Social Media Marketing Report Wiesbaden

We sell new, innovative brands through clever social media management strategies. Social networks are a mesh of dynamic groups of people, different platforms and technical features that makes our communication with friends ubiquitous and multimedia. It has become normal for various advertising agencies, social media marketing is contributing an increasingly crucial part of the marketing budget. Increase your net profit in a sustainable way! When it comes to social media campaigns, we are the best people to contact. international marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing: Immediately more multipliers for your community

We work with professionals for communities and experience for the relevant decisions for marketing. Virality or word of mouth decides when it comes to the success of advertising campaigns! For national and international concepts we have motivated consultants and managers for you in Berlin. Therefore, social media marketing is an unavoidable tool for companies to effectively start online marketing without much wastage. Youtube, Facebook or even Instagram, our agency consultants manage your fan pages daily with multimedia strategies in marketing. In Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich, we have managed meaningful advertising campaigns in cooperation with our partners. Advertising in online portals is now a well-known standard for media managers. You and we know, for your marketing it is important to know your competition, your stakeholders and your target groups as precisely as possible, to observe them through smart tools, to define them and to optimize them all the time. Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram offer you enormous expansion potential for viral events, rapid reach increase but also multinational marketing campaigns. Internet sales channel: With all its possibilities of digital marketing is an integral part of the strategy mix of marketing departments.

Get creative, tell your fans a company story and inspire followers for many years, especially as an owner-managed company. In the largest social network Facebook alone, slightly more than a third of German Internet users are registered, a high number of potential customers even in Berlin, which social media managers reach extremely accurately for themselves at any time. Build brand fans strategically now and use smart technologies like retargeting pixels to pick them up again. The general media usage of people in Germany proves: Sixty million German citizens are active on the global Internet (ARD / ZDF Online Study). With us, you can be sure to have the reliable professionals for Facebook campaigns for your project. What makes Instagram so strong as an influencer channel is the very fine attitude of target groups. The young social network Instagram is usually still little considered in companies in Berlin for brands and products to be promoted on social networks through multimedia content. Due to the individual users of Instagram, you can operate in sales by default with little resulting wastage in campaigns for product marketing on Instagram.


Through retargeting you always reach exactly the intended people on Facebook

Interaction matters, a precisely targeted audience pushes the follower interaction factor considerably for your brand. Every project has its own individual challenges, which is why we support and advise our companies with enthusiasm for the market and commitment. To analyze brand followers extensively, your social media manager has access to highly effective tools like Facebook’s Graph Search. With our social media marketing management, your company will always have social media consultants for the next or very first advertising campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

All numbers in the for Social Media Manager in Wiesbaden

There are currently 276,218 residents living in Wiesbaden Mitte and the surrounding area. Back in 2010 there were 275,976, Wiesbaden is thus seen as an ever-changing city. Not a new phenomenon. The number of inhabitants of Wiesbaden stagnates with it around 0% or also 242 city inhabitants in the last 5 years. And calculated down to the entire area of Wiesbaden you have even as a regional startup directly about 1,355 inhabitants per square kilometer in your area. If you add the surrounding area of Wiesbaden, you get an impressive number of potential consumers. Research results of studies reveal, purely statistically Wiesbaden companies invest 18 billion euros every 12 months in digital advertising, did you know? New projects and also work are always present in social networks for Internet users, Not only for CEOs of companies. Why not? 6.189 Wiesbadener use social networks of course also for professional matters. Is it now worthwhile in measures such as Facebook Ads? In the daily same prime time of 19 – 20 o’clock are 58,006 people in Wiesbaden online. Thus daily 22 thousand Wiesbadener additionally, which you reach afterwards with your advertisements. Other time periods are only worthwhile to a limited extent according to analysis. From 5-8 o’clock there are then only 8,287 persons online. If we consider one day alone for our calculation, then 36,267 Wiesbadeners will be online in social media and comment on videos.

Social Media: Interaction on Facebook & Co.

196,299 citizens of Wiesbaden send or rate photos. In Wiesbaden alone, Like is pressed by users 185,967 times on every single day. Approximately 413,260 personal messages are sent, from tablet to notebooks. 68,965 users want to keep in touch with friends. 36,251 want to chat with others. Professional contacts but also always previously unknown stories are looking for 6,189 users.

Activities of the Wiesbaden

People / UsersPeople / Users
Interactions / Day
in Wiesbaden
Comments and Likes104.14212.690
Acquaintances, friends38.6214.706
entertainment, chat20.3012.474
New friends or acquaintances14.8541.810
Work, Profession, Career3.466422
customer acquisition1.981241

Page views per month

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors per month
in m
Visitors per year
in m

Advertising times

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Wiesbaden
5-8 o’clock4.640565616308
8 am – 1 pm22.2742.7122.9591.479
13-16 h26.2963.2023.4931.746
4-8 p.m.29.7763.6253.9551.978
20-24 h18.5622.2602.4661.233
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock32.4833.9584.3182.157
Daily cut26.2652.4732.6981.349
Peak increase
at a daily average