flow of information. The second important factor are the topics of your postings in social networks. The easiest, most sensible way is still the classic question in marketing: What do I want to offer? What does my customer expect? With an intelligent mix of existing materials and the needs of potential customers, you can post relevant topics. For a jeweler this could be the cleaning of certain metals or materials, for a make-up producer it could be the regular styling tip. It is important to engage with the user and offer content with added value. Then visitors will interact with their contributions, link them and share them with friends. They in turn trust the information because it comes from friends. So choose wisely:

  • your target group on the Internet

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increase of range – media strategy

Increasing the range is sometimes a costly and lengthy undertaking. If you consider the important decisions from the first step, the choice of target groups, network and topics, as so often, a good foundation stone has already been laid. If you follow step 1 alone, you will sooner or later win fans and followers for your project with your personal or company fan page. With a deeper social media strategy, however, success in reach and interaction can be increased. The A&O for your fan page: Get users to interact with your content:

  1. Post of external, i.e. foreign content, is equally interesting for your fans
  2. use questions, address people
  3. Request user to actively comment


Everything else, more intensive, is difficult for individuals or companies to implement without a social media manager. Starting with interesting options such as retargeting through your own website, target-group-specific campaign control in Facebook Ads & Co. or monitoring. For these, more specific tools to increase reach, we always recommend an agency or a social media expert at your side.

Step 3: Social media monitoring – key figures and results

Let us now come to the evaluation of all measures, the monitoring. How much effort does which area, which action, which idea… and more importantly, what success do the individual concepts for growth and expansion bring? All this can only be determined through controlled operative work. The constant optimization and improvement of your own social media concept should therefore always be the top priority. Those who manage to understand their visitors and fans also know how to advertise for them and how to convince them themselves – no matter if it’s a product, brand or service. Social networks require a feel for the subject, again every job on the customer. Optimization is therefore always part of success.

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