Conversions – Interaction, Engagement and Comments

For the interaction rate or the engagement, the conversation with the own target group is a decisive success factor for their social media marketing. Conversation is the basic model in media studies. By exchanging information, novelties, innovations, all conceivable forms of information are disseminated. Conversation is not only an absolute cornerstone, it is also a success factor for the algorithm of social media networks. After all, what is social networking about? The exchange of information. The more actively we participate in this conversation, the better we are evaluated by the algorithm, but also by the users, because they are used to regular news from us. At some point this habit comes into play and it becomes regularity. Just as you regularly watch your favourite series, fetch the fashion magazine from the supermarket to read comfortably on Sundays, you also find out what’s going on with your favourite channels on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

Conversation, small talk and interactions

What does conversation look like in successful social media concepts? In particular, it’s about having constant small talk with your own community. Every comment will be answered by our Social Media Manager. No matter if it is just a little heart (❤), a short statement like “I like it”, or also detailed questions, criticisms or suggestions.

Many social media managers ignore small comments, they are not responded to. Why not? Each comment was made by a potential buyer or interested party.

Do you have to answer comments?

Let’s go back to the local specialist shop as best practice. Today we do not develop at our server or online shop, we stand in the shop and have our visitors, that is our customers around us. Life there are currently 25 visitors to our website, so we could say 25 visitors are watching our Instagram Postings or 25 customers are in our store right now! 3 of these customers are looking for a conversation and say to us, “I like it, it looks great”. Now comes the crucial question, would you:

  • A – ignore the customer and continue working
  • B – start a small conversation for you to sell the product

The answer should be clear to everyone. Of course one would look for the short conversation to inform the customer, perhaps even to sell the product. Anyone who leaves the customer standing in an unusual way risks choosing something else or even leaving the store again. Similarly, in social media networks, any comment from a user should be actively answered by us. Here’s another tip, they speak of “we”, “our community”, “strong that you are there”, they build up such a connection, depending on how detailed the previous comment was, from the little heart to the detailed suggestions for our brand.

Take the time to get involved with us, you should always reward us for that. This not only creates the community idea with them and the person they interact with, of course other users will also perceive the conversation. Not only their fans, but also friends of the person with whom they interact. Further potential new prospective customers or also customers, which they reach completely without Media budget (advertisement). The much-praised organic growth.

What do I do at Shitstorm? Key point crisis management

Our tip in advance, always focus on the 99 out of 100 people who love your product or service and not on the 1 out of 100 who criticizes.

Shitstorm, that can happen. Companies that are provocative, but also companies that do not attract much attention. Shitstorms can happen to any company and they should be handled soberly and objectively. Everyone may know the familiar saying, sleep a night over it. The saying goes that if you have problems, you should sleep on it for one night first, because the next day they are much less threatening. Who has already been through two, three Shitstorms in his life, he also gets used to it. Ultimately, the communication possibilities of Web 2.0 and the changed communication structure, here referred to as the sender receiver model, have changed the possibilities for private individuals. While you used to have to go to the pub to get some air, today you can do it comfortably from the sofa.

But how do you react to a Shitstorm? Of course, there is no answer that fits every situation perfectly. For negative comments, you should always take some time. Negative comments that are constructive, critical or show a really qualitatively measurable amount should always be received with goodwill. If you like, free market research, free reviews. Not every user expresses his opinion, so constructive criticism is worth a lot. Accordingly, one should take this consequence seriously and answer it, depending on the quantity even with new actions to ensnare. E.g. by recording several criticisms and answering them in a statement.

Shitstorms that go below the belt line should be treated consistently. This usually means deleting a comment. If someone were standing outside their front door, someone right outside their office or agency, they wouldn’t want negative, unjustified comments to be read every day. Of course, they’d expel him. Ultimately, there will always be individual negative opinions. How much space you have is up to you. Our recommendation, delete comments that are unjustified or do not contain constructive criticism. If comments are constructive, be frank with them. Anything below the belt will be erased. Don’t worry, you have more important things to do, e.g. answering comments! Conversation with the 99 out of 100 people who love your product or service!