PRGear: Fitness meets function – New sports brand w/ Instagram star fabianxarnold

Sport is so important! I myself try to go to the sport at least four times a week, in addition to the advertising agency, I need my compensation! Out of this motivation and through the good acquaintance with Men Blogger Fabianxarnold, we have now to a completely new area! Fitness apparel, gym gloves, pull-ups , everything the athlete’s heart desires. We attach particular importance to fitness meets function.

X2 Lite for flexibility in sports

X1 and X2 – Quick stowed and perfectly protected for hand and wrist

Our focus is initially on gloves. Two designs, each in two variations for extra stability or extra flexibility. The X1 is worked very minimal and should be proven especially for the everyday language use. Only fast stows and protects the most important zones of the hand form and load. The X2, on the other hand, is even a little more sophisticated, for the entire hand and wrist protection. Also in two variations, with extra stability or extra flexibility.

PRGear Sports and Fitness Fashion for Men and Women

Our joint venture consists of three players, us as a marketing and advertising agency, responsible for the beautiful look and functionality of the online shop and the search engine optimization, men blogger Fabian, with over 100,000 fans on Instagram as an athlete for authentic products and just traveling is, in Australia, after the long planning time. From there he always sends us new impressions! And Mia Shop, for friendly customer service, fast distribution and, of course, product development, in close cooperation with everyone involved. Real custom work and 100% commitment.

A new startup is born, Sport & Sportswear

We are looking forward to the coming months and years with our new brand. In addition to our gloves, we now have three more designs online. XT1 shirts, for men and women, for women especially in boyfriend style, special training shirts for men but on a sports jacket for training (XZ1).

Product video of X1 and X2 for Insta & amp; Facebook Marketing

In collaboration with our video production, we’ve designed this first Instagram / Facebook video among others – as well as other product videos for the X1 and X2. The Facebook video is of course specially tailored to the fact that the fewest mobile devices, the media content, that is videos, play with sound. That’s why the text overlays are very present. By putting product videos in focus on the social network, Fabian is already very active, Instagram. So the videos are designed to be in style and length.

X1 Fitness Glove Product Video for Facebook / Instagram

X1 Details for the Onlineshop / Video

Learn more about X1 fitness glove

X2 Details for the Onlineshop / Video

Learn more about X2 fitness glove

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