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Pinterest for Traffic and US Elections with Trump Throwback. In episode #3, Lasse introduces Pinterest. Looking at the stock and testing: how much does advertising cost on Pinterest? Plus a throwback on Donald Trump, who is now being replaced by Joe Biden. Plus Lasse’s top 3 books for entrepreneurs. Now on Amazon, Deezer, Google and Spotify!

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Marketing Shorty: Pinterest and Entrepreneur Books

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  1. Pinterest: Advertising, SEO and Reach

Pinterest: Advertising, SEO and Reach

Excerpt episode #3

Pinterest is underestimated! If you look at the stock price alone over the last 12 months (300%+), you can quickly see that something is coming our way. In this excerpt from episode #3, Lasse shows you some Pinterest insights from our social media agency, straight from the field.

Extra. Top 3 entrepreneur books from Lasse

Excerpt episode #3

At the end of episode 3, you’ll get 3 ultimate book tips from Lasse for entrepreneurs.