Average response time – Improve and optimize your channel

The average response time is a very important tool for companies to maintain interaction with fans and prospects, but also to positively influence the algorithms of search engines and social networks. How long is an average reaction time actually? Imagine you are interested in a certain product at this very moment. You find it on an online shop and now have only one technical question. So you ask this question via e-mail or via Live Chat form on the online shop. Still no response after 20 minutes. After an hour, no response. After three hours, no response. Would they wait that long or would they have looked at an alternative offer long ago?

Average reaction time influences the evaluation

The average response time has influence not only on prospects and buyers but also on the algorithm of social networks and search engines. Platforms want to show their users the best offers so that they are satisfied and ideally also come a second time. If we constantly find offers in the search results of our favorite search engine, in which products are not available or from which no support staff responds, we will also change this offer sooner or later. Search engine operators and social media platforms therefore ensure that you position the offers at the top that guarantee the user the highest level of satisfaction. The faster and more dotted they react than so, the higher you rise in the ratings.

Interaction and reaction time – Response Types

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of news and direct messages that reach us on online portals and especially social media platforms. One of the most important questions to ask is.

Questions on rating portals

As simple as it sounds but many companies do not take questions seriously. Google, for example, sets up a rating option for almost every company.

Also in our everyday practice we had companies that saw for the first time that they had a 1 star rating. But why is that? If companies don’t respect your digital reputation, there are places where opinions can act freely. For example, if you don’t google yourself and don’t see that you have two 1 star ratings from rejected applicants, you will never find them. All other users who google their company will only see that they have an absolutely miserable rating. This effect is likely to cost them many customers without them ever noticing it.

Therefore, make sure that you regularly check the most important portals for your market. You should also take a regular look at the social media sites you have created. In addition to evaluations, many users ask questions, questions about products or the company, and sometimes just about whether they currently have an apprenticeship to offer. Whoever responds to these questions wins points in reaction time. The interaction with the users also increases and also other people can read through this information, which saves you and your staff time. They also rise in the favor of search engines and social networks because they enter their fans and interested parties on the questions. So they strengthen their community every day.

In summary, the most important points for you as a company are the answers to your questions:

Customer feedback and opinions

Caution Shitstorm! Customer feedback and opinions about the company can quickly go below the belt. Because in the Internet anonymity prevailed and already the smallest point can be sufficient, so that someone feels stepped on the feet. An absolute classic is the rejected application. Someone was found not to be good and therefore he is now directly negative about the company.

You should not respond to every comment, but you should also try to respond to negative criticism. To put them into perspective and also to give an answer to others who will read this question because they will not be able to remove it from the network. In the past, in today’s press, freshness was granted tomorrow, an old English proverb. Today negative press remains, they should therefore always worry as a company about it, if there are criticisms, but also evaluations.

Only if comments and statements are extremely below the belt should you refrain from answering them. The extent to which you determine your degree yourself is up to your company. For a real estate agent, different guidelines apply than for a lifestyle bar in the city centre.

Star ratings

One of the most important points, which we have to address again very briefly and explicitly, are star ratings. Star ratings as well as questions on rating portals are ignored by many companies. It is so easy to persuade satisfied customers to make a positive statement. You just don’t do it! We all know each other from everyday life, we like to complain about things. Things that just work, we don’t even notice. And the simplest example is probably our health, how often do we thank ourselves for being healthy?

Exactly the same questions we ask ourselves when it comes to digital reputation. Can’t we encourage our satisfied users or our happy customers to give us a positive rating on Google or Facebook? It’s a lot easier than you think! Therefore, use the star ratings to signal to all interested parties already in the first search that they are a company I would like to be with or from which I would like to buy something.

Social Media Messages

Last come social media messages. Many people tend to neglect their social media channels, postings come once a month, information is hardly ever updated. Messages? They’re never read, of course. But that’s what you should do! Responding to direct messages also increases their rating within social networks and internal search engines, since the platform operator knows that they react as a company. Mostly in contrast to the majority of competitors. This gives you valuable advantages and positioning.

Reaction time – Tips for optimizing your channel

  • The average reaction time of a company is significant, because if a customer does not get any feedback, he jumps off and switches to the competition
  • You should also answer direct messages on social media or Google ratings
  • Many companies have 1 star ratings on Google, these can not be deleted, just balance
  • Also bad reviews and criticism should be answered, but be careful with news that goes below the belt
  • Tip: happy customers ask for a rating on Google
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