Social Media Marketing Report Nuremberg

Smart social media campaigns sell new products or services much more efficiently and with much less wastage through audience targeting. Social networks make communication with our friends so easy.

Social Media Marketing: Immediately more brand fans for your community

That’s why social media marketing is an indispensable tool for companies to do smart, targeted digital marketing. Digital marketing is now one of the standard marketing tools in every marketing department. We have implemented social media campaigns for clients from Hamburg, Cologne, Hanover to Munich with customers and companies. has become normal for numerous advertising companies, social media contributes a large share to the campaign budget. Social media marketing offers your company highly targeted approaches, efficient communication in communities and precisely defined and targeted campaigns. We rely on viral, high reach media. For marketing in we are always your contact. We know that it is important for your company to get to know your competition and your potential customers, to observe them, to define them in an even more differentiated way and to constantly develop them further. Instagram, Whatsapp or even Twitter our agency consultants organize your fan pages with always new social media ideas. With professionals from our personal network for online communities for all relevant decisions in marketing. efficient communication with the community Increase your profit in the digital market of Berlin for your business right now! The Instagram agency for national and international media projects. The general media usage of the people in Germany proves: Sixty million German citizens are on the move in the global Internet, according to ARD / ZDF Online Study 2014. Marketing on the web, with its extremely fast processes is a fixed component in the media mix of project managers. One in three German citizens is active in the largest social network Facebook alone. Potential customers that you can reach extremely precisely. Our social media managers have advised many small and medium-sized companies and implemented numerous channels. With Social Media One, the professionals for social media management, your team can be sure to reach the best users at any time. Tell a story to your Berlin users on social media and inspire followers for your brand, especially as an owner-managed company, for many years to come. Build brand fans today, use new technologies like retargeting pixels to pick them up again. The specific user group means you can always operate in marketing with little wastage from marketing efforts. Thanks to Facebook’s business acquisition, your social media managers now have almost the same ad capabilities on Instagram and we as a social media agency can find your target audiences very accurately with ads. Instagram is often still an absolute secret tip in the sales department of large, for products and promotions, which should be promoted in social networks.

Nuremberg planned reach with proven targeting tools on Facebook and Snapchat

With our social media marketing management, your company will always have the social media experts for your upcoming or very first campaign. To precisely analyze fans and more, your company has highly efficient options like Facebook’s Graph Search. Every concept has specific challenges, that’s why we advise and assist all companies with enthusiasm and enough initiative concepts. User interaction is what matters in social media. The precisely adjusted target group increases the interaction considerably for your company.

This is how Nuremberg ticks: The Social Media Marketing Report

There are currently 509,975 people living at home in Nuremberg. For companies Nuremberg is perfect to advertise all relevant residents online. Back in 2010, there were still 505,664. A demographic trend. So the number of citizens of Nuremberg is growing by 1% or also 4,311 city residents in the last 5 years. Calculated on Nuremberg’s total area, you and your agency as a regional company can directly 2736 citizens / square kilometer in your area. Just a glance of a social media manager on online studies reveals, statistically Nuremberg family businesses, startups and companies invest 37 billion euros annually in online advertising, did you know? Of course, managers themselves, about 6,530 people want to find more customers and business partners in social media, Not only in classic portals for entrepreneurs. When is the advertising investment worthwhile? 107,095 people are active in social media through their shared photos in the 7 – 8 p.m. beat time. In the prime time you see 40 thousand people extra! In contrast, 86,696 are then still online here from 1pm – 4pm. Throughout the day, from 6-24 o’clock, approximately 66,960 Internet users are online in Nuremberg. All users are then also very active, they interact actively with their friends posts and media from friends. In Nuremberg alone, the “Like” button is pressed 343,347 times daily by registered users. Approximately 762,993 personal messages are sent, regardless of the individual week. 66,929 want to chat with other people in social networks. 11,427 use communities especially for professional stuff. And again 6,530 of the social media users want to find new clients.

Times of use for Nuremberg

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
Users per day
in Nuremberg
48.493 4.569 4.985 2.492
5-8 o’clock 8.568 1.044 1.139 569
8 am – 1 pm 41.124 5.011 5.467 2.733
13-16 h 48.550 5.916 6.454 3.227
4-8 p.m. 54.975 6.699 7.308 3.654
20-24 h 34.270 4.176 4.556 2.278
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 59.973 7.308 7.972 3.986
Daily cut 48.493 4.569 4.985 2.492
Peak increase
at a daily average
48.493 4.569 4.985 2.492

That is why Nuremberg Online

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Intercations / Day
in Nuremberg
202.956 24.731
Likes and comments 192.274 23.429
News 427.276 52.065
Photos 14.955 1.822
Friends, acquaintances 71.304 8.689
Chat, Entertainment 37.481 4.567
New acquaintances or friends 27.425 3.342
Profession, job and career 6.399 780
customer acquisition 3.657 446

Page views per month

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors / month
in m
3.423.834 98.958
Visitors per year
in m
41.086.005 1.187.495