Link building advantages: A simple example + 6 clear advantages for your store & reach

Link building, also known as link building, is a key strategy in the search engine optimization (SEO) process that aims to increase the number and quality of inbound links to a website. This technique is crucial to improving a website’s visibility and ranking in search results. Here are some specific benefits of link building, explained quickly and simply! No time? Want reach and a good link building agency now? Write to us without obligation: Contact.

My favorite example of link building

Situation / Guest 1 – Imagine a bar. Someone enters the bar and nobody knows the person, nobody turns around. So the person will walk to the bar all alone without anyone noticing them.

Backlinks are like that visit to the bar: Are people talking about you or not?

Situation / Guest 2 – Someone enters the bar and a few people know the person, turn around and start whispering. Other people become aware of this. Why are they whispering? Why are they pointing at this person? Suddenly more and more people are looking at this person and the effect intensifies.

Backlinks are like this example: The more people talk about you, the more people become aware of you, the more reach and attention you get.

Now from the philosophy to the clear advantages in link building:

6 advantages of link building for your store

Here is a quick run-through, followed by the details:

  1. Improvement of search engine rankings
  2. Increase website authority
  3. Increase in organic traffic
  4. Networking and partnerships
  5. Improving brand awareness and reach
  6. Long-term benefits and effects

1st advantage – improvement of search engine rankings

The number and quality of backlinks are a key factor for search engines in assessing the relevance and authority of a website. High-quality backlinks from trustworthy and topic-relevant pages can significantly improve the ranking of a website in the search results.

As you can see here in the Google heatmap, 80%+ of all activity takes place on-page (search results without scrolling).

Google Heatmap

2nd advantage – Increased website authority

Links from established and authoritative websites serve as a sign of trust to search engines. Higher website authority is often associated with better rankings and increases user confidence in the content of your site.

3rd advantage – increase in organic traffic

Better rankings in the search results will make your website visible for more relevant search queries. This leads to an increase in organic traffic as users searching for the information or services you offer can find your site more easily.

4th advantage – Networking and partnerships

The process of link building often involves interaction with other website owners, bloggers and industry experts. This can lead to long-term relationships and strategic partnerships that go beyond link exchange.

5th advantage – Improved brand awareness and reach

Getting links on reputable websites can increase the awareness of your brand and the reach of your content. This can not only generate direct traffic via backlinks, but also increase the perception and recognition of your brand in your industry.

6th advantage – Long-term effects of the links

Unlike paid advertising campaigns, which end as soon as the budget is used up, high-quality backlinks offer long-term benefits. Once established, they can deliver continuous traffic and ranking improvements for years to come.

Bonus! Writing SEO texts: What to look out for?

Good SEO texts follow a structure, just as books have a certain structure over the decades and centuries, the same applies to SEO. Learn more about the structure of good guest articles and SEO texts here:

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