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Instagram tips & tricks beginners – target audience (avatar), categories, analyze posts, interaction with other posts – what?! What’s it all about if you want to build an Instagram channel yourself, do marketing on Instagram and advertise? In this episode of the Marketing Podcast I ask the most important Instagram questions for beginners!

My grandma is 89 and she has Instagram!

Not only since the new features, like Instagram Shopping, more and more businesses (small and large) want to advertise on Instagram. But to do that, you first need a solid channel. That’s why, in this podcast episode, we ask our Instagram expert the most important questions and answers that come to us more often in our social media agency. Instagram tips and tricks for beginners. Back to the overview: Marketing Podcast.

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Structure, marketing and advertising

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  1. Instagram Basics: Structure
  2. Instagram Marketing: Reach
  3. Instagram Advertising: Ads

Instagram Basics: Structure

You want the full answer to the question? Then listen to the podcast episode or the Youtube shorties.

  • How do I get started with Instagram?
  • What resonates best on Instagram?
  • Which hashtags get you the most likes?

How do I get started with Instagram?

Start by knowing exactly who your target audience is. To do this, you create avatars. If you know what your specific target group wants, you formulate categories under which posts are made. This way you have a fixed editorial plan, which is optimized bit by bit. By analyzing posts and additional interaction with other posts from other channels, you build up your Instagram channel.

What resonates best on Instagram?

As before, the full answer you hear in the Youtube Shorty or in the whole marketing podcast episode from Spotify, iTunes & Co. But central are friendly faces, a smile, brightness and color instead of dull tones. It goes much deeper in the podcast!

Which hashtags get you the most likes?

Yes, findability but class instead of mass.

Instagram Marketing: Reach

In the second part of Youtube Snippets, we look at marketing and outreach.

What is Instagram Marketing? What is the target audience for Instagram?

Officially, the Instagram app registration is from 13 years. Values below this age limit do not exist. Currently, however, Instagram is the “new” Facebook, with everyone here from 14 (or 13) to 60. So Instagram is the “mass platform” that Facebook used to be.

How do you get more reach on Instagram?

In the shorty you’ll learn: Quality of content goes before quantity. There is also a current Instagram tip, the Insta Reels. With up to +300%, +400% reach. Currently, only a few Instagram users are using this new feature, which is meant to compete with TikTok. How do Instagram Reels work? Find out more in the latest episode of the Marketing Podcast!

Instagram Advertising: Run Ads

After Instagram channel building and marketing basics, now a look at Instagram advertising.

How do I advertise on Instagram?

How do I run ads? Social Ads, whether it’s Insta, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest are the immediate key to success for many businesses. The major social networks provide the reach that you, your business or your client needs. All that’s missing is the right strategies, the right setup to get started. In this episode, you’ll get your hands on the first tips for Instagram.

For that, we’ll briefly introduce you to 2 types:

How much does advertising cost on Instagram?

Not general sayable, depends on goals, competition & Co. The CPC (costs per click) is decisive in the end. How much do you pay for “a sale”. If you want to market real estate, then such a purchase can be worth 1,000, 2,000 euros advertising costs per buyer. As e-commerce for electronics rather 1, 2 euros per buyer.

How much does social media advertising cost in comparison?

Simply put, the most expensive platform for social media advertising is LinkedIn, where you meet direct B2B contacts. The cheapest alternative at the moment is TikTok. Instagram is in the upper midfield and is slightly more expensive than Youtube Instream Ads (by video).