Notification – Function and use

A notification is the targeted indirect information about an event from the network to a user. Notifications will be sent, e.g. if there are new friend requests, new information I like or new comments. Notifications are very important for social networks because they increase interaction and wake up users. Without notifications, there would be no news for us and social networks, seen from the visual surface, would be relatively static. Because small fields of information constantly open up, be it a little heart or a speech bubble, something is constantly moving.

Notifications do not only use social networks for free more and more browsers offer the function that e.g. websites, blogs or also online shops can send notifications to users directly over the browser. By the own agreement of the users, these notifications are activated in the browser. Each time information relevant to the person appears, it is displayed directly in the browser. So you have the principle of an app on the smartphone also on the notebook, tablet or desktop PC. Notifications are therefore an important tool for many blogs, online shops and social networks, as they can reactivate users who have already visited their own online offering. Even if the visitor would not have returned a second time from his own pieces, he gets the opportunity directly and immediately. Many of their users who would otherwise not have returned to their online offer will take advantage of this offer. Therefore, you should also use notifications or the notification function for your social media marketing.

Keywords: Notifications from internet pages

  • Notifications are often known from social networks, if e.g. a new friend request or a new like is available to me information
  • They are particularly important because they increase interaction with the network or website – without notifications social networks would be relatively static
  • More and more websites inform their users also in the browser, e.g. online shops, so you have the principle of apps also on the desktop PC
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