Employer Branding: What is it? Strong and positive employer brands

Employer branding refers to the process of designing and developing an employer brand that conveys a company’s image and identity as an employer. It is about influencing the perception of potential employees, current employees and the public at large to position the company as an attractive employer. PS: Here you can find everything important about […]

Head Hunter: What is it? Find specialists and managers

A headhunter is a person or company that searches for talented professionals on behalf of companies to fill open positions. Headhunters search specifically for candidates with certain skills and experience that are relevant to the job. Often in industries where good employees are worth a lot, for example, e-commerce staff recruiting. Specialized in certain industries […]

HR Human Resources: What is it? The HR department

HR (human resources), or human resources, refers to the department of a company that deals with the management of employees and their concerns. The HR department is usually responsible for coordinating the hiring, training and development of employees, maintaining personnel files and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations. Tasks of an HR department The […]

Recruiting: What is it? Steps in personnel marketing

Recruiting refers to the process of attracting and selecting candidates for open positions in a company. The goal of recruiting is to find and hire qualified candidates to meet the company’s job requirements. Recruiting process: steps The recruiting process usually starts with identifying a vacancy in the company. The HR department or a recruiter creates […]

Net Promotor Score (NPS): How satisfied are your customers? Calculation, advantages & criticism

The Net Promotor Score (NPS) counts as a measure of customer satisfaction and the associated customer loyalty. It is a key figure that lies between -100 and 100. In 2003, the NPS was introduced by Bain and Company and has since been used by a large number of companies worldwide. In recent years, the process […]

Call to Action (CTA): More than just a button

The term Call to Action (CTA) means “call to action” and calls for interaction between the company and the customer through some kind of “button” or similar. The goal is for customers to recognize and execute the call to action. Examples of calls to action are “buy now” and “download now”. Psychological background A call-to-action […]

Costs per Lead (CPL): Calculation, Meaning & Application Areas

Cost per lead (CPL), translated as “contact compensation,” describes a billing model in online marketing. Unlike other billing models, which pay per click on an ad or per transaction, advertisers are paid according to the number of leads or contacts they generate under this payment model. Calculation of the CPL The formula for calculating the […]

Shitstorm – Definition & Tips

Shitstorm – The term “shitstorm” comes from English, where it has a broader meaning than in German. In German, a shitstorm means a form of public outrage. A shitstorm means a phase in which companies, celebrities, associations, private individuals or authorities are criticized in a short period of time because of certain statements or actions […]

Web 3.0: The Future of the Internet – Definition, Concept & Advantages and Disadvantages

Web 3.0 is still a vision, but defines an evolutionary stage of the Internet that follows Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Web 3.0 exists on the basis of blockchain technology. The use of blockchain technology and the potential for decentralized data storage create a democratic Internet that is designed and controlled by users and takes […]

Metaversum for Dummies – Definition

The metaverse, also called metaverse, defines a new internet revolution and is a digital (artificial) world where we have no limits. From workouts to meeting friends, working and vacationing. It gives us the ability to meet and interact with new people. With all these features and many more, the metaverse replaces our reality and opens […]