Webhosting at All-Inkl: Our test winner with all packages in comparison

Finding the right provider for your own website is not only extremely important for companies, but also for online shops. Many young startups or self-employed people who are just about to take the plunge into self-employment rightly ask themselves the question, which package suits me best? How much memory do I really need? Do I have to have 10,000 e-mail addresses?

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Which webhosting package is really worth it?

Many people buy a large web hosting package without really knowing their own requirements. Most websites of companies have a size of 100 megabytes, if they have a lot of pictures, the maximum size is 500 MB in total. Bigger is “no” website, from an average company. Of course there are individual exceptions, e.g. film production companies, which of course require more capacity, but usually an extremely small package is sufficient.

Here, many make the mistake of investing in a package that is much too large and then have 250 GB of memory that is never needed. Every month you pay extra, of course. Calculated on one year, a lot of money for a young company. That’s why we have our experience report on web hosting today. Because after more than 10 years as an advertising agency, you have seen everything and what remains is our recommendation All-Inkl!

Experience with All Inkl in Webhosting

We had websites and online shops on different providers and also in different countries. Basically it can be said that pretty much all offers you find on the internet are serious. But they differ extremely in the price situation!

The unbelievable and unbeatable advantage in Germany, All-Inkl offers not only large capacities, e.g. for agencies, but also all, also for private individuals, free inclusive domains. With each conclusion of a package still has a certain contingent of free domains. Domains individually, cost money, here you have directly 3 to 10 included in the package. All-Inclusive also offers one of the cheapest price models, with high availability of over 99.9%. For over a year we have been recommending all our customers to create their web hosting packages here.

Upgrades in minutes with visitor increase

Even if a project “explodes” once and gets more coverage or visitors than one would have predicted, an update can be done extremely fast and within minutes. The support is actually available 7 days a week and is also extremely fast in answering questions. Also, previous inquiries were always answered competently, many companies use call centers with little trained personnel. With All-Inkl you always have a competent contact person.

The package comparison comes a bit further down!

What do I really need for my website?

As described above, a normal Internet page does not require much memory. Most pages of recruitment agencies, producers or even metalworking companies have hardly 100 MB. In the end, the website consists of 15 or 20 single pages with a few pictures embedded. In addition there is a logo and two e-mail addresses. You do not need much capacity! And if you do, you can always upgrade. We had examples that paid 29,95 € per month for a simple website. Extremely much, with All-Inkl you would have had the same for 3,95 €. But let’s take a closer look at what the most important factors are in web hosting.

Domain with .de or .com or… Keyword domains thanks to new endings

The domain is ultimately the name on the web. This is how the data on your server is accessible. There are classic domains like .de or .com but also new ones like .one or .fitness.

Domains have different prices, the classic standard domains around .de and .com cost on average 10 € per month. Other domains such as .tv also cost more than 50 € per month. The whole new domain around .one or .fitness costs 20 € on average. The most popular are of course the classic domains, but also the new domains find more and more buyers and make sure that names become available on the internet again. Especially under .de and .com there is a lot of traffic. Maybe you should also think about a good keyword domain:

  • Now… sunglasses.berlin

Subdomain for new projects and side projects

A subdomain is usually not needed. If, then only for new projects and for that you should already know a little bit or have someone in your team who can handle WordPress, FTP and MySQL. So the amount of subdomains is usually not relevant for normal companies with less than 10 employees. Since packages usually contain 100 or 200 or 500 subdomains, you can skip this point.

E-Mail for employees, service and accounting

E-mail addresses, how much do you really use? If you have only a few employees, you will usually only have one general collective e-mail address and maybe another one for the boss and one for the accounting department. Again, the packages usually contain thousands of email addresses, usually you don’t need them, so we are back to the focus, small package!

MySQL stores information

The database contains all important information and data with which our website works. The database is separate from the files, also called FTP. The MySQL database contains the information about users or also text of the blog posts. Usually a company needs only one database. You only need more databases if you maintain further projects, i.e. further websites or online shops.

Memory archives data like photos, files and videos

Many also resort to high capacities here, and data should be reduced! Because the more memory you use, the more energy resources you waste. Who wants to work environmentally conscious, should get a small server and also keep the web hosting clean. Many upload “infinite” data, videos and photos that are never displayed and never deleted. This results in a lot of data garbage that ultimately runs permanently, 24 hours a day. Therefore, you should take care that no data is produced and also limit the possibility of this. So you can train yourself to handle your data efficiently.

All-Inkl packages for webhosting and server in comparison

Let’s have a quick look at the individual packages!

Private the package for every website and online shop

I would put the Private Package at number 1, because it has everything a company needs! With 3 domains and 500 e-mail addresses you have enough options for your own expansion. Also the memory is with 50 GB absolutely sufficient for “every” single online project and every single online shop. Upgrades are only necessary here if a certain amount of reach is achieved. But for this you need to have at least 100,000 or 200,000 visitors per month to even reach your capacity limits.

Private package overview

  • 4,95 Euro per month
  • 3 months free of charge
  • 3 x domain
  • 150 x subdomain
  • 500 x e-mail
  • 5 x MySQL
  • 50 GB memory

Click here for the price-performance winner:

Private Plus for Internet sites Hobbyists

Private Plus is worthwhile if you have a small side project and need more SQL databases or even more inclusive domains. This package has directly 5 domains included and with 7,95 € per month for webhosting is absolutely okay!

Private Plus package at a glance

  • 7,95 Euro per month
  • 3 months free of charge
  • 5 x domain
  • 250 x subdomain
  • 1000 x e-mail
  • 25 x MySQL
  • 100 GB memory

Premium for project-intensive companies

I recommend the Premium Package to all online or advertising agencies or employees who manage larger media projects or have their own subcontractors. Here you have not only 10 domains directly included but also 250 GB of storage for an incredible 9.95 € per month gross. Deducting the sales tax, you have a top price and with the 10 inclusive domains you save a lot of money, because not every single domain has to be paid.

Premium package at a glance

  • 9,95 Euro per month
  • 3 months free of charge
  • 10 x domain
  • 500 x subdomain
  • 2000 x e-mail
  • 50 x MySQL
  • 250 GB memory

Business for advertising agencies

Let’s go down to business. 20 domains included, 100 databases, with this package you can do a lot.

Private package at a glance

  • 24,95 Euro per month
  • 3 months free of charge
  • 20 x domain
  • 1000 x subdomain
  • 5000 x e-mail
  • 100 x MySQL
  • 500 GB memory

Who wants to start now:

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