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For pitches with customers or for projects for investors or potential financiers, the analysis of social media is becoming more and more important because they are a decisive part of marketing. Whether it’s cooperation with the blogger or influencer and their instagram channel analysis or the channels of the competition and our potential in the market, numbers and facts should not be missing at your next pitch.

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What’s a pitch?

Larger projects are usually advertised so that several potential cooperation partners can apply for the job. The various participants then present their concept in a presentation and introduce it. There are different types of pitches and different situations.

Pitches in advertising agencies: how the presentation works

Especially for creative ideas, large companies and firms like to draw on the expertise of several agencies. No matter if it’s an advertising film, a creative online campaign or a viral social media campaign. For all these marketing methods you always need good ideas. Since tastes are different, even the best ideas often do not reach the customer, just as often there are bad ideas of which one is not really convinced. It is therefore advantageous to invite several cooperation partners to a pitch. Here they present their concepts in a short and clear presentation. What ideas and strategies are behind our concept? What does the media package look like? What goals have we set ourselves and what success do we expect? All this is presented in a pitch.

As a rule, there is a certain budget for the development of such a detailed pitch. Such an advertising agency pitch is often worthwhile, because behind them stand big jobs. If then only three or four agencies are allowed to contribute their ideas, after all, most pitches are paid and you can’t commission infinite agencies, you have realistic chances to win the tender.

In addition to all the success factors and key figures, such as the potential sales volume, there are usually figures that provide information about reach and performance. This is where social analytics comes into play and the ability to view Instagram channels in detail. Not only in competition analyses to position yourself in competition, but also for advertising and promotion by bloggers or influencers. Presenting meaningful numbers and statistical values here naturally helps immensely.

Pitches for investors: preparation for start ups

Investors would also like a detailed presentation of the project at their pitches. As a rule, it is a matter of gathering the necessary capital for a new company. Anyone who provides capital wants to get his return. The return prospects for an investor are made clear in a pitch by the entrepreneur. Here, too, reach plays a particularly important role, because the more people learn about us, the more people may buy our product. The analysis in social networks, especially the big ones like Instagram, plays more and more an important role for investors because they make their decision based on numbers and data, of course also out of faith in the entrepreneur, but in the end the numbers must always be correct.

Social Analytics helps analyze the followers of bloggers and influencers for Instagram so you can provide meaningful data about the potential of your project. But they can also use statistics and diagrams as well as CSV exports, if necessary, to prove how their growth can be calculated in a well-founded way. Instagram plays so many industries that deal with the private business to people in the first league. Almost a billion people distract themselves several times a day with a glance at Instagram. Brands that create a presence here benefit from incredible reach that founders could not have imagined ten years ago. At that time, you had to buy reach through expensive campaigns, for startups it was usually the flyer and the distribution in the city center, very large companies place advertisements in newspapers at high prices. If you have a large number of fans behind you on Instagram today, you will get this range every day for free. With every Like that is distributed and with every new comment, new people who follow the people who have interacted with us see our contributions. This enables us to generate organic growth.

3 Tips for your first presentation on a pitch

Here we have three practical tips for your first pitch presentation.

Hold tight #1

Investors are often from the same industry but do not have the same depth that you have for your project. So you should bring in the important key figures but not get too deeply into the individual processes. For example, when pitching a software application, you should look at the benefits to users, the uniqueness and differentiation from the competition, and the key growth and return figures. It doesn’t matter which office furniture you buy or whether you choose Mac or Windows computers.

Demonstrate your presentation plainly #2

If you use too many colors or too many animations, you’ll quickly look playful. Most investors prefer to see good old Excel lists. Here are clear facts and figures, provable, calculable, calculable. Your presentation should be structured in the same way, avoid all kinds of bells and whistles and stick to the clear information. Avoid too much colour play, animations or any form of sound. Many want to show through animation that you are creative, but investors are looking for people who can calculate well themselves.

Take your audience with #3

If you inspire your audience, even if it’s just a few people, then you’ve already achieved a lot. Most people who invest in a project do not invest directly in the hard figures but also to a large extent in the trust in the respective cooperation partner. So if you manage to communicate your own idea with enthusiasm right from the start, you will often get enthusiasm back. On the one hand, it helps to use small techniques, e.g. to expand oneself again shortly before the presentation, so that one does not enter the room tiredly, up to looking at the people with whom one speaks. As a rule, you will always find a person who is relatively benevolent towards you. Grab this person, but don’t forget the others, look into your eyes, get confirmation and feedback. Maybe you’re even lucky and this person is the one who is decisive, who gives the yes or no in the end. It is important not to be closed, be enthusiastic and show that you love your product yourself.

Social Analytics blogger and influencer data

If you have internalized all these abilities, then you will definitely get your pitch through the stage well! If you want to bring in facts and figures from influencers in your next pitch, no matter in front of a client for your advertising agency or in front of an investor, then we recommend that you focus on two examples. Especially older people, with whom you are often confronted, are not Instagram users. You don’t know Kim or Khloe Kardashian. As a rule, you should only show a profile picture, the coverage of the last 15 posts you can take from Social Analytics, and maybe a single photo so you can see how the person looks, looks, and style. After all, it makes a difference whether we have a sporty blogger, a food blogger or a fashion blogger. Just like our 3 tips for effective pitch, our recommendation is always keep it simple!

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