Social Media Marketing Report Bonn

Due to the truly individual users, young people, you can operate inherently with little wastage among users of the social network in the promotion on Instagram. Instagram is often still an absolute insider tip in the sales department of large companies and businesses that aggressively operate social media to constantly generate new leads. Due to the company takeover of Instagram not too long ago by Facebook, your social media managers have the same opportunities to target advertising here as, we as an agency can locate prospects in Berlin very precisely with ad ads. Every project has its own special challenges, we take care of all our clients with great time and commitment.

The digital transformation: Companies in Bonn are successful through social media marketing

Smart campaigns in social media sell your new products much more efficiently and through target group targeting with much less scatter risk than in classic media such as newspapers. Social networks make communication with friends, family and colleagues easier than ever before. Advertising on online portals is now a standard marketing tool for every media manager. We know that it is important for your marketing to get to know your competition, your stakeholders and your potential customers, to observe them, to define them more differentiated and to improve them constantly. Together with our partners, we have managed first-class advertising campaigns in Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. That’s why social media marketing is an unavoidable tool for companies to start smart, target group specific online marketing. With innovative social media ideas between Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Social media platforms offer your social media marketing campaign enormous potential for viral events, and efficient community interaction. Increase sales.

DIY! Facebook Marketing Online Course Recommendation

There are many tutorials and good social media marketing articles on the blog. However, if you want to know insiders, you have to dig deeper into the bag of tricks. Even for small businesses, this Facebook marketing course from our partner agency AdBaker is worth a look. In the article ‘Facebook Marketing’ I explain the online workshop of our choice in ten steps:

Social media agency

What we show for our clients is one of the most important elements of any campaign, virality. When it comes to well-planned social media campaigns, we are reliable contacts and planners. Social Media One – The Instagram agency for national and international marketing campaigns. In digital marketing we have experts in all social networks. has become normal for numerous digitally advertising companies, social media marketing contributes a crucial percentage to the marketing budget. Gain fans through new advertising ideas well done marketing strategies. Our social media managers have advised many companies in Berlin and throughout Germany and have managed various successful channels. For example, one in three Germans is registered in the social network Facebook, the largest social network in the world, potential customers also in Berlin, which you can reach at any time targeted. Build brand fans now, use new tools from Facebook like retargeting pixels for lead generation for your targeted KPIs. With Social Media One, the professionals for Facebook advertising campaigns in Berlin, your team can be sure to reach the best users. According to the ARD and ZDF Online Study, more than 60 million German citizens are active on the World Wide Web. Behavioural patterns are changing, so media usage is not only shifting more and more to the internet and social media in this decade.

With our social media marketing management you always have the social media experts for your upcoming or even your first ad campaign on Instagram. The more defined your target audience, the higher the user interaction of your social media channel. With features like Graph Search from market leader Facebook, your marketing team has great tools at their disposal to improve the channel. Not only do we help you to get to know your followers, we also produce precise marketing concepts for you.


Bonn’s Social Media Marketing Report – This is Bonn

At the moment, there are 318,809 people in Bonn’s center and the bustling suburbs of the metropolis. That’s a lot of consumers, immediately, Not far away in your immediate vicinity. In 2010, it was still 324,899. Absolutely no new trend, the number of inhabitants of Bonn decreases around thereby around -2% thus -6,090 city inhabitants in the last 5 years. Calculated down to Bonn’s total area of the city, you have even as a municipal company directly about 2260 inhabitants per square kilometer in the neighborhood.

The various results from the online studies state, purely statistically, Bonn companies and firms spend over 20 billion euros each year for advertising on the Internet and in social media, did you know? New projects and also the work are in social media in times of global becoming communication increasingly always also available for all people on the web. Why not? Not only communication with friends, daily 7,144 Bonn residents use social media also for professional. Absolute peaks create every day between 16 to 20 o’clock with 66,950 Internet users. Other time periods are less worthwhile. On the other hand, between 8 p.m. and midnight, there are barely 38,257 online. Only today are again 41,860 Bonner on-line be. All users are then also as usual immensely active! 226.567 Bonner interact with pictures from the social group. Approximately 476,983 direct messages are sent every day in Bonn, regardless of the individual week. A full 16,694 photos are posted by users in timelines and those of friends. 41,841 want to chat with others. New acquaintances and like-minded people want to find 30,615. And a full 4,082 want to track down new multipliers for companies online.

Times for advertising in Bonn

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Bonn
5-8 o’clock5.356651710355
8 am – 1 pm25.7093.1253.4091.704
13-16 h30.3513.6894.0242.012
4-8 p.m.34.3684.1774.5572.278
20-24 h21.4242.6042.8411.420
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock37.4924.5694.9842.486
Daily cut30.3152.8493.1081.554
Peak increase
at a daily average

Investigated: This is why Bonner Online

People / UsersPeople / Users
daytime interactions
in Bonn
Likes, Comments120.20014.647
Friends, Contacts44.5765.432
Chat, Entertainment23.4312.855
New friends, acquaintances17.1442.089
Work, Job, Career4.000487
Customer acquisition2.286279

Page views per month from Bonn

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors / month
in m
Visitors / year
in m