CPC: This is how much a click costs – Statistics Google Ads EU comparison!

What does CPC mean? What is a good CPC? What is an average CPC? How much do you pay when a user clicks on the ad? After our large article on the topic in Google Ads, we receive a lot of questions about the topic “Costs of advertising on search engines”. Therefore, we want to give this single article again in detail on the cost systematics of paid coverage in search engines.

Country comparison, average CPC price in Europe

Super interesting is this new country comparison. Before we take a look at the statistics on the average CPC price in Europe, first of all the question, how do I calculate the CPC?

Factors for the price determination

The price of advertising (whether social media or search engine) is calculated based on supply and demand. The more users are relevant for a certain industry, the more expensive the price, the more competitors from a certain industry are active in a certain keyword or in a certain group, the more expensive the price. Conversely, keywords and target groups with less competition cost less.

There is no uniform average price for advertising on search engines. However, it is very interesting to take a look at the comparative figures, especially to the other European neighbouring countries.

An exact price can only be defined on a daily basis.

Country comparison and costs of CPC

It depends heavily on the industry, demand and competition. Some click prices can reach 12, 14 or even 16 Euros. In general, the average click price in Germany is 0.62 Euros.

CPC in Germany: 0.62 Euro

This comparison with the CPC price in other countries is very interesting. Here you can see the country comparison. Exactly the average cost per click (CPC) price for advertising in search engines 2018 (in US dollars).

  1. Switzerland: 0.80 Euro CPC
  2. Norway: 0.77 Euro CPC
  3. UK: 0.71 Euro CPC
  4. Sweden: 0.62 Euro CPC
  5. Germany: 0.62 Euro CPC
  6. Austria: 0.53 Euro CPC
  7. Ireland: 0.49 Euro CPC
  8. Bill: 0.49 Euro CPC
  9. Netherlands: 0.49 Euro CPC
  10. Finland: 0,49 Euro CPC
  11. Denmark: 0.49 Euro CPC
  12. France: 0.46 Euro CPC
  13. Spain: 0.31 Euro CPC
  14. Italy: 0,29 Euro CPC
  15. Poland: 0.17 Euro CPC

Statistics: Country comparison: Average cost per click (CPC) for advertising in search engines 2018 (in US dollars) | Statista
You can find more statistics at Statista

Price calculation: advertising space and competition

Here is an excerpt from our article on Google Ads, advertising on search engines.

Advertising rates are extremely individual, depending on the industry you are in with your company, who you want to reach and the competition you face in your particular field. Topics such as finance, holidays, hotels, real estate, … Accordingly, this requires smart concepts and strategies to get the necessary extra attention in the search engine and among the competition. To give you an insight into how much an ad costs on Google, we would like to give you a small insight into different areas and industries.

Here you can see the click price for certain search queries. But you can also see the difference in spelling. Briefly described: You book advertising spaces (individual keywords) with Google AdWords. The fewer advertising spaces are available, the higher the price. As you can see in the example “Buy a house Berlin” compared to “Buy a house Berlin” – 50% saved!

  • “Buy a house Berlin” with 9,900 searches per month is at 1.10€ / click
  • “Buying a house in Berlin” with 1,000 searches per month is at 1.19€ / click
  • “Berlin Haus kaufen” with 720 searches per month is only 0,55€ / click

Those who manage to reach 10,000 visitors a month themselves, can reach 120,000 visitors a year. 120,000 clicks that do not have to be financed by paid advertising. Accordingly, search engine optimization pays off extremely in the long run.

  • 120.000 visitors per year at an average of 0,92€ / click = 110.400€ equivalent
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