Social Media Marketing Report Duisburg

Social media platforms offer you enormous potential for rapid reach increase, but also your social media digital presence. has become normal for various advertising companies, social media marketing contributes a large share. For product promotion in we are always happy to be the best contacts. We rely on high reach viral media in our social media management. For your company it is important to know your market, your prospects and your possible buyers exactly, then to track them by smart tools, to define them for yourself and to improve them all the time.

Social media marketing agency with experts

The technical possibilities of social networks make our everyday communication with friends, colleagues and family so uncomplicated. Smart campaigns in social media promote products or services much more effectively and through precise target group targeting with much less wastage than in classic media. a modern brand presence For international concepts, we have the strongest campaign managers for your project. With innovative, strongly linked ideas between Facebook and other social networks Instagram. Top your profits now, with project management from us, Social Media One. Offensive advertising in digital portals is today to the well-known standard marketing tools in every marketing department In Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Hannover as well as Munich we have implemented campaigns together with clients. For effective and target group oriented online marketing, social media is made. Well advised. In the marketing of companies we have expertise for all your user interaction in social networks.

By means of data to the ideal on Facebook and Instagram

The current media usage of Germans shows that 60+ million Germans are active online, according to the ARD/ZDF Online Study. For example, one third of German citizens are registered on Facebook, the largest social network, a high number of potential customers also in Berlin, which social media managers can advertise extremely accurately. Consumers are changing their habits, so media usage is shifting more and more to the Internet. Reach fans for the future with well-made concepts! Build brand fans right now. We have advised many medium-sized companies in Berlin and designed and implemented various campaigns, for example in the financial sector. With Social Media One, the professionals for social media management and Facebook advertising campaigns in Berlin, you can be sure to reach the most interested people. Due to the corporate takeover of Instagram by Facebook, you have almost the same advertising options here and we as a social media agency can target interested parties in Berlin very precisely with ads in the Instagram stream. Achieve low campaign spreading losses through the precisely adjustable targeting in the Facebook Ads Manager. Instagram is usually still little considered in small and medium-sized businesses, for brands and products to be promoted in the various social networks through interactive content.

With options like Graph Search from market leader Facebook, your social media project manager has great tools at their disposal to increase the efficiency of their own channel, not only to get to know your subscribers extensively. This is how we produce precise marketing concepts for you. At Social Media One, we always advise all clients with commitment. With Social Media One, your company always has the social media consulting experts for the next campaign or even your first campaign. The interaction of your own users is what matters, a precisely specified target group increases interaction like likes significantly.

How Duisburg ticks: The Social Media Marketing Report

Duisburg currently has 491,231 inhabitants. In 2010 there were still 489,599 in the city, an ever-changing city. A permanent population trend, the total population of Duisburg stagnates at 0% or 1,632 citizens in only 5 years. And related to Duisburg’s total area, even as an urban startup, you have directly about 2110 inhabitants / km² in your area. Every one of the 491,231 Duisburgers could be a potential prospect for your new brand.


Duisburg companies are partly well positioned in Facebook

The different research results from the online studies show. Purely statistically, Duisburg companies, brands and family businesses invest almost 40 billion euros annually in online promotion, would you have thought? Not only chatting and commenting, tend 11,007 people in Duisburg use social networks for professional. New projects and also the work are in social media in the age of global becoming communication increasingly always also available for all users. Is it worthwhile now in measures like Facebook campaigns? 103,159 people are active in social media through their shared photos in the beat time of 19-20 o’clock. So an additional 39 thousand people permanently that you then reach with your ads on Facebook. If we take this one business day alone, then an average of 64,499 Duisburgers are online in social media and write with friends. For example, from 13 – 16 clock are barely 83,509 people online.

349,101 people rate or post photos. In Duisburg, the Like button is pressed 330,727 times every single day. Every day, 734,950 messages and files are sent among people in Duisburg only. And a whole 25,723 selfies are posted by users. 122,649 users want to keep in touch with friends. 64,469 want to chat with others. 47,173 want to meet new acquaintances here.

Daily use in Duisburg

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
Users per day
in Duisburg
5-8 o’clock8.2531.0051.097548
8 am – 1 pm39.6134.8255.2632.632
13-16 h46.7655.6966.2143.107
4-8 p.m.52.9556.4507.0363.518
20-24 h33.0114.0214.3862.193
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock57.7697.0397.6793.838
Daily cut46.7104.3994.7992.400
Peak increase
at a daily average

This is why Duisburgers are active on social media

People / UsersPeople / Users
Intercations / Day
in Duisburg
Likes and comments185.20722.568
Contacts, friends68.6848.369
Chat, Entertainment36.1034.399
New acquaintances, friends26.4173.219
Profession, Job, Career6.164751
New customers, acquisition3.522429

Clicks from Duisburg

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors per month
in m
Visitors / year
in m